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Topic: How Jagger Rocks at 60 (answers the question, how does he do it?) Return to archive
05-24-02 02:05 PM
Jaxx How Jagger Rocks at 60
evening standard
by Gita Mendis

Mick Jagger, a grandfather of two and a father of seven, is about to undergo the most physically punishing challenge of his life - a year-long, 22-country world tour, due to finish in London next summer to coincide with his 60th birthday. So how does he look so healthy, maintain a 28in waistline and yet party and rock harder than many men half his age?

Jagger: has the stamina to complete a world tour.

The answer is a secretive Norwegian fitness expert based in Little Venice who has devised an extraordinary series of exercises and a nutritional programme designed to keep Mick in perfect health - whether he's sunning himself at his Caribbean hideaway or joining the rest of the Rolling Stones on the tour bus.

"There is no such thing as a miracle or quick-fix diet," says Torje Eike. "If you lose weight too quickly, you won't keep it off. The best way is to combine two methods: lose weight by eating a little less, while stepping up your exercise." And according to converts, the non-faddy food plan is easy to stick to, leaves you feeling full, with bags of energy - and the excess fat just falls off.

Torje (pronounced torry-er) is a chartered physiotherapist, personal trainer and lifestyle adviser rolled into one, with clients like Mick, Jerry Hall and Geri Halliwell, and a girlfriend who's a renowned health guru in her own right - Deborah Bull, prima ballerina at the Royal Ballet.

Torje tours with Mick, constantly dispensing nutritional advice combined with a straightforward exercise plan. Forget faddy no-carb diets, Mick has a low-fat, high-carbohydrate regime to give him plenty of energy to exercise. A diet rich in wholemeal bread, pasta, brown rice and fruit fuels the central nervous system, is an essential part of the fat-burning process and serves as a "primer". If carbohydrates are not present, fat cannot be broken down completely.

Torje is disparaging about the trendy high-protein/ low-carbohydrate diet of the moment, favoured by celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Renče Zellweger. Although protein is essential for repairing and maintaining tissue, Torje argues that there is no benefit from eating too much of it. Ideally protein should make up 10 to 20 per cent of what we eat. And he makes the point that 70 per cent of the protein we eat comes from animal produce which often contains a lot of fat - even lean beef derives about 50 per cent of its calories from fat. High-carbohydrate foods like pasta and potatoes contain only a trace of fat.

After having her last child, Jerry Hall got her tummy back into shape by doing 70 sit-ups three times a week with Torje. He prepared her for her stage role in The Graduate in which she appeared nude. She raves about his no-nonsense approach: "I've come across many weird and wonderful diets. But in the long run, none of them ever works because weight is not about the things you shouldn't do, it's about the things you should do."

The publicity-shy Torje refuses to divulge Mick's precise exercise plan, but in the recent documentary, Being Mick, Jagger revealed how disciplined he is about exercising daily. The star has always been active: his father was a fitness instructor at the local grammar school and each morning took young Mick through his exercises on the lawn of the family home in Dartford.

Before a world tour Torje puts Mick on a serious training programme. The demands of a major tour on an ageing rocker's health should not be underestimated.

Travelling, jet-lag, singing, and dancing every night require great stamina. It is an excellent plan for rock stars on the move, and also for those who can't afford expensive gym membership. For those trying the regime without Torje by their side, remember the old Norwegian saying: "The mile across the doorstep is the longest".

Mick's Fitness Regime

by Gita Mendis
Torje Eike advises following the exercise regime three to five times a week, or more.

WARM-UP Start with a warm-up, perhaps a five-minute walk or an easy jog or cycle in a low gear. Increase the pace gradually.

LIGHT STRETCH Stretching while warm gradually increases muscle length and flexibility, and makes them less prone to injury.

THE AEROBIC ELEMENT Exercise for at least 20 minutes can be achieved through jogging, cycling, skiing or fast swimming. Torje's top tip for his celebrity clients is to get a bicycle stand, so you can use your bike indoors if it is raining or the papparazzi are outside.

COOL DOWN Don't forget the all-important five-minute cool-down - moderate jogging to a walk for five to 10 minutes.

STRENGTH TRAINING Abdominals - lie on your back with your feet on a chair, contract your stomach muscles, and "crunch" up and down, without touching the floor. Start with two sets of five, building up to three sets of 15.

Back Extensions - lie face down on the floor with your arms stretched out in front of you. Tighten your buttock muscles, then lift your arms and legs steadily, so your nose and knees are just off the ground. Hold for a count of three. relax and repeat. Do two sets of three, building up to three sets of 10 lifts.

05-24-02 02:24 PM
05-24-02 02:35 PM
jb wrote:

if you have too much money the best excercise consists of spending your money not taking care of counting it
05-24-02 02:47 PM
jb Oh moy !
05-24-02 05:45 PM
gypsy those posts about how wealthy you supposedly are are very uncouth...i suggest that you shut up about it before i send over a couple of guys to mug you...
05-24-02 07:30 PM
nankerphelge Good ol' jb -- you can still get people fired up can't ya bud!

05-24-02 07:34 PM
Cardinal Ximinez LOL!

He's got this uncanny knack for making people's brains pop out of their skulls,,,with just a single sentence!

I love the guy!

Josh...oh yeah, I keep forgetting...jb, the insult comic lawyer!
05-24-02 08:54 PM
gypsy Oh, relax, will ya? I'm only joking around. I don't take this jb fella seriously at all.

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