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Topic: the man with the balls in his mouth Return to archive
05-30-02 05:42 PM
stonedinaustralia in response to steel driving hammer's question on gazza's birthday thread

the cover of exile was a collage/montage of photographs taken by robert frank (he who shot cocksucker blues)...

i recall reading that the front cover shot is a photograph of a wall in a barber/tattoo shop covered in the photographs we see, many of which,of course, have a circus/vaudeville/freak-show feel about them...

05-30-02 09:07 PM
Jaxx in all sincerity, thanks for answering that question. ihave often wondered about that montage over the years. i will never forget the first time i saw that album cover as a kid in Valley Fair on one of those shopping sundays with my parents up there on route 17 in NJ. that guy with the rocks in his mouth scared the heck out of me. i guess its comforting to know he was only a freak in a show.....i thought he was some starving guy in ethiopia.
05-30-02 09:11 PM
56DeSoto If you're interested in Robert Frank and want to delve a little further, check out his book The Americans. It's in print as a reissue, I think it was originally done in the 50s. Forward by Jack Kerouac. One of the finest sets of American photography I've ever seen and Frank isn't even from America. He's also done photographs for Tom Waits on Rain Dogs album and probably others I don't know about.

05-31-02 11:35 AM
stonedinaustralia my pleasure jaxx

maybe he was a show-biz type or perhaps it was some sign of who he was some initiation wouldn't pick it as a leisure time activity (but you never know...)

perhaps some form of punishment? on the other hand it's hilarious...dadaist...inscrutable

or is it, perhaps, the result of years of training, dedication and discipline

anyway,i agree, it is disturbing in the sense that it moves you one way or the other

whatever or whenever or whoever it was it was a weird moment in time

who knows who he was... but that is no matter for he is now known to millions!!

and a part of him probably was still in in ethiopia somewhere...

but maybe he was starving and he's trying to eat those things (whatever they are)

now i've thrashed that to death and taken all the fun out of it i'll have to change it... but i am, after all, stoned in australia so it may take some time and he is,indeed,a hard act to follow...

05-31-02 12:23 PM
Saint Sway damn it! I thought this would be a thread about Stutterin John he kicked Faggy Cabbies ass today in AC!
05-31-02 12:59 PM
Lazy Bones Oh shit, I always thought it was from an episode of Fear Factor!
05-31-02 01:09 PM
Maxlugar More intersting to me would be to see a picture of that guy without the balls in his mouth.

Those lips are stretched beyond what I would consider healthy.

If he's alive today, he's probably up to bowling balls.

The guy can put more balls in his mouth than Elton John. Or Crazy Cabby.

05-31-02 01:17 PM
nankerphelge I sure hope those aren't used 5 pound butt rocks in there.


05-31-02 01:36 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Here's Pako Gerte K LOL

05-31-02 02:40 PM
Maxlugar Holy shit!

Where did you get a color photo of that shot?

- Short cropped afro: $7.00

- Chapstick: $.75

- Three billard balls: $12.00

- The ability to line up all three balls across your mouth at the same time?

05-31-02 02:49 PM
sandrew In a moment of youthful indiscretion, I got that guy tattooed on my shoulder.
05-31-02 06:45 PM
stonedinaustralia and for that sandrew you have my undying admiration... a stones tounge would have been a bit too obvious eh...your tat would speak volumes to those who understand it while leaving those who don't confused and beumsed...well done!!
05-31-02 06:52 PM
The Eggman Where can i get a tee or shirt like Charile Watts has with that man's face on it
06-01-02 01:37 PM
Jaxx [quote]Maxlugar wrote:
Holy shit!

Where did you get a color photo of that shot?

yeah. no kidding, gerardo. impressive

- - Three billard balls: $12.00

um, i believe the middle "one" is a golf ball!

HOWEVER still incredibly priceless.
[Edited by Jaxx]
06-01-02 04:52 PM
littleredrooster How do I post a picture with my profile?
Please Help!
06-01-02 07:07 PM
Honky Tonk Man Im not so much talking about the guy with the balls in his mouth, but i love the whole circus freak thing. Its really cruel really, but in those dark ages of the Victorian era, people were allowed to be born with these deformities. I watched an old American film about Circus Freaks thew other day, and its truely facinating. Going to the Circus was the only way these people to earn a crumb

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