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Topic: Stones in France Return to archive
05-29-02 09:06 AM
THIERRY According to different sources, the RS will play in june and july 2003 in Paris and Marseille. A show in Lyon is seriously remoured. Do you have any news?
05-29-02 09:22 AM
CS 28 June Marseilles
5 and 6 July Paris
05-29-02 10:31 AM
jb The Stones will definitely not play france!
05-29-02 11:04 AM
Jumacfly of course jb they will come, France is their second home...
Mick has a house in the midwest , near Tours, and Charlie has another one in the beautiful Cevennes...

but i agree that france is not a rock n roll place, they prefer f***in Celine Dion or stupid boys band!!!!

but we re lookin forward to see our STONES!!

cheers...keep rollin guys!
05-29-02 11:07 AM
jb They had to cancel 2nd show at new stadium in 98 I think...the french always hated the stones b/c stones had some jews in management positions which really pissed of the notoriously anti-jew french!
05-29-02 11:27 AM
bluesgirl the band left Paris yesterday and are in the States today.
05-29-02 11:41 AM
Voodoo Stones That's not true at all...French fans are really harcore fans. They're the craziest fans in the world. Don't forget it's the first place where the Stones played in front a majority of men (Olympia 64...)
05-29-02 01:35 PM
jb It is true my frenchman...look at history..anytime the french could get ahead by backstabbing a friend, they do so...! I will never go to France or buy French products..(with the excepton of bootlegs from gilles)...the french hate America and wil be the first to allow Arabs/Muslims to use their territory to launch strike against America and Israel!
05-29-02 02:20 PM
KeepRigid I must admit, I do despise the french.

And if any of them don't like it, they are in for a good-old fashioned 'nutsac waterloo'! LOL!!
05-29-02 02:39 PM
Honky Tonk Man My French Freinds!!! Dont bother reading JB posts. They are not worth it. He only ever wants to cause trouble. Ive been to France dozens of times and yes i think they do love the Stones out there!!!
05-29-02 02:57 PM
marcus aurelianus JB , have you ever been abroad ? Do you know anything apart
what happens in the USA ? Only talk about what you KNOW and stop repeating what you've heard or read in the newspapers .
France , contrary to England is not a FOLLOWER of the american policy .We are not against America but FOR Europe .
Is it too difficult for you to understand or to admit it ?
We don't have to back the USA or Israel or any Arabic countries, but to have a European policy . We are NOT against the American people but we distrust American politicians , which is not the same JB...
We want Americans to rule America and not rule the entire world from Wall Street or the Pentagone or the White House .
Is it too difficult for you to understand that ?
You can hate us or despise us , it's your problem ( or Keep rigid 's )not ours . I have friends in the USA and I Know they understand what I mean .
What happened the 11th of September in NY is terrible , but you don't seem to have understood the CAUSES of terrorism .
It's high time you opened your eyes dear JB ...
05-29-02 03:00 PM
bluesgirl this board is for stones and not politics? or am i wrong?

whoever you are and from where we should all love stones, and don't discuss shit as politics.

by the way, france is beautiful - so is nellcote in south of france - therefore stones choosed that many years ago
05-29-02 03:02 PM
jb Don't pay attention to Honky Tonk Man-he is flying all the way from England to see a stadium show when MSG is around the corner..I might be rude, but this guy is a complete idiot!
05-29-02 03:08 PM
gypsy Everyone! Josh is a complete idiot...just ignore him. He bragged about kicking a South American guy in the nuts in a prior post.
05-29-02 04:22 PM
jb Everone, Gypsy is a old fucking prune with no sense of humour..please ignore her as her posts are boring, stupid, and very negative towars me!
05-29-02 04:52 PM
L&A Hi Thierry,

Go to and you'll learn a lot of good coming news...
Rendez-vous in Brussels on 10-08-2003 !

By the way, jb, why do you listen to the RS ? Just listen to good "cow boy music" and please stop talking nonsense about our nice neighbours from France...
05-29-02 06:20 PM
Gazza Josh/JB - shut the fuck up!
05-29-02 06:34 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl ... I second that
05-29-02 08:20 PM
Scot Rocks I agree, stop stirring shit up every fuckin thread!!!!jb

BTW France is a great country, with a great football team...nearly as good as Scotland LOL, no jokes PLEASE!!!...but the Euro sucks, however we see hear. and read about Politics everyday so lets not let it dominate threads, so anyway ignore jb and lets back from reacting to jb's pathetic ignorant comments and talk about THE STONES and anything Stones related!!!!!!

Ciao Mark

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