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Topic: Keef leading the "40-Day Rhythm Guitar SWAT CAMP" Return to archive
05-28-02 04:00 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Keith will be the first day:

40-Day Rhythm Guitar SWAT CAMP

We've been amazed at the progress in our playing around the offices of since we started digging into the amazing lesson material from our friends at Check out their latest CD-ROM compilation below -- and don't forget to sample the audio links!!!!! Also, you'll get $10 in free lesson downloads (choose from hundreds of great lessons) when you visit Truefire and register to become a member. Now hear this:

Ask any instructor worth their salt and they'll tell you that students struggle more with rhythm than any other technical element of the instrument. Ask any pro and they'll tell you that the most sought after studio players are known mostly for the quality and range of their rhythm chops. Ask any band looking to fill the guitar slot and they'll tell you it's the solid rhythm player they're interested in, not the lead pyrotechnician. And that's why we asked an esteemed group of TrueFire instructors to come up with a surefire method to help players pump up their rhythm chops in a hurry. Their answer? The 40 Day Rhythm Guitar SWAT Camp -- a quick-study power course for intermediate and advanced players.

No question about it -- learn how to play solid rhythm guitar and you'll no longer have problems finding quality cats to play with. And we're not talking learning chord construction, inversion theory, or picking up a few new fancy barre chords. We're talking chordless comping, working bass lines, Hendrixian styling, double and triple stops, open tunings, Delta style, dual-guitar harmonies, twang thangs, swung grooves, chord melody, funkification and a truckload of other tricks and essential techniques. It's all covered in the SWAT Camp along with a classic repertoire of signature rhythm stylings a la Hendrix, Muddy, Elmore, Townshend, Keith, Hooker, Eagles and even Curtis Mayfield.

The 40-Day Rhythm Guitar SWAT Camp is designed for players that are anxious for a break-through but simply don t have enough time to woodshed eight hours a day or give up their day gig to enroll full-time at Berklee (although that would be sweet). The SWAT Camp features a series of 40 lessons, arranged in a deliberate manner to be studied over 40 consecutive practice sessions. You can skip a day here and there but it's real important to grasp each lesson's key learning before moving on to the next one in the series. The SWAT Camp will invigorate your rhythm chops and make you twice the player you are today.

SWAT Camp is a collaboration of 27 of the planet's top guitar instructors. The lessons are formatted in MP3 (audio) and PDF (tab), and come on CD. You do not need to read music. You do not need to understand theory. If you've got decent ears and can follow simple tab then you're good to go. SWAT Camp's audio lessons include slow and at-tempo versions of examples plus instructor commentary to get you through the sticky stuff.

Here's what some of our students have to say about SWAT Camp:

Here's the deal. We're offering The 40-Day Rhythm Guitar SWAT Camp for only $19 this week (a $28 value). We'll also include the two bonus lessons listed here plus the full version of our Improvisational Tool Kit absolutely free ($16 value). The Kit features 20 rhythm tracks, 20 corresponding rhythm guitar lessons and an ear-opening 36-minute improvisation tutorial. And if you're not completely blown away by The SWAT Camp we'll return every penny of your investment and let you keep the free bonus material just for checking the thing out. Square deal? Hurry up, special offer ends soon!

We can talk 'til we're blue in the face but the proof's in the puddin' -- click on any title for a complete description and audio preview - use your browser's back button to return to this listing:

Day 1 - Keith Richards, Rhythm Of A Rolling Stone by Joe Deloro <(b>

Day 2 - Jimi Hendrix: All The Way To 'Ladyland' by Joe Gore

Day 3 - Texas Style Backup by Roger Ferguson

Day 4 - The Memphis Sound by Keith Wyatt

Day 5 - Rhythm In Blues: John Lee Hooker by Keith Wyatt

Day 6 - Chordless Comping by Andy Ellis

Day 7 - Comping The Blues by Lenny Breau

Day 8 - Comp The Scale by Steve Masakowski

Day 9 - Elmore James Emperor Of Open D by David Hamburger

Day 10 - Uptown Funk by Carmen Grillo

Day 11 - Kenny Burrell's Funky Comping by Andy Ellis

Day 12 - Country Rhythm: Going Chordless by Joe Dalton

Day 13 - Flatpickers Rhythm Basics by Dan Crary

Day 14 - Swamp Music: Muddy Waters Style by Keith Wyatt

Day 15 - Rolling On The Rhythm: Ike Turner by Dave Rubin

Day 16 - David Grissom's Big Rhythm by David Grissom

Day 17 - Brazilian Fingerstyle Patterns by Tim Sparks

Day 18 - Rhythmic Momentum by Garrison Fewell

Day 19 - Chuggin Metal Harmony by Mike Hickey

Day 20 - Beefing Up Backup by Dan Crary

Day 21 - Shuffle Power by Dave Rubin

Day 22 - An Eagles Lesson by Jesse Gress

Day 23 - Super Chuck by Jim Campilongo

Day 24 - Pete Townshend Rhythm Lesson by Jesse Gress

Day 25 - Hoodlum Hoodoo by Poison Ivy

Day 26 - Studio Smarts: Hints For Hipper Tracks by Andy Ellis

Day 27 - Hendrix & Rhythm: Most Essential Thing by Rik Emmett

Day 28 - Studio Rhythm Secrets by Chris Standring

Day 29 - Double Your Pleasure: Double-Stop Licks by Kirk Hammett

Day 30 - Thrash & Grind Patterns by Mike Hickey

Day 31 - Triad Power by Dan Bowden

Day 32 - Stealing Thunder by Jesse Gress

Day 33 - Curtis Mayfield's Rhythm Of Magic by Andy Ellis

Day 34 - ABC's Of Funk Guitar by Ross Bolton

Day 35 - The Rhythm Method by Adam Levy

Day 36 - The Funk Stops Here by Carmen Grillo

Day 37 - Old School Cool: '70s Funk Lesson by Joe Gore

Day 38 - Two Guitar Tactics by Andy Ellis

Day 39 - Lap Slide Rhythm Riffs by Stacy Phillips

Day 40 - Ska Building Blocks by David Burk

Bonus #1 - The Rhythm Method: Roots-Rock Licks by Dave Rubin

Bonus #2 - The Memphis Mambo: Latin-Laced Blues by Keith Wyatt In

Delivery: Add $3 shipping and handling. All orders shipped within 48 hours by parcel post. Payment Methods: We accept Visa, MasterCard & American Express. Checks and Money Orders also accepted. System Requirements: Packaged on CD and formatted in MP3 (audio) and PDF (tab). Any computer with sound and a printer will work just fine. No big system demands - this is very friendly stuff.
05-28-02 04:06 PM
KeepRigid, you get 39 days and two bonuses beyond all you really need. Not bad.
05-28-02 04:48 PM
gypsy Well, I don't see Glenn Frey on that list, so they're not getting MY money!
05-28-02 04:53 PM
jb The Eagles are, next to U2, the most overrated, talentles group of losers I can think of. If you love Glenn Frey so much, watch re-runs of Miami Vice ,as he was on the "Smuggler's Blue" episode. Please wear a pink linen shirt and white trousers as you arouse yourself to Mr. Frey!
05-28-02 05:59 PM
Joey Sorry Josh.............

Joe Walsh is a damn good player . Plus ,he was born in Wichita Kansas , which is not too far from your Joey .

Plus , Joe is a friend of Pete Townshend there !


05-28-02 06:05 PM
Moonlight Mile I detest the Eagles! I detest them like a fucking sickness! Ya hear me? A fucking sickness!!!

Sick venal, someday a real rain will come and wash the scum Eagles fans off the streets . . .
05-28-02 08:10 PM
Honky Tonk Man Their lead guitarist looks like a cock! What more needs to be said?

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