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Topic: Stones Interview by Sal Cirrincione Return to archive
05-30-02 09:56 AM
Tom Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out!

Since the 1970s, Rolling Stones tours have been grand spectacles, and so have been the press events at which the rock icons have announced their concert treks. The methods the Stones have used to reveal their tour plans include a May 1975 performance on the back of a flatbed truck along Manhattan's Fifth Avenue and a July 1989 train ride to New York's Grand Central Terminal.

Hear Quote

On May 7, Mick Jagger & Co. once again used the Big Apple as their platform to meet the press -- landing in a yellow blimp emblazoned with the Stones' famous lips-and-tongue logo at a Bronx park, where they unveiled dates for their 2002-2003 world tour. During the conference, the Stones revealed that, in addition to their customary shows at stadiums and arenas, they would perform club and theater dates during this trip around the globe. The jaunt's North American leg starts up Sept. 3 in Boston and is scheduled to wind down Feb. 1 in Denver, before likely heading to Mexico and then overseas.

It's only fitting for the Stones to include smaller venues on this tour, unofficially a 40th-anniversary celebration. The band's formative years were spent in British clubs shaping their sound, which was influenced by the early rock & roll and blues favorites of guitarists Keith Richards and Brian Jones.

Following their initial streak of hits and Jones' June 1969 departure (and subsequent drowning that July), the band -- with replacement guitarist Mick Taylor -- moved on to performing in much larger facilities. Since the start of the Ron Wood era, which began in 1975 after Taylor exited, the Stones have had the luxury of pretty much calling their own shots. On that note, fans not only will get the opportunity to see the band in venues of various capacities on the upcoming tour, they'll also be treated to one of several sets of songs.

There are other new facets to the impending trek, the Stones' first since they hit the road in support of 1997's Bridges to Babylon. This time, there won't be a new studio album, although Jagger recently said that he'd like to record one down the road. Instead, the band will release a two-disc career retrospective that also will feature some recently recorded new songs -- and perhaps a few tunes that currently are being worked on. On a more individual note, this group tour will be Wood's first since finishing a rehab stint for longtime substance abuse.

Jagger, Richards, Wood and drummer Charlie Watts sat down with us after their blimp escapade to discuss the preparation and logistics behind their upcoming concert trek, the plans to do some new recording and that age-old issue of whether this will be the final Stones tour.

Get on My Cloud

Charlie Watts: [The blimp ride] was horrible for me, but it's something we had to do, I suppose. But I don't like being up in the air . . . When the wind blows, you move about, and that's horrible. It's a cross between being in a fairground ride and a yacht in a bit of a breeze. You just want it to end, really -- to finish. You want to get off.

Keith Richards: I [enjoyed the blimp ride]. Charlie was the only one who [didn't]. I know what he meant, if you thought about it too much and said, 'What if a gust of wind?' But you don't. I was too interested in -- it's a different flight. [In] planes, even helicopters, you're zooming, you're moving. [In] that thing you could actually sit there and watch people in their backroom. [And yell out] 'You dirty bitch!' And you could, like, hover around and have a look. It's an interesting point of view, I got to say.

Could This Be the Last Time?

Mick Jagger: [People] started asking, 'Is this going to be your last tour?' in 1966 -- I distinctly remember that. I've always dated that. I'm not the Oracle of Delphi . . . so I don't know. As I was in the blimp, I was thinking about after the 2003 section of the tour what we were going to do. I was actually planning gigs for 2004.

CW: No, [this] won't be the last tour. What I said before is, 'If it's the last tour, fine.' But it probably won't be the last time we'll play. The last tour was two years long. I don't think we can do a two-year [tour] again. Who knows? When we started the last one, it was for a year. Something happened in the middle and it went on for two. If things are really great on this, [the tour might be extended]. All the temptation will be to carry on. Keith's [theory] is never to stop because you don't have that start-up feeling again. It's kind of nice, except there's other things to do. [Click here to listen.]

Do This All Together

MJ: To get onto the stage and to get it all going and everything, it's not really [that difficult at this point in the band's career]. We have a really good team . . . it's relatively easy in that way . . . obviously you don't do it if your mood isn't right, if the whole band doesn't want to do it. You have to be all in sync to go out at the right time. Now seems to be a good time.

Different Expectations

MJ: The thing about the staging is that people say, 'Oh, now we're going to scale it back a bit.' I've heard it all before. My take on it is that, for a big stadium show, you do need quite a lot of visual excitement that doesn't necessarily come from the band. You can do so much, but when you're a long way away, you have to do other things. If you're going to play in a stadium, you have to do a big show. When you get down to playing arenas, you don't need so many visual diversions. Then when you're playing clubs, you just really need to see the band and hear the band, probably. [When there's a] descending amount of people seeing you, you need less visual bang. [Click here to listen.]

Let It Loose

MJ: [There are] numbers you can do in a theater that you can't do in an arena . . . when you get down to a club you can almost do anything. So, that's a fun thing . . . there's a desperate need for the familiar from the audience's point of view. From the band's point of view, you don't want to play the familiar all the time.

No Mixed Emotions

Ron Wood: I've always loved a challenge, and this is not an exception. It'll be great to see the smiling faces with a straight view this time . . . I'm ready for it. It won't be difficult at all . . . Lots of people in music have been very supportive of [my decision to go through rehab]. Hopefully a lot of people will be proud of what I'm going to do. It might rub off a bit.

Stones-phile's Banquet

RW: I wouldn't twist anyone's arm [to come to a concert]. I want to see them coming out on their own accord, just loving it and wanting to come. I'd say they'll get real value for their money and we'll put a lot of hard work into presenting something real different this time, as far as the Stones being expected to play some old [songs], some new ones. The way we're going to construct the songs for the different stadiums, arenas and clubs will be interesting. That will be well worth it to anybody that's into the Stones. They'll get some real different shows. [Click here to listen.]

[If I could pick a set list] I'd have a 'Route 66' part -- one of those early rockers like they used to rock when they first started -- and I'd have a more intimate part for fans of, say, the Beggars Banquet album. They would hear that whole album that night. For the other kinds of fans, just a surprise hit -- 'Wow, we didn't expect that one' -- combined with songs that are standard crowd pleasers that we don't just brush aside. We put a lot of work into them, too.

When the Whip Comes Down

KR: [I'm] taking the Stones to Paris and we're going to record. We don't really need to record, but they do need to play together before they go on the road. I don't care if we come out with nothing from two weeks in the studio, although I've never been in the studio with these boys and not come out with something. But to me, right now it's really important . . . that everybody get together and play -- see what we come up with. We don't need new material right now -- it just so happens to be done. But we do need to play together and just touch bases . . . Basically, I'm taking them to boot camp. Sort of a long way 'round of saying they're gonna hate these next few weeks.

On With the Show

KR: The only interest I have in the first show is to get it over and done with, because that's your first task. Once you've done one, then it's a matter of adjustment, you know -- what you're doing wrong. It's a matter of mechanics in a way, but you never know until you say, 'Well, I think we should start the show this way.' Otherwise, we just get up and play . . . how well [we] play and how good it's sounding [are] the most important [things] to the band, and basically, we want to give [the crowds] our best. [Click here to listen.]

Love It Live

KR: We're still determined to have a good time, and as long as you hang with the audience and take the crap with them . . . Sometimes you walk off [the stage] and say, 'That was a fantastic show' -- meanwhile, you hit only one note in 10 that was right. But it doesn't matter. Shows are funny things; they all have their own character. And it's almost impossible to pick one out. I mean, there are some spectacular events where you actually remember them, but every night when you come off, there's sort of a unique thing about every show. It's not just like replaying a record -- 'I love that song and put it on again.' And I guess that's the other thing that keeps us going. There is a great sort of, devilish 'I wonder what's gonna happen tonight? What could happen?' There's that little feeling of tension and [anticipation] of the unknown, as well.

I want to see how far it can go -- how long a bunch of guys can stick together [in a band] . . . I really love playing live. I love the contact with people, and I love the energy they give me.

Interview by Sal Cirrincione
05-30-02 10:19 AM
mattb That would be cool to see them do all of Beggar's Banquet.
05-30-02 11:30 AM
nankerphelge That is a great interview -- sounds to me like they are really excited about the tour. And they should be -- I'm sure in the grand scheme of things it is easy for them to take themselves for granted. Hell -- for them it's just year #40 -- same shit, different year

But these guys are truly living legends -- they helped define rock & roll and at some point they need to look at themselves and recognize that they are owed a little bit more fanfare because of what they have accomplished versus the critics' BS on what they have not or supposedly can no longer accomplish.

I'm pumped to see Ronnie into being sober -- I think he will be back this time out and I think the fans will reward him for his efforts.

I am also pumped to see Chaz say this probably isn't the end -- Chaz is the key to how long this engine runs. If he keeps going -- the Stones keep going.
05-30-02 12:00 PM
Riffhard That is a great interview!Thanks for posting it Tom.You're right nanky I think Ronnie will be in much better form.I am curious as to who he was refering when he said "maybe it(sobriety)will rub off on some."Certainly he dosen't expect Keith to put down the Sunkist and vodka!This time out it would appear that the boys are really gonna shake up the set list.I think we are going to get a hell of tour.Also,to hear Chaz say the end is not here is great news for all of us.I would have expected that he would call it day and retire with the lovely wife to his English garden after this tour.That would be the death knell for the Stones has a band.I'm glad it's still Down The Road Apeice!

Is it September yet?!

05-30-02 12:50 PM
TomL I agree. Don't want to wish the summer away but I wish it was September. September 20th to be exact. Hope the set lists are all mixed up. There goes that feeling in my balls again.....................
05-30-02 12:55 PM
keefnmick I can't wait for Sept 30th!! Only 122 days but who's counting.
05-30-02 12:57 PM
nankerphelge That's a Stonesgasm -- I'm telling you, there is something physiological about this band -- their music is derived from some sort of mating ritual from a tribe that we somehow all descended from. Each of us has a dormant 22nd chromoStone that governs our every waking moment with the Drive. We think in terms of lyrics, we converse using Jagbonics, we become nomadic every three years or so, chasing these monkey boys. Our bodies emit pheroStones to attract others like us. We eat raw meat and set fire to things.

05-30-02 03:33 PM
AlexanderHic "Más sabe el diablo por viejo que por diablo." ("More knows the devil because he's old, than because he's the devil.")
05-30-02 07:07 PM
mattb Ronnie, Liza and Diana Ross all recently have gone through rehab (or in Dian's case, just starting). Drying out for a tour is one thing - if someone has problems that need to be resolved, that's another. Let's hope Ron's okay for much more than just the tour!
05-30-02 08:28 PM
Scot Rocks Cheers for posting great interview, nice to hear that they are not saying that this is the 'last time' and that quote from keef about the blimp 'you dirty bitch' LOL, just class!!!!!!!!!!!!
05-31-02 11:16 AM
marcus aurelianus Great interview inded !!!!!!!!!
06-01-02 02:43 PM
Gazza This interview is the most positive thing I've read about the future of this band for years. Thanks for posting it.

When you read quotes from Charlie and Mick where theyre talking about plans BEYOND 2003 then you can only be delighted to see their optimism (I've never doubted that Keith & Ronnie would keep this going until they drop if they had their way...the other two for various reasons I've never been too confident about). It seems this band will continue to exist/work until death or immobility for one of them prevents them from doing so. Heres hoping the gap in activity isnt so long in the future.

Great also that theres talk of a new album sooner rather than later. When theyre gonna find proper time to record it during the tour I'm not so sure (maybe they'll do something what REM did with "New Adventures in Hi Fi" and cut it on the road - during soundchecks,days off etc) I just hope their enthusiasm to do something like this holds up this time next year.

theyre gonna have to rehearse an incredible amount of songs if theyre gonna do the kind of shows we're talking about too...roll on September

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