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Beggars Banquet's sessions - Olympic Sound Studios, London - 10th June 1968
No Expectations and Sympathy For The Devil
Dean Goodhill

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Topic: MUSTS this tour... Return to archive
05-24-02 03:37 PM
Mr T Some songs they gotta play, no matter what type of venue, right??? Sympathy, Brown Sugar, Tumbling Dice... you get the idea, right??? what else.

Also, what couple of songs do you think will make comebacks into the setlist & stay there (like Not Fade Away for the Voodoo tour, Lets Spend the Night Together in B2B, etc)??

05-24-02 03:53 PM
voodoopug Well, really, since it is solely up to the band what they play, there really are no "musts" other than Keith Must sing two songs.

Do they really need to provide another version of sympathy, brown sugar, Start me up or Tumblin Dice for us? Many of the people who have shelled out the big bucks to see this tour are doing so because of how much they enjoyed a previous show.

I think it is time to cut out all of the classics and only play 3 or 4 tops at each show
05-24-02 04:21 PM
Mr T I agree, keep the classics to a minimum, but this is my first Stones show after being a fan for most of my life & Sympathy is my favorite song: I MUST HEAR IT. Tumbling Dice would be cool too, but I could definitly go without Start Me Up, Satisfaction - even JJFlash & Honky Tonk Women. I'd much rather hear a few more songs they haven't done in a while.

But there are some MUSTS
05-24-02 04:21 PM
jb Keith needs to be dropped to 1 song-unfortunately most leave when he sings and concert is deflatedthereafter!
05-24-02 04:39 PM
StonesJuno Keep the classics to a minimum? Hmmm....when the entire tour is supported (at least this go around it is) by a 'classics box set'? Nope, I don't see that happening.

Club/arena (may not work in stadium) songs: I'm ready for Sway, Loving Cup, Vent. Blues, and I asking too much?
05-24-02 04:54 PM
moy the classics or "hot rocks" will be always at the stadiums, maybe the club gigs will have less classics and more rarities and suprises

i cannot figure out a stones show without the "classics", maybe the fans like us are tired of the same as any show and any bootleg and any official live recording have classics

that's why i love no security, the only official live album with no "hot rocks"
05-24-02 05:27 PM
T&A I'm with Juno---no way they'll cut out/down the classics (much as I wouldn't mind personally). I think you'll see them mine more of the old gold territory - Have You Seen You Mother, Stray Cat, Loving Cup, Lady Jane are all good candidates - much as they've been doing since '89. But the war horses will be there as always, like it or not. Now, for those of us seeing the theater gigs, that's an entirely different proposition!
05-24-02 05:36 PM
nankerphelge Definitely can't lose the biggies -- that's what the masses want. The big ?? is the new stuff -- will they play the new ones from the CD or will they just use them to get us hard-cores to buy Hot Rocks again. If so, that leave 2-3 songs in the set that are normally for the new songs -- good time to dust off some gems!
05-24-02 06:10 PM
Scot Rocks As its my first Stones show, i would like to hear some of the classics...however in 5 words...


05-24-02 06:54 PM
Vacendak Interesting. Some refer to such tunes as "JJ Flash" and other "Hot Rocks" selections as "classics," while others refer to them as "warhorses." Lest we forget, 'tis these one-time hits that have enabled the band to persevere and rock ever onward. Granted, sometimes they do seem to "go thru the motions" on such tunes, and it's quite frustrating that they no longer jam on these numbers like they once did, such as on "Ya-Yas" or "Love You Live." Yes, we all probably have one or two songs we've perhaps tired of, because we've seen and heard them so many times, done much the same way. But take "Brown Sugar," for instance. Take it out of the setlist, and you eliminate one of Keith's all-time greatest riffs. Not only that, but you take away, with all due respect to "Miss You," the most integral Bobby Keys sax solo in the show. While not trying to sound like Aerosmith, I do believe we're all just a bit "jaded." Not too surprising, since Stones fans have probably witnessed their favorite band more times over a longer period than any other fans. To me, the question is not whether they've done a song too often, but whether or not they still do it well. On this count, they undoubtedly still crank out "JJF," "HTW," "Sympathy," "Tumbling Dice," and most of the "classics" to great effect. There are others, such as "Start Me Up," IMO, that they seem to labor with and which lack the energy they once had. But these tunes will remain until they themselves tire of grindin' 'em out. But as long as they keep presenting never-played or seldom performed tunes such as "Moonlight Mile," "You Got The Silver" and others, then I will surely get"Satisfaction" indeed.... ROCK ONNNNN.....
05-24-02 07:17 PM
Honky Tonk Man Look, at the ends of the day, theres going to be ten or so songs which the Stones are garranted to bring with them. BS, HTM, JJF, SFTD, IORR, SFM, Satisfaction, TD, but you know you cant escape those. These are the songs which are going to attract the average punter. I mean none of us can really think that the majority of fans at these shows are hardcore fans. Most are not. Evan at the smaller venues you would be silly to think the average fan wont turn up. They are not silly. They are going to know that seeing this band will be better in a smaller venue. Mick knows that too im sure. Thats why at those shows you are still going to hear some of the hits. At previous club shows, despite playing a few oldies (like "Little Queenie") they still play plenty of hits.

What Nanker bought up was an intresting point. Will the Stones play the new stuff? If the band (or mick) decides they should be singles then yeah id be pretty certain theyd play them. Maybe not at the club shows, but at Stadium and arena for sure.

I also think it would be silly to think that the Stones will only play blues at club shows, hits at stadium shows and a mixture at arenas. I dont think they are going to say "Hmm, Tumbling Dice sounds better in a stadium" are they? Truth is, we wil have to wait and see.

05-24-02 07:48 PM
CousinCocaine As much as I'm personally bored with the Hot Rocks there's no realistic chance of a (big) gig without them.

But at least it's high time to rearrange them again!!

Symathy back to the guitar version like in 69, Wild Horses with that great wahwah like in 75 and JJF and Gimme Shelter back in those fantastic 72 versions !
05-25-02 02:15 AM
marko You´re living in a past,you´re not going to get that,its
impossible,its physically impossible.Anyways,i ready to hear
them all over again,,,hot rocks/warhorses,and gems.they all
are welcome.
The the new songs on the new best album will be
1.rock song
2.blues songs
3.mid tempo song
4.keith song(slow i guess)
05-25-02 04:02 AM
bluesgirl we love whatever they play - almost everything are great, just play
05-25-02 08:38 AM
nanky in one of the interviews right after the blimp (I think it was the Today show) Mick said they would have specific sets "maybe some night we'll do a blues show" -- I'm thinking that they will probably have a series of ballads (Memory Motel/Fool to Cry/Out of Tears/Beast of Burden/Wild Horses) and series of blues (Red Rooster/Love in Vain/I Got the Blues) a series of rockers (Chuck Songs/You Got me Rockin/Whip) and they will mix those up -- one night, you might get the blues on the small stage - other nights Chuck -- other nights - one from column A and one from column B) -- in all, I am skeptical of this dramatic difference in set lists between stads and arenas and find it more likely that they will just mix up the second-string songs more.

Having said that, I would love to see Mick keep his word and do a blues show -- I might not be there, but for those that are, it will be awesome and the boot will be hot.

Obligatory substance abuse comment -- worked on the Black Limo DNA last nite -- you will all be very happy with the results!
05-25-02 04:17 PM
torn&frayed 30 Song Fantasy Set (w/guest spots by Mick Taylor,Billy Preston & Sugar Blue)

1. Rip This Joint
2. The Last Time
3. Miss Amanda Jones
4. Little Queenie
5. Stray Cat Blues
6. Ruby Tuesday
7. Let It Bleed
8. Some Girls (w/Sugar Blue)
9. Starfucker
10. Prodigal Son
11. You Got The Silver
12. Jivin' Sister Fanny
13. Citadel
14. Memo From Turner
15. Salt Of The Earth


(w/ Billy Preston)
16. Melody
17. Harlem Shuffle
18. Beast Of Burden
19. Loving Cup
20. Shine A Light

(w/ Mick Taylor)
21. Sway
22. Casino Boogie
23. I Got The Blues/Love In Vain (Take yer pik)
24. Torn & Frayed
25. Ventilator Blues
26. Can't U Hear Me Knockin

Encore 1 (w/M. Taylor & B. Preston)
28. Around & Around
29. Honky Tonk Women
30. Sweet Virginia

Encore 2 (w/M. Taylor, B. Preston & Sugar Blue)

31. Midnight Rambler
05-27-02 02:04 AM
The Eggman Lemme add to that TornandFrayed


theres no way they play 30+ songs
05-27-02 02:16 PM
Martini Tunes I'd like to hear during the 2002/3 tour (in no particular order):

--Little T & A
--Hand of Fate
--Emotional Rescue
--No Expectations
--Let Me Go
--Soul Survivor
--Dear Doctor
--Fingerprint File
--She Was Hot
--Torn and Frayed
--Salt of the Earth
--Indian Girl
--Worried About You
--Time Waits for No One
--Hang Fire
--Far Away Eyes
--Crazy Mama
--Coming Down Again
--Country Honk
--Ventilator Blues
--Stray Cat Blues

Keef also needs to bring back "Happy." It has been awhile.

05-27-02 04:55 PM
sly I'd like to hear them do Stray Cat Blues and Loving Cup. I think the club sets are gonna be short sets, maybe 15-17 songs, arenas probably 20, and stadiums 22. I think all three shows will close with a mixture of "classics". I can't see them doing any real rare stuff at the stadiums, that will happen at the arena and clubs. As I've said in other posts though, I think Satisfaction and maybe JJFlash would be good b-stage ideas to keep them somewhat fresh.
05-28-02 01:53 PM
mattb No way 15-17 song "club" shows. Groups out for a year or two do that. That's about an hour and a half show.
05-28-02 06:26 PM
Saint Sway they've played a lot of goodies during the 90s tours but...
its time for them to bust out these babies...

Cant You Hear Me Knockin
Loving Cup
Emotional Rescue
Rip This Joint
Mothers Little Helper
Shes So Cold
Little T&A/Coming Down Again/Connection
Stray Cat Blues
Dance Little Sister
Jivin Sister Fanny
and my fav: SWAY!

except if they do bust out CYHMK their gonna be embarrassed cuz the Black Crowes live version is THE SHIT!
05-28-02 10:55 PM
Fiji Joe I would love to hear Loving Cup...and just for fun, the Rice Krispies jingle
05-29-02 08:20 AM
Fiji Joe wrote:
I would love to hear Loving Cup...and just for fun, the Rice Krispies jingle

Riiiiiice Krispies.... Fer you and you and you! Yeah!!!!

Hrrm... As much as I'd love to hear "Can't You Hear Me Knockin'", I think that's very much a "Taylor Riff" number, and Ronnie's proven himself to have a much more choppy style than Taylor. And that's a long long long song... exausting... I'd end a set with it, maybe, just because it's such a tiring number for all concerned, but we know our friends the Stones like to go out with an uptempo classic type thing (Sympathy, Brown Sugar, etc.)

And everyone's harping on "Maybe they'll get Bill or Taylor or Preston to come back"? Forgive my pessimism, but Bill Wyman A) Hates Keith and B)Don't like flying. Mick Taylor A) Didn't part well with the Stones B) Is hated by Keith and C) Would *really* alienate poor Ronnie who we know doesn't hold a candle up to Taylor's playing technichally. Billy Preston A)Didn't part well with the Stones either (que sorpresa!) B) Would alienate Ian McGloughlan or whoever it is they've got doing Kybards now.
05-29-02 08:57 AM
Honky Tonk Man Bill doesn't hate Keith, i dont think Keith hates Bill either. They just havent spoken for ten years!! Saying that though, i very much doubt Bill would tour with them, or guest spot either. They have Daryl Jones and i reckon hes as good as Bill, if not better. The keyboard player they have now is Chuck Leavell, and a fucking waste of space he is too!! People who moan about Keith and Ronnies relaxed style should pont the finger at this guy. They are under the impression that he helps fill the sound, hes in audiable alot of the time and when you can hear his tinkering its damn right annoying. It ruins some of the songs? Since when do songs like HTM require a keyboard? In fact their whole performance of that song should be scrapped.

Boot Leaveall Off!!!

Actually, Bill flying again. He toured America last year i think. I read he went by plane

"Bill Perky Wyman, leading aircraftsmen, served his king and country" Yeah!!!
05-29-02 09:25 AM
mattb Bill is on tour most of the summer with his own band.
05-29-02 09:27 AM
torn&frayed While you may be right re: interpersonal issues between BW, MT & BP and the rest of the band preventing them from appearing on this tour - the Stones will never be able to do justice live to their best recorded blues material unless they get Mick Taylor (or a comparably gifted blues guitarist) to do some guest spots - CYHMK is an order of magnitude beyond Ron Wood's ability to pull off as are most of the Stones most memorable recorded blues performances - hell, he has trouble nailing the band's simplest leads - (you can almost hear Mick's frustration on No Security's U Got Me Rockin' as he reminds him to come in for his lead) - Ron Wood is a rhythm guitarist PERIOD and a mediocre one at that - and the last time I checked the Stones already have one of the best rhythm men in the business - Keith Richards.

Sorry - for all those Ronnie fans out there but Ron Wood is in this band because of his image and musical background - not his talent. Ron Wood spent his entire pre-stones career being a Keith Richards wannabe and his ideal role with the Stones would have been as an understudy to Keith to fill in for him on sick days and matinee performances!

I've been a Stones fan since 1969 and have seen two tours with Mick Taylor and 5 without him - I'm also a dedicated student of the Blues. If you listen to most of the Stones classic 69-74 recorded material or Get Yer Ya Yas Out, the key element that sets those albums apart from the rest of the Stones material is the incredible musical chemistry between Richard's brilliantly eratic syncopated ryhtmic style and Taylor's elegantly fluid blues leads - this interplay and musicianship birthed the band's most compelling live and recorded material and provided the richest musical canvas Jagger ever had to embellish with his blues harmonica and vocal stylings.

By contrast the Ron Wood era Stones have relied far more upon the strength of their material's arrangements and the band's showmanship - Keith has improved his chops and stepped up his game technically over the years to nail many of the more difficult blues lines in the songs that the band still attempts live from that era. No small feat for a natural rhythm guitarist but it still can't hold a candle to Taylor's best work with the band.

IMHO the Stones music (live and recorded) has suffered tremendously both technically and creatively since Taylor's departure and if the band had any sense they would set aside whatever personal differences may exist between them for their 40th anniversary tour and give the fans something they'll not soon forget - Mick Taylor guest sets at every major stop on this tour. With Taylor on stage Ronnie would do just fine in the background - hell he likes it better there anyway (lots more room for error!) he could even unplug his guitar and just pretend to play! Were this to happen those of you who never had the pleasure of hearing Taylor play with the band might all get the opportunity to finally experience what the greatest rock and roll band in the world is actually supposed to sound like!

"Just as long as the guitar plays, let it steal yer heart away..."
05-29-02 09:39 AM
mattb And Chuck Leavell has never matched Ian Stewart or Nicky Hopkins.
05-29-02 10:30 AM
mattb wrote:
And Chuck Leavell has never matched Ian Stewart or Nicky Hopkins.

Oh, is that who've they've got now? Both of the comments about him are right - Ian Stuart wasn't a *virtuoso* pianist the way Nicky Hopkins was - no "She's A Rainbow" type piano solos for Stu - but he's a damn good backup and barrelhouse pianist and damn me, but the version of "Let It Bleed" on "Stripped" sounds just dead without him.

Hey, Stones! I play! I play *your songs*! Need me? I play bass, too, but Darryl Jones sounds just fine... a little less diverse in his style than Bill, but pretty damn competant as far as holding down the fort goes. I'd put rhythm guitar on there, but I think Keith's got that post pretty well damn covered until they pry his arthritic fingers from the guitar at his funeral.

On the subject of what can go and stay for the tour... Mick, man, *drop the effing backup chorus*. I hate it. Hate hate hate. Dear lord, it's the worst thing to happen to the Stones since "Dirty Work". What the hell's it for? You can bring out whateverhernameis to do "Gimme Shelter" if you want, but really, three or four people just hanging around singing into a microphone and dancing? You look like that band of aliens from the Special Edition of Star Wars! (In fact, if you watch "Return of the Jedi" Special Edition, the giant furry thing that sings the alien song is based off Mick Jagger) It wrecks the Stripped version of "Slippin' Away", which I thought in all other ways outdistanced its recorded version on "Steel Wheels".

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