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Topic: Glasgow 5.28.1982,it was 20 years ago! Return to archive
05-28-02 10:09 AM
marko Today its been 20 years,and it was their last show in this
small Glasgow theatre,only 3000 fans(about).Stones performed
killer show in Scotland,and between little t&a and tumbling
dice,ex audience sang scotlands national song(i believe it
is scotlands song??)the whole damn audience.beatifull,
perfect show.its too bad i donīt have any pictures from this
show.Set list was like this,20 years ago,,,,,,,
1.under my thumb
2.when the whip comes down
3.letīs spend the night together
5.neighbours limousine
7.just my imagination
8.twenty flight rock
9.going to a go go
10.chantilly lace
11.let me go
12.time is on my side
13.beast of burden
14.let it bleed canīt allways get what you want
16.little t&a
17.tumgling dice,,,,,,,,,,(flower of scotland)
18.sheīs so cold
19.hang fire
20.miss you
21.honky tonk woman
22.brown sugar
23.start me up

who wants a copy?
05-28-02 10:17 AM
steel driving hammer Just bring the fucking mad disc w/ you across the ocean.

Thinking "High and Dry" would of sounded great on the 81-82 setlist.

05-28-02 10:56 AM
Honky Tonk Man Now Marko my Europeon freind, you know young Alex would love a copy!!!
05-28-02 11:15 AM
marko Just e-mail me,and iīll give you my address.
05-28-02 11:34 AM
Mikey Marko-

My life wouldn't be complete without it.

Can I get your email address?

05-28-02 11:48 AM
marko Yep here it is,,,,,,,,,
05-28-02 02:26 PM
Scot Rocks Marko do you know what theatre this was in the fair city of Glasgow, by chance?
05-28-02 05:50 PM
Stray Cat It was the Glasgow Apollo I believe. Listen to Keith's solo on H.T.W. ......brilliant!
05-28-02 06:54 PM
Gazza Think youre getting a bit confused Marko

Glasgow Apollo was 27th may 1982 - they played Edinburgh Playhouse theatre on 28th May - the show where the crowd started singing "flower of scotland" with some accompaniment from Charlies drums. The wonderfully recorded CDR comes from this show,not Glasgow. Ive never heard a really good recording from Glasgow but the version from Edinburgh that came into circulation a couple of years back (and I know who circulated the original..thanks TM if yer reading this!)

For those who werent around then... The Stones were unable to get a performing licence to play a stadium in Scotland in their 1982 European Tour,so a few days before the scheduled opener in rotterdam (June 2nd) they played three theatre shows in Scotland on successive nights (26-28 May) in Aberdeen,Glasgow and Edinburgh to a combined crowd of about 7,500 people. the shows were announced at such short notice and were so hush-hush that a friend of mine who managed to get lucky had a ticket for Glasgow which simply said "The Concert" on it and the date. No band name.

Just like now,the country was gripped by World Cup fever that summer (for the Spain'82 World Cup - England,Scotland and Northern Ireland all qualified for the finals). Mick performed part of the show in Glasgow wearing a Scotland football shirt. The Edinburgh concert on Friday 28th may was the day before Scotland were due to play against bitter rivals England in Glasgow the "Home" (British) Championship - this would be Scotlands last game before the World Cup would start.

Mick tried to tease the already worked up crowd in Edinburgh by asking them "who's gonna win tomorrow?". The crowd responded with a very impromptu and wonderfully sung rendition of "Flower of Scotland".

The CDR actually comes from an audio version of an in-house video recording which has never circulated amongst collectors. the guy who sent me the CDR had actualy seen it and apparently its superb,but the fellow who has the master would certainly lose his job if he ever made a copy so theres no immediate sign of the video being available.

Three days after this show,the Stones played their final warm-up gig - a private show at the 100 Club in London - befoe the tour started. The Scottish gigs were therefore the only public "small" shows they played on the entire European tour (the only other indoor shows consisted of three nights at Frankfurt's Festhalle - a large arena venue)

Oh..and the ticket prices for these shows? Ģ6.00.
Mick insisted on pegging them so low after checking with the local theatre managers what the standard price would be for a saturday night gig for most acts in their venue.
05-28-02 08:22 PM
Honky Tonk Man You know what Marko, i still have your address lying around somewhere. I sent you that postacard, so i guess its somewhere. Dont worry i will find it, then you want me to send a few blank cds?
05-29-02 08:33 AM
marko yes! and gazza i did confused the dates,,,,but who wants it
just e-mail me.

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