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Topic: Have i made a mistake? Return to archive
05-30-02 05:11 PM
Honky Tonk Man I dont think so. JB says ive flown all the way from England to see the Stones in a Staium. And? He points out that this was ignorant of me as MSG was just opposite the hotel where i am staying. Again i knew this. Firstly, i just wanted to go to New York, secondly, i love the idea of seeing the Stones in a huge place and thirdly, the Stones just happen to be playing Earls Court next year. All im going to do is concentrate on having a great time, i dont give a fuck where i see the band. Im going to see the in Helsinki maybe and i may just go off to Wales to watch them. And they are ALL Stadium shows!!! I will see the arena thing next year!!!

05-30-02 05:17 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Dude, if you are happy, then how could you have made a mistake?

It doesn't matter what any of the rest of us wasn't our cash being spent!

Just enjoy yourself, and don't obsess about it!

05-30-02 05:20 PM
Honky Tonk Man Im just being a Hypercondriac as usual.
05-30-02 05:22 PM
mattb No, you didn't make a mistake. That jerk sounds like my Dad did when I was 14 and wanted to see the Stones.
05-30-02 05:56 PM
Rolling Hansie Alright Honky Tonk Man.
That's what it's all about. Have fun, enjoy yourself.
05-30-02 05:58 PM
gypsy JB (Josh) is probably just jealous of you, cuz he cannot afford to travel around the world to see the Stones.
05-30-02 07:04 PM
mattb Also, the staging is larger here in the States for stadium shows.

Plus, you will have the enhancement of seeing the Stones while having an adventure!
05-30-02 07:15 PM
kc152 You should feel good about the choice you made. The Stones are one of the few, if not the only band that can play in a place as big as Giants stadium & pull it off. I don't want to sound too dramatic but when the Stones hang up their #, that might be it for big stadium shows as we know it. You need a band that can bring in that many people under one roof and make all those people leave saying " wow that was fucking great". There will always be entertainers that can fill MSG, But Giants statium who knows?
05-30-02 08:30 PM
Scot Rocks No...this is the Stones live in NYC, there is no doubt that it will kick ass.
05-30-02 09:02 PM
Jaxx i'm going to giants stadium even tho i hate such large venues because it is THE STONES!

you will have an a w e s o m e time, especially if you decide to party down with me and whoever else i'm hanging with! if you are happy, go with that. its not for others to decide what you should or shouldn't do. do what you want!
05-31-02 01:06 AM
Moonlight Mile Alex, you are going to have a great time in NYC, its one of the greatest cities in the world. Nobody has ever been bored in Manhattan.

The Stones will put on a fantastic show at Giant Stadie and YOU are one of the select few that will be there. On that night, Josh/JB/My Cousin Vinny will be counting up his change to see if he can afford a pack of butts, a sixie of Bud Light, and a Hustler at the 7-11 across the street from his apartment. Now I ask you, who's time is better spent?

I wasn't kidding about that 21 yrs. ID though . . .
05-31-02 05:37 AM

Every Stones concert is special.
05-31-02 03:55 PM
jb If you are still going to an stadium show, Giants stadium is probably the best choice as it is near New York, basically sold out(compared to other stadium shows which are selling very poorly) and you will have a lot of real fans ..However, even though you may not like me, most people would by far rather attend an arena show, particularly at MSG...So, while your not going to have a bad time, you certainly are not getting value for your $..
God Bless the Queen.
05-31-02 04:17 PM
Miss U. Have a blast, Alex!! Stones are brilliant no matter where they play.
It is your destiny to see them there, lol.

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