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Topic: And the winner is......... Return to archive
05-27-02 10:00 PM
Cardinal Ximinez ......drumroll please......

56Desoto AKA Amanda!

There were 7 poems that I was seriously considering....

KeepRigid (I loved the My dick is Keith Richards line!)
Nasty Habits (Anyone who shoplifts Hot Rocks from WallyWorld is OK in my book!)
Quackenbush (You came in second the width of a cunt hair.)
Riffhard (Way to slag them tabloid fuckers! Hi-five.)

But Amanda came closest to what I was looking for. Hers was a heartfelt ode...and it touched me.

So Amanda AKA 56DeSoto e me at with your address, and I'll get your copy of Main St. Revisited out to you tomorrow! Congratulations and enjoy!

Thanks to all who played, and penned. Just because you didn't win, doesn't mean that your poems sucked...they were all worthy, and in some cases, exceptional.

June's here...almost time for the next contest!
05-27-02 10:26 PM
gypsy Could the fact that Amanda is female have anything to do with your decision, Cardy?
05-27-02 11:46 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Nope....

I like the fact that it stayed so close to the theme I asked for, and that it was so obviously heartfelt. I even believe her when she says it's a true story. It just RINGS true with me.

And THAT is why she won.
05-28-02 12:25 AM
KeepRigid Well, this is rather unexpected!

Guys, you know...these things are always...I mean, you never really know how they're going to turn out. All you can do, really, is just put it out there and, like, leave it in God's hands, you know?

But, anyway, on with the show, right?

Of course I'd like to thank God, the people behind this great board, and my very supportive wife, gyp...who actually took my entry out of the garbage can- after my brief moment of doubt and pain- and encouraged me; convinced me; believed in me; to submit it. Bless you.

Also, I would like to extend my thanks to Cardinal, for both putting on this contest and also for awarding me top honors! Thanks, man! I will send you the info in private immediately!

Anyway, back to the Stones and thanks again! And to everyone else, keep striving to exceed your grasp, always!

"Execute every act of thy life as though it were thy last." -Marcus Aurelius
05-28-02 12:31 AM
56DeSoto Must've been all the naked pictures of my guitars that I promised to send...with their cases totally stripped weee.

True story for sure. Johnny Sanders was a guitar player I met in Fayetteville, AR. He played Ventilator Blues and told me he'd give me some free lessons because I was wearing a Stones t-shirt. Up til then I'd been strumming a few chords and writing rudimentary songs. He taught me how to play Sway and Lovin' Cup among many others. Had a huge influence on my playing and songwriting.

This is probably a good a place as any to satisfy my curiosity: my band is called Edith Grove ( How many of ya'll know who/what/where Edith Grove is?

Thanks to all for a great message board...and thank you Cardinal for causing me to jump around the house in delight and anticipation!

56 DeSoto
05-28-02 12:32 AM
Cardinal Ximinez Keep...

You lost dude.

Close, but, NO SOUP FOR YOU!

Unless your name is Amanda, and you post as 56DeSoto...which would be an very strange name for a guy.

Nice try though...
05-28-02 12:42 AM
KeepRigid "Unless your name is Amanda, and you post as 56DeSoto..."


Yeah, I didn't notice that there was a name above mine there...but, now that I've gone back and reread your original post...well, this IS embarrassing, isn't it?

Hmm. I have to admit, I'm not really sure how this works in a situation like this...what the net etiquette is when a misunderstanding occurs such as this in an online contest. Surely, there is some sort of precedent in the Rocks Off archives?

But, I mean, really, to get into that level of technicalities, and 'who did what'-ness...especially amongst such a tight-knit community...I don't know. Amanda seems like a nice person and everything...

Let's just let her keep it, huh, Cardinal?
05-28-02 12:54 AM
56DeSoto Aw, KeepRigid, that's very sweet and noble of you. I'll go call off the hit right now. Friends?

05-28-02 01:39 AM
KeepRigid Hello Amanda and congratulations on your win! You are welcome and that is very nice of you as well! As my first act of our newly established friendship, I will answer your earlier query.

Edith Grove was one of ten children born unto Francis and Rachel Grove of Billings, MT. She was born in 1886 and ended up dying, but beyond that, I'm afraid I know little else about her.

Hope that helps!

05-28-02 01:43 AM
KeepRigid wrote:

Edith Grove was one of ten children born unto Francis and Rachel Grove of Billings, MT. She was born in 1886 and ended up dying, but beyond that, I'm afraid I know little else about her.

Wow...I hadn't heard that one before. Where'd you find that? I'll have to tell the rest of the band.

Anybody else want to take a stab at it?

Thanks, Keep!

05-28-02 03:21 AM
gypsy Keep, honey, quit flirting. Need I remind you that I never did sign that pre-nup that KeepRigidsLawyer drew up? Just remember that I can and will take you for every last cent. Now that that nasty subject is out of the way, let me just say that your speech was wonderful, darling. Congratulations to Amanda! Great poem!
[Edited by gypsy]
05-28-02 11:57 AM
KeepRigidsLawyer Dear Amanda,
We have a rather extensive archive at our disposal here at Villa La Keep, but, that is actually not where the information originated this time. It seems the late Ms. Grove was actually an acquaintance of Great-GranddaddyRigidsLawyer- who knew her from church and even courted her one summer, after having mistaken her for one of her siblings.

All of this came to my attention recently when I discovered a few timeless family heirlooms, both long-forgotten and assumed destroyed. One in particular that caught my eye was a small photograph with the initials 'EEG'. I, of course, passed it off to fancy...that is, until, a most remarkable opportunity presented itself a few months ago.

You see, Keep actually found a way to traverse time here on the boards (I believe it was F7 now), and, since I usually follow him around for legal reasons, I finally got that trip back to the 1890's I had always secretly intended anyway.

It was there that I actually met young Edith, and the romance that followed was both whirlwind and (surprisingly) a little masochistic. Sad to say that it didn't work out, although I did manage to procure some rather (now) valuable jewelry of hers.

Sorry to have rambled on so, but I do hope that this has cleared up some of your confusion.


PS. My dear Mrs.Rigid, I would not be so quick to assume anything about that pre-nup. No, I would not be so quick at all, if I were you.

[Edited by KeepRigidsLawyer]

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