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Beggars Banquet's sessions - Olympic Sound Studios, London - 10th June 1968
No Expectations and Sympathy For The Devil
Dean Goodhill

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Topic: It's midnight in Belfast, so let me say Return to archive Page: 1 2
05-29-02 06:59 PM
Stonesdoug Happy Birthday Gazza--you are a prince among men--see you in 2003, if not before.
05-29-02 07:35 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Oh I heartily second that notion!

Happy Birthday Gazza!

You are fine wine man....old is good.

05-29-02 07:43 PM
Riffhard Yes indeed! A very Happy birthday Gazza! You are wise beyond your years and that's saying something considering how old you are! Kidding! I don't know how many years old you are but I'm sure you are wise beyond them!


Tonight the Guinness is raised in your honor!
05-29-02 09:25 PM
littleredrooster Best Wishes on your Birthday, Gazza !!!
Have a pint for me !!!!!
In fact, have TWO!

Ed in Oregon, USA
[Edited by littleredrooster]
05-29-02 09:37 PM
Scot Rocks Happy birthday Gazza, your Stones and music knowledge is well apreciated, hopefully as your wisdom grows you may see some sense...and support the team in Green and White Hoops and I don't mean Sporting Lisbon LOL

05-29-02 09:58 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl ¡¡¡ Feliz cumpleaños grandísimo recabrón !!!

The other day Gazza asked me this when he saw the draft for the "We're Only In It For The Money" header: God knows how you managed to get my face THAT thin… hardly recognised myself...

Well Gazza, I didn't do anything with your photo but reduced to the header size, so it was not the result of the edition but I found out that you are the only person I know who gets thinner with the temperature, that photo is in Hartford, before the first show.

I don't know if the temperature raised because of the emotion of the show (to begin in some minutes) or the presence of our friend, the lovely Fancy Nancy!!!

This was the photo used for the "We're Only In It For The Money" header.

Fancy Nancy and Gazza
Hartford Brewery - March 28, 1999

Is there any other part of your body changing??? Thinner? Wider? Bigger? LOL

You rule bro... hope to see you this year!

Pero… te lo lavas K jajajajaja
05-29-02 10:01 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl I don't understand why if we have 5 replies the thread list only shows 4!

This is a test message
05-29-02 11:00 PM

Wishing you health and long life on your birthday. I appreciate the knowledge you have of the Stones and other musicians, the biz etc., and how eloquently you share on the boards. You are a true statesman and a gentleman. Although i've never met you I am glad to know you through this site, and I always make a point to read your posts and shares. Happy Birthday!

peace and love,
05-30-02 06:32 AM
TomL Happy Birthday buddy. Hope you have enjoyed your day. Hope we can get together in NYC. Also hoping for a 45 b-day present to London, last time it was a 40th. Remember it's your turn to drop the beers. The time draws near day by day, to see the STONES in our kinda of way. Hope you get to see every show you want.

Peace brother.
05-30-02 07:53 AM
Lazy Bones Another year, Gazza. Happy Birthday! I presume you've got the day off, the weather is sunny and Heather is spoiling you rotten. No..ok, well maybe it's overcast. Nonetheless, have a great day (or what's left of it now).
Cheers, mate!
05-30-02 08:36 AM
Irina Happy Birthday Gazza
Be healthy, be happy, be lucky in everything
05-30-02 08:45 AM
Jaxx hope your birthday is grande! we'll celebrate properly when i see you in september.

till then: party high and save some fun for me!
05-30-02 09:47 AM
nankerphelge Happy B'Day -- don't do anything I wouldn't do...

(that's pretty wide open)
05-30-02 09:57 AM
Tom Happy Birthday Gazza and thanks for your contributions to this board. Keep the good work and be happy!
05-30-02 10:16 AM
Mikey Happy Birthday Gazza.

Have one on me. Hopefully we'll see you in the States in a few months.

05-30-02 10:54 AM
steel driving hammer Happy Birthday Gazza and MANY more to cum.

Like De Niro says...

"You, no Yoouuuuuu"
05-30-02 11:58 AM
Joey Well , Happy Happy Birthday Gazza !!!!!!!

May the Good Lord shine a light on you .....always .


The Joey

05-30-02 12:22 PM
CS Happy bday Gary, your presence here is appreciated
05-30-02 12:39 PM
Maxlugar Gazza,

Happy Birthday to one of our communities preeminent Stonesologists.

Your hard work and dedication is so much appreciated by us. I mentally sit and your feet with wide eyes listening to your Stonesian expoundings. Your attention to detail is unparalleled in our universe.

I just wanted to shoot you this quick Birthday wish and to tell you that I think you are so much smarter than the rest. (Keep that part between me and you) Your name is so close to Gassy it's scary!

Keep up the good work. May you have a least 10 more birthdays!

Your Stones buddy,

05-30-02 12:45 PM
moy happy birthday honey! i need you so bad baby! right now! here! i want to kiss you always!!! see you on the tour
05-30-02 02:01 PM
marcus aurelianus Dear Gazza , I don't know you .........
But I wish a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY from France !
05-30-02 02:05 PM
Joey "Your hard work and dedication is so much appreciated by us. I mentally sit and your feet with wide eyes listening to your Stonesian expoundings. Your attention to detail is unparalleled in our universe. "

YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Max

05-30-02 02:23 PM
Moonlight Mile Yes, happy birthday Gazza and many more.
05-30-02 04:53 PM
Honky Tonk Man Happy Birthday Gazza!!!

05-30-02 05:02 PM
stonedinaustralia for he's a jolly good fellow

& so say all of us

cheers gazza and keep on rockin' and rollin'

05-30-02 05:07 PM
steel driving hammer Anyone know the story on that African American
w/ the 3 ping pong balls?


Stones saw it in an open publication and just used it perhaps?
05-31-02 07:29 AM
Vacendak Greetings and sincerest birthday greetings, Sir Gazza (a moniker well earned even 'tho the Queen has yet to make it official)! May you sometimes get what you want, always get what you need, and continue to get your Rocks Off on the glorious rock and roll entity known as the ROLLING STONES. And hopefully on your day of days, you were indeed allowed to piss anywhere, man. Even tho' you're no spring chicken now, please continue to ROCK ONNNN.....
06-01-02 12:36 PM
Gazza Holy Goats Head Shit Batman! much for me tryin' to keep it all quiet..thanks Doug, you crafty bugger (and hope you enjoyed YOURS last week!) and cheers to all of you for your touching and at times um.. "interesting" messages

and less of the "age" jokes you bastards!! (I'd have thought Stones fans would see and hear enough of THEM by now..) I'm only 39 actually,its not THAT bad. (born the same week as the Stones released their first record - cue the "Twilight Zone" music...)'re only as old as the woman you feel,so right now I'm gonna call Bill Wyman for some advice to see if I can make the ageing process more bearable ...

Jaxx - is that a definite or just a "maybe"?
Moy - not if you were the last woman on earth.
ScotRocks - no chance of me switching allegiances. actually,I support Linfield here in Belfast..I only really have a passing interest in the 'Gers have to know me to realise that my taste in football,music and movies are all linked by one common word - "blues".
Lazy Bones - thanks for the card...longer letter will follow soon as I'm off to Donegal tomorrow for a couple of days golf.

Thanks very much for all the messages from those of you I know in real life,those Ive only corresponded through THIS place and those of you who I didnt even know until now! I'm NOT worthy...! I'm genuinely almost lost for words (yeah wouldnt THAT be a novelty)and dumbstruck to the point where I'd even buy Josh a drink and spend $350 on a golden circle ticket..!

I wish I could see all of you sometime on this tour..hope it'll be as many as possible anyway even if its a limited time,and I'm really looking forward to New York (my favourite city) very much in September - and while I'm at it - if anyones reading this who has two spare MSG tickets,please let us know!)

Thnaks again everyone and Gawd bless ya.....
06-01-02 06:10 PM
MarthaMyDear HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GAZZA!!! Have a happy and healthy birthday and I always enjoy reading your knowledgable posts with that cool Gemini sense of humor... HE!!! HE!!! ;D TAKE CARE AND ROCK ON (and enjoy the tour)!!! Did you know that you share your birthday with Marilyn Monroe??? Cool!!! Rock on!!! I share mine with Judy Garland (June 10th)... I hope we both don't od... JUST KIDDING!!! lol.............. :P Take care!!!

*** Martha ***
[Edited by MarthaMyDear]
06-01-02 06:29 PM
Gazza thanks Martha - Marilyns birthday was 1st June (same as Woody's)..mine was 30th May

there are some similarities though - namely that we both have double initialled names (MM / GG) and sleep naked
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