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Topic: Keith's fingers, is he ok ? Return to archive
05-26-02 01:48 AM
gotdablouse This has been discussed before, but watching the interviews available on the official website here under "Band Interview Media Clips" really got me concerced. It seems the last joint of both his indexes is very swollen and crooked. Probably some kind of arthritis, but damn, I hope he's ok !
Is this painful or is it just an "aesthetic problem" ?
05-26-02 07:54 AM
nankerphelge Yeah -- with fingers like that, you can indeed pick your friend's nose!!!
05-26-02 09:58 AM
Gazza hes had arthritic problems in his fingers for a few years.. to the extent that his skull ring cant come off...
05-26-02 12:09 PM
Scottfree Has he mentioned anything about how it affects his playing, I'm assuming it certainly would? I noticed his fingers being severley deformed from about 7 or 8 years ago. Is this why it seems he has had some real lackluster live solos,and keeps them to a serious minimum (I know that he says they aren't about soloing, but sometimes it is necessary).
05-26-02 12:31 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl here's a recent picture (April 23, 2002) showing his fingers, it was used previously as header.

05-26-02 01:10 PM
Honky Tonk Man Hey Gazaa, when i met you at Bob Dylan show i noticed you had a little skull ring yourself. I pick up on little things like that
05-26-02 01:56 PM
gotdablouse Thanks for the pic Voodoo, I had missed it. Yes it shows what struck me on the video. Has it really been that bad for 7 to 8 years, Odd I hadn't noticed ?

One would assume it doesn't help with soloing, but then that's not what Keith is famous for. I guess the bottom line is whether it's painful or not.

I think Barry Gibb (yes I know some of you probably hate him but man I dig that fantastic sound they had in the late 70s with these wah wah guitars...) has a severe case of arthritis and has been on a quest to cure it over the past 5+ years. Only problem is that there's no cure for that :-(
This is a rather enightening intervie where he talks about the disease
I sure hope our man Keith isn't in all this pain !
05-26-02 01:58 PM
Gazza Its hard to miss! Keith gave me his spare one time...!

happily I dont have arthritis - yet!

However I'm a lousy guitarist,broke and I dont suit wearing fishhooks in my ya cant have everything...
05-26-02 02:05 PM
Gazza >Has he mentioned anything about how it affects his playing, I'm assuming it certainly would? I noticed his fingers being severley deformed from about 7 or 8 years ago

I've never seen any interview where's he even admitted it,let alone talked about it at length. The first time I'd heard that story about the arthritic problems in his fingers being so bad was when I was in Paris for the Stones show in '98. The source has always been reliable so I'd no reason to doubt the story. Dont know how long he'd had the problem BEFORE that but if it was THAT bad in '98,I'd imagine he'd been afflicted for quite a while before that.

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