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Olympiahalle, Munich 4th June 2003
Thanks Sue!
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Topic: backstage passes offer, is this a scam ? Return to archive
05-25-03 04:05 PM
oska i've just received an e mail from somebody in usa , he says that for $300 he will sell spare rolling stones 40 licks back stage passes, the type that the roadies and stage crew have arround there neck, he says this is guaranteed to give access to backstage and front row areas. he also says that these were originally issued on the american part of the tour to someone in support groups stage crew, and remain valid and unchanged during the whole world tour. SO IS THIS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE ? CERTAINLY SEEMS LIKE IT. what do you guys on 'rocks off' think.
05-25-03 07:58 PM
exile did you just recieve this out of the blue?

sounds TOO good to be true to me

05-25-03 08:24 PM
CS did you just recieve this from stonesplanet or a stones2002 e-mail?
05-26-03 12:45 AM
MarthaMyDear >did you just recieve this from stonesplanet or a stones2002 e-mail?

HA HA, CS!!! lol............................................. :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P I had better not say anything more... lol............................................. :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P

*** Martha ***
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05-26-03 01:07 AM
full moon These are scams about 99% of the time.......
05-26-03 01:30 AM
MarthaMyDear I wouldn't do it, oska... Sounds like a scam (yes)... Why let some criminal get your money?!?!?! Backstage is stupid anyways, unless you have All Access (what the band has), I guess... Backstage is free food, though, right??? ROTFLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'd rather shop... lol.....................
:P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P Take care!!!

*** Martha ***
05-26-03 05:12 AM
oska the guy states that the pas will give access to backstage and front row area, he gave his telephone number in the e mail and i have spoken to him, his name is joseph, his telephone number is + 917 607 xxxx. is this type of pass also likeley to gain general addmision into small theatre club gigs, such as olympia paris etc ? this guy also has an excelent e bay profile. however this sale is not through e bay, he contacted me with an unsolicited e mail. so does anyone think its a good bet ?
05-26-03 05:51 AM
fmk438j Would be funny to knock it back only to hear of the guy who took it up who went to all the shows and kicked back with the boys backstage etc. lol.

05-26-03 06:24 AM
shakedhandswithkeith be carfull, cause I know that they had for europe speciall Backstagetickets (at the voodoo und babylon tour) and they had daily a new color!!!!!!!
05-26-03 06:36 AM
Hand of Fate This is a scam, trust me the europe passes are completly different from the usa ones and you will be refused entry.
05-26-03 11:21 AM
oska well here are the latest developments on this, the guy is apparentley a guitarist working with and now touring with 'sugar ray' and 'matchbox 20', the six passes were given to him by somebody connected to record company, they are 'access all areas', they will gain addmision and full access to small theatre gigs and stadiums alike, they are new and unused anywere else, the guy is offering a full refund if the pass dose not work. i've checked his e bay feedback, its 100 percent, with about 150 transactions over a two year period. BUT this transaction is NOT through e bay so i have none of there security. does anyone know for a fact that the passes are different for the european part of the tour ??? IF this is for real these are dream tickets. anybody here want to share the risk with me ? 1 x pass will cost me $350 american dollars including shipping .
05-26-03 02:46 PM
Hand of Fate These passes will not gain you access as they have been changed for the european tour.
05-26-03 03:17 PM
Gazza I'd have my doubts about it oska,to be honest

I mean, why would you get this by unsolicited e-mail?

In my experience,theres also different types of passes for these shows (depending on the sponsor or issuing authority) that give you varying degrees of access (usually its limited to one hospitality area). Dont be getting your hopes up by thinking youre going to be splitting a bottle of Stoli with Keith in the tuning room half an hour before they go onstage

It could be a genuine sale,but my humble opinion is it wont be as unlimited in its access as you'd like to believe.

I'd also agree with what Hand Of Fate says in that US passes would not be valid for the European shows. If thats the case, everyone who had them on the US leg would be re-selling them and youd have more people in the backstage area than youd have in the audience in some places.

Martha's point is also worth mentioning. Backstage pass generally means a free bar and snacks, in an area limited to those who have the same access as you do. It doesnt mean you'll be anywhere near the band. I got a pass for a Paris show a few years ago. There were about 15 different passes (MTV,TF1, various other sponsors, Bon Jovi (the support act) etc) each of them limited you to a designated hospitality area. The one I was given was for the Stones hospitality area. So that was better than the others. Quite by chance,I got to meet Jerry Hall and Darryl Jones and had a photo taken with each of them, but the guy I was with had the same passes for practically the whole tour and said that was the ONLY time any musicians or celebs close to the band ventured into the VIP area. It was a nice experience but I wouldnt presume it would happen again.
[Edited by Gazza]
05-26-03 03:23 PM
Highwire Rob Considering all the precautions today (terrorism, SARS, usual Stone's loonies )... would such passes be so easily tranferred? Or what if the seller is genuine but just doesn't know the extra checks that will be imposed (e.g., photo I.D.) once you get to security gateways. It would be awful to pay that money only to be turned away by Tour Security when things just don't match up.
05-26-03 03:28 PM
Gazza >Considering all the precautions today (terrorism, SARS, usual Stone's loonies )... would such passes be so easily tranferred?

Excellent point. Stones security has always been tight. these days you can bet its even more so. We're on alert for an imminent terrorist attack,dont forget.
05-26-03 03:30 PM
Hand of Fate Please trust me on this one, it will NOT gain you entry to any backstage area, the passes are completly different and for access all areas it has a photo on it.
05-26-03 04:00 PM
oska ok evryone thanks for the advice, i think i'll save me money. it did seem too good to be true. 'hand of fate' you seem to have first hand info, who are you mate ?anyway thanks again.

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