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Dean Goodhill

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Topic: Today's Header Picture Return to archive
05-31-02 10:21 AM
Joey I kinda like today's header picture , but in a weird way !!! Poor Meredith Hunter .............his last moments on this orb captured in a still frame for all to marvel .

As I look at that shot of Mere again , I get the creeps .

My nut sack has crept so far up my body cavity that someone here at the office just asked me if I have the mumps .

Hug Me -- tightly !!!!!!!!


05-31-02 01:48 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Some strange feeling when I posted it, I felt Meredith presence when I scanned it... Yes I'm crazy, but I felt it
05-31-02 01:54 PM
jb Hi Joey...what is a c10? Also, this Gazza guy is really on my case...his attacks are so personal and crude.. And this is all b/c of that Martha who is lobbying to get me thrown off board! What should I do Joey, what shouls I do?
05-31-02 02:55 PM
Joey "Hi Joey...what is a c10? And this is all b/c of that Martha who is lobbying to get me thrown off board! What should I do Joey, what shouls I do? "

Please Drink Guinness tonight Josh . And I beg of you , please root for my Lakers .......

If the Lakers win ....all is well .


05-31-02 03:09 PM
jb No problem! I just won a autographed kobe bryant game shirt on e-bay for $1100 which is hanging proudly in my sons room next to Michael Jordan's jersey....I think L.A. is in big trouble as the lowly Kings have finally emerged as real contenders! Finally, here in Boca, we sip on 30 yr old Ardbeg scotch and little jb then inhales whippets for that extra buzz!!! Go Shaqi C10!!!
05-31-02 03:12 PM
Joey "Finally in Boca, we sip on 30 yr old Ardbeg scotch and little jb then inhales whippets for that extra buzz!!! Go Shaqi C10!!!"

Josh , you make young Joey smile !

05-31-02 03:43 PM
nankerphelge Whippets?

Man, jb that stuff will kill you.
Not so much the nitrous, but the oils and shit that are in those things -- ugh. You'd be better off smoking Preparation H!

Stick with chiba -- it is our friend!

05-31-02 03:59 PM
jb Nanker, are you the famous atty. from the unfriendly stones
town of D.C.?
05-31-02 04:06 PM
nankerphelge Yes indeed!
05-31-02 04:18 PM
jb You know, I'm 39 and have been practicing for almost 15 yrs...first 9 for mid-range firm and last 6 on my own..this is a horrible profession albeit a lucrative one...Doing litigation is absolutely brutal and having the P.C. at my desk and being able to post is probably the most fun I have all day...You should definitely get out of it if you are not a partner by 35...Even when thet make you a partner, they bump you to $175,000 (maybe more in D.C.) and you work 100 hrs a week to bill 60hrs...then you get a small piece of equity and they really own you...Take my advice, steal as many clients as you can, start you own firm, and in 2 yrs you will be making the same amount and no prick -cut throat associates/partners can fuck with you...I laugh at the pricks i use to work for when I see them in court..I pull up in my S430 and they are so fucking jealous as they get out of the company leased acura!
05-31-02 04:34 PM
nankerphelge While I believe you are right in some respects, it is very different in my area of practice -- intellectual property litigation.

It is such a document-intensive area of the law, that a one or two-man shop just cannot attract the best work because they simply cannot handle it -- you need the infrastructure of a large firm just to handle the size and complexity of the cases. The last case I went to trial on had over 100 depositions in a 5-month period, total documents produced were over a million and the privilege log had over 1000 entries. We had 5 partners and 4 associates + 12 paralegals on the case. And that was not an unusual case -- the firm I used to be with has handled much larger cases.

And while I agree that generally it can be a brutal profession, I have hooked into a firm that is very good at what they do, make astronomical PPP, and still provide a very nice quality of life for all.

And with the market for IP litigation the way it is, the salaries of most associates surpasses that of many partners in smaller, less sought-after areas. So even people that are not partners still make top dollar.

Nope - I'll stick with the firm -- they may "own" me a bit, but all-in-all, I'm cool with it

05-31-02 04:44 PM
patioaintdry on behalf of the ABA, please cease and desist the attorney talk before i sick a trial lawyer on yer ass. And if you're reading this, Geoffrey Feiger -- FUCK OFF!
05-31-02 04:45 PM
gypsy Oh, here we go again with Josh trying to impress us with his credentials...

*blank stare*
05-31-02 04:49 PM
Joey No one is more impressive than YOU Gypsy !!!!!!

Your Bunny Boy

05-31-02 04:58 PM
patioaintdry $1100 for a Kobe Bryant jersey? Sounds like something Elton would purchase.

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