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Beggars Banquet's sessions - Olympic Sound Studios, London - 10th June 1968
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Dean Goodhill

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Topic: Just got off the phone with Albert Maysles...... Return to archive
05-28-02 12:29 PM
Riffhard .....I wanted to remind him that he promissed me the never before seen "directors cut" of Gimme Shelter.He was very cool about it and said he would get it the mail by tomarrow.I can't wait to get it!I'll let everyone know what extra footage is included.If possible maybe copies can be arranged.That would be nice huh?!
On a different note.Keith was great with Willie wasn't he?I think his fingers are doing just fine.The Worst was the best!Dead Flowers brought the house down!
Hurry up September!!!

05-28-02 12:55 PM
beer Keith was excellent!! Best part of the whole damn show.

Definetly let us know how that Director's Cut is, I wanna see it!
05-28-02 02:57 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Here's Riffhard with Albert at the press conference

05-28-02 03:38 PM
Riffhard Wow,thank's G!As you can see I brought along my two extra chins just for the occasion.I figured hey it's the Stones so I should bring all my chins with me!

05-28-02 03:47 PM
steel driving hammer Yeah I say screw the Ab Energizer thing.

Gimme some pizza noodles...

Strange how Mick can eat whatever he wants, whenever he wants and how much he wants and yet he's skinny as a toothpick.

While us Americans are getting fatter by the day, including me.
05-28-02 04:38 PM
Gazza Yeah but Mick gets to eat supermodels - we dont

that must be the secret
05-28-02 06:21 PM
Dandelion* Gimme Shelter is one of the best documentaries ever made - regardless if you like the subject matter or not. It's modern day Greek tragedy. Imagine the perfect cross timing of the 1969 Stones and Maysles Brothers. Artfully lived and captured. It's perfectly edited as is by Charlotte Zwerin - life lived as art caught and formed into a lasting artform - but I would be very curious to see a director's cut. Did Al happen to mention any upcoming screenings or lectures?

I found this -

ps to Steelie - what happened to that great little pic next to your name? It was so very you...
[Edited by Dandelion*]
05-28-02 07:16 PM
Riffhard wrote:
.....I wanted to remind him that he promissed me the never before seen "directors cut" of Gimme Shelter...
Hurry up September!!!


If I haven't mentioned it lately, let me reiterate that YOU my friend are DA MAN. Meeting Al Maysles and asking the first question...just impossibly cool stuff.

One thing I noticed - Al has exactly the same camera as me. Unfortunately I didn't have it on the Day of the Blimp - I got it shortly afterward.

I hope Al and Mick did have lunch and talk about making another movie. Al did a documentary about the Concert For New York which hasn't been released yet - I can't wait for that. He is a Master, the kind of people the Stones USED to surround themselves with.

We'll have to make sure Maxy gets a limo w/a DVD player, and we'll watch the Director's Cut on the way to MSG.
05-28-02 09:12 PM
Riffhard Oh no my semien friend you are the man!Or should I say,we are the men!The Band o'Blimp Brothers.Yes it is a select few who made that pilgrimage to the Bronx on that fateful morning.The memories will always inspire me.FPM,Cardinal Ximinez,Mr.Maxluger,and ofcourse Glencar.The few,the proud,The Botherhood of the Blimp!
As for the first question.I still am convinced that the loud ass shirt did the trick!Yes we MUST have some type of video capability in the Long Black Limousine.I don't know if I'll get a DVD or a video,but a monitor is a must!

Riffhard Blimp 5
05-28-02 09:29 PM
glencar Yeah, that was a lot of fun that day.

That Keith stuff was nice last night. He's still excited/amused by what he's doing.
05-29-02 12:44 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Hahahahahahaha!

You dirty fukker!

I just got off the phone with Albert Maysles....he says!

I'm getting an unseen director's cut of Gimme Shelter....he says!

I friggin' LOVE it!

How cool is that stuff!

It's beyond...way!

Make sure that FPM gets a copy...that way I know I'll get one too!


You definately get to fly the blimp.
05-29-02 01:59 PM
~AzQb I think his fingers are doing just fine.The Worst was the best!Dead Flowers brought the house down!
Hurry up September!!!


Yeah RiFfeRbOy!!!!!

Those fingers, contrary to some of the gossipstarved uiniformed opinions in the past, are doing juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuust fine.

; )


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