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Topic: What Stones songs do you turn off if it comes on the radio? Return to archive
05-28-02 01:49 PM
Scottfree For me;
1.Brown Sugar
1a.Miss You
05-28-02 02:28 PM
Lazy Bones Cocksucker Blues.
05-28-02 04:06 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy None of them, actually.

It's really weird - I find that when a Stones or Beatles or in general song I'm somewhat partial to comes on the radio, I give it a listen and say "Yeah, that's what I like about that song." It happened a few days ago to "Cant You Hear Me Knockin'", a song that I'd 'played myself to death on' a few months back, and now I'm back in the sunshine again. Delicious.
05-28-02 04:07 PM
Mickjagger1963 NOTHING!
05-28-02 04:26 PM
KeepRigid Heartache Tonight
05-28-02 04:46 PM
gypsy I'll tell you what song I DON'T turn off when it comes on the radio: "SAFETY DANCE!"
05-28-02 06:29 PM
Scottfree Safety dance was a great spelling lesson
05-28-02 07:14 PM
Mr T What the fuck country are you from if you don't like Brown Sugar & Miss You.

For me, none - except maybe Emotional Rescue
05-28-02 08:11 PM
CousinCocaine You're a Stonesfan and turn-off 4 of their biggest hits?!?

Some of them may be overplayed live but the studioversions are still just great !!
If you can't hear that, - I dunno . . .
05-28-02 08:15 PM
Im_Shattered saftey dance rocks!!! talk about it more!
05-28-02 08:16 PM
Im_Shattered and BROWN SUGAR are you NUTS???
05-28-02 08:21 PM
gypsy I happen to know for a fact that KeepRigid does NOT turn the radio off when "Heartache Tonight" plays. KeepRigid is a die-hard Eagles fan! He just doesn't want you guys to make fun of him.
05-28-02 09:04 PM
Scottfree I typically listen to AM radio to be honest, I like to choose my own music, not letting the shitty stations choose them for me! As far as BSugar, MYou, I never need to hear them again live or memorex!
05-28-02 10:31 PM
MarthaMyDear None... My hand (in regards to the Stones, which is connected to heart) will not let me do this...

*** Martha ***
05-29-02 06:14 AM
stonedinaustralia scotty my man (if you'll allow me to use the familiar)

no comprende la pregunta!!

the question far up do i turn it??
05-29-02 06:28 AM
Jumacfly satisfaction and angie....
05-29-02 06:37 AM
Honky Tonk Man Oh this is easy

Miss U
Fool To Cry

The other hits are all great
05-29-02 06:59 AM
Angiegirl2 Songs like Angie and Satisfaction irritate me too, heard them too often. I usually skip them on any album or cd. Unless I'm just playing it as background music, then I can live with it.
05-29-02 07:37 AM
Vacendak Turn DOWN "Brown Sugar"? Sacrilege!! Turn off THE STONES? Bloody frickin' POPPYCOCK!! 'Ello, just where am I, could someone tell me, please? I guess some of us are tired of breathin' air now, too. Ah, how utterly borin', breathin', that is. Been there, done that, guess I'll just stop. Good gawd almighty, I know that we might be the most spoiled fans in the universe, what with forty years of rockin' with our favorite rock demi-Gods and all, but "Holy Water Rats, Batman!" Turn down the the almighty Rollin' Stones,the WORLD'S GREATEST ROCK AND ROLL BAND, the last truly great vestige of what was once known the world over as rock and roll? Silence Keith's "Brown Sugar" riff, Mick's "Miss You" strut thru Central Park, and two of Bobby Keys' best wailin's on the sax? Noooo, does not compute. Such thoughts are alarmingly wacked, and those that hold these tendencies should perhaps consider a temporary exile from all things Stones and get their ya-yas straightened out and their apparently disintegrating minds right. Turn down the Stones? Blasphemy! Why, I'd sooner you cut my hands off or slap me mum! Anyone who cosiders turnin' down the Stones should take a couple "Mother's Little Helpers" and lie down until these delusional thoughts pass. If this doesn't work, seek help immediately.... Rock Onnn....
05-29-02 08:57 AM
Scot Rocks The radio is so crap in this country (UK) that any time a Stones song comes on its a tome for street parties and national celebration!!!!!!!

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