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Topic: Maxim disappoints Maxy Return to archive
05-23-02 01:32 PM
Maxlugar In this months Maxim there is a short interview with Roger Daltrey. This is the way it starts:

"Unlike some rock dinosaurs whose "reunions" grow more and more embarrassing with each tour (Rolling Stones we're looking in your direction) a stateside visit from British gods the Who is always awelcomed event."




More and more embarrazzing?

This is just more anti-Stones bias. Sure kick the guy around who is alwaye there. They never did a reunion tour ever. They never broke up.

Fuck the Who. I'd didn't see anything in that interview about Daltrey's role as Scrooge. But I guess that is a cool thing to do?

If the Stones stopped making albums after Tattoo You and made various farewell tours (some with Keith playing only accoustic with some new guy doing electric) I'd have lost repect for them too.

But they haven't. They have always been around even if their output slowed. And until this tour you could always count on a new effort. Even the coouple of new songs we get this time are 100% more new output than The Who.

Whatever, Jeri Ryan looks nice on the cover.
05-23-02 01:47 PM
sandrew Maxy, I completely agree. While I love the Who's music, for the life of my I can't figure out why they get a pass. I mean, for all the tripe about the Stones not putting out a good album since 1981, consider the Who's output. The last Who album, good or bad - correct me if I'm wrong - was 1982's "It's Hard," which I think is pretty terrible.

Where are all the barbs about cashing in on nostalgia, resting on laurels, etc.? The only thing I can come up with, through conversations with friends who slag the Stones, is that, more than any other band of that era, the Stones were image-makers: rebellious youth and all that. They simply won't accept an older version of that act.
05-23-02 02:13 PM
jb The also tore Mick a new ass-hole on his solo effort..remember Maxim is a magazine for 18-21 get over it!
05-23-02 02:14 PM
nankerphelge Incredible - shows the room temp IQ of the writer.
The Who have had more come-back/reunion tours than any other band in history. By definition, their tours have been entirely creations of nostalgia. And that makes them not dinosaurs? What an absolute idiot!
05-23-02 02:24 PM
jb Remember little jb warned you years ago what was one listened !
05-23-02 02:33 PM
Maxlugar Oh I don't think Maxim as a whole sucks

It's quite funny and there's lots of articles on cool toys for you rich guys to drool over.

And the Jagger slag was kind of a backhanded compliment. Saying something like we should expect more from the guy who wrote Gimme Shelter. (Yes we think Mick didn't write it but whatever)

The guy wrote this article is David Peisner. And by all evidence, he's an idiot.

Think I'll write to him now.
05-23-02 02:45 PM
jb max, how old are you? I am 39 and my secretaries order all these bullshit magazines like Details, Maxim,etc...I know these horny girls(who have attempted to ruinlittle jb's marriage on occasions)like the young "hunks" featured , but my god, those mags suck! I had them order RollingStone mag and I could'nt believe it...this once great mag also sucks...Finally , I ordered GQ which also has many nice looking homos..but excellent articles and fashion!
05-23-02 03:08 PM
Maxlugar GQ? At 39? Damn Josh, you sure are farty for your age.

That rag is the pits.

I'm 35 and far more youthful and vibrant for that magazine.

Don't believe me?

Watch this:

Ma-ma, ma-ma, ma-ma....MAXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXYY!

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaxy, BLIMP 5!!!

05-23-02 03:08 PM
Gazza >Unlike some rock dinosaurs whose "reunions" grow more and more embarrassing with each tour (Rolling Stones we're looking in your direction) a stateside visit from British gods the Who is always awelcomed event

that sentence alone shows "maxim" up for the no-nothing pricks they are. The Stones have NEVER done a reunion tour - simply because theyve never split up,announced a farewell tour or decalred any other stop to their activities as a band that would - by definition - mean that any FUTURE work after that date would BE a reunion.

The Who announced in 1982 that their North American tour that fall would be their last. They "reunited" for Live Aid, they "reunited" for the Brit Awards in 1988 and they did a "reunion" tour in 1989..and quite a few since then! Right now theyre in a more sustained burst of work as a band than they have done in 20 years,but the fact is they havent recorded an album of new songs in twenty years.

As much as I love The Who,out of the two bands its pretty clear which of them have been ploughing the "reunion" front for a decade or more..and it aint the Stones.
05-23-02 03:19 PM
jb Yeah,I saw the Who 2 years ago on in West Palm Beach , Florida on what supposedly the last date of their last tour ever
...yes , they were great..but again, last year , they came back..and yes, they were great...but they have actually played more final tours than the stones actual tours!
05-23-02 05:10 PM
Joey THE WHO put on better shows these days than THE ROLLING STONES with that worthless Ron Wood !

Jo - Jo , Jo - Jo , Jo - Jo , Jo - Jo Joey !

JJJJJJJJJoooooooeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey !

M. Joeyfly

05-23-02 05:36 PM
steel driving hammer I wonder what the Stones stage presence will be like.

The songs were kind of slow durring B2B but thats ok.

Hope these bar gigs don't take alot out of them but as long as Keith has fun, it'l spread throughout band.

Look for Little T&A this time. Pure Keith.
05-23-02 09:01 PM
Joey Tony...........

I just turned down the two Aragon Stones tickets !!!!

I think I shall booze tonight ........pray for me .

" Over / Under " anyone !!!!!


05-23-02 09:39 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Why?
05-24-02 12:28 AM
The Eggman I just turned of drinking age and I love that MAXIM, but nobody, BUT nobody SLAGS the Stones , any shape or form! PERIOD!
05-24-02 07:32 AM
Maxlugar Yes, why Joey?

Why would you turn down two Aragon tickets?

Is this more proof that you are retarded?

Or were they priced way out of "Joey" range and more into "Josh" range?

05-24-02 09:18 AM
jb Look, my broker called me this morning and advised row 1-5 center will be around $1750.00 a pop..that's $500 more than I paid for no see, it's all relative...I will pay the price, however, and not whine!
05-24-02 09:34 AM
Joey Two Thousand dollars for the pair of Aragon tickets was just too rich for young Joey .

On a lighter note ............our fearless new HP leader comes to visit Wednesday .....Joey all nervous and excited .

Joey von Cramer

HP Joey

05-24-02 10:20 AM
jb $2,000 for a pair! that's a great fucking deal-I'm paying 1750.00for Arena..come on Joey..!
05-24-02 10:56 AM
Maxlugar Joey is obviously not the fan he proclaims to be.

He is more of a Who fan.

That is not a bad price at all.

On Ebay, the starting price for Roseland was $2k EACH!

My dearest Joey,

I implore you to get into a little band called The Rolling Stones. You won't be disappointed. How the hell long have you had to save for this day? This is very upsetting. And coming from a man who says he will only see The Stones in clubs! For shame! You are hereby stripped on the name Club Joey, Clubby Bear, The Club, Clubby Club Club, The Clubster Von Clubmeister and Club Diggler.


Maxy Von Club Sandwich De La Real Fan. Millionaire!
05-24-02 10:58 AM
jb I am always confused as to who is Joey and who is Maxlugar-now I know Joey is the cheap Who fan, and Maxlugar, like me, is the rich Stones fan-Thanks Maxy c10?
05-24-02 11:09 AM
Maxlugar Josh,

If it makes it any easier for you, think of it this way:
(And keep this between you and me)

Maxlugar - An original Legend.
Joey - Cheap Scumbag Hack poster.

Joey is basically a poor-mans Maxlugar. And, it turns out, poor.

But in a strange way I love the guy. I have spent hours crafting Friday Night posts wondering which phrases he will like the most and steal for his own.

He's sort of the retarded older brother I never had.

He's also my muse.

So cut him some slack. He's "special".

Maxy, C10, Blimp 5, Roseland SOL
05-24-02 11:14 AM
jb I have a cousin like Joey..not qiute retardted but lets say emotionally challenged...thankfully his rich Uncle jb lavishes him with expensive gifts and he bellows my name out like a sequarium seal!
05-24-02 12:33 PM
Joey "He's sort of the retarded older brother I never had.

He's also my muse.

So cut him some slack. He's "special". "

Maxy , you make Uncle Joey smile .

I would like to clutch your enormous body to my bosom , pat and stroke your moist , sweaty , quivering , Oyster Bay forehead , and just say thanks for all the GREAT material over the years ........

When Carly Fiorina comes to visit next week , I will be sure to ask her for a raise so that I never again have to turn down one thousand dollar seats .

" Carleton Me Ronnie "

M . Joeyfly

Club " Clubby Bunny Boy " Joey

The Joey , C9

Gimme a J ! J !
Gimme a O ! O !
Gimme a E ! E !
Gimme a Y ! Y !

What's that spell ????? Joey !
What's that spell ????? Joey !
What's that spell ????? Joey !

Yeah , Joooooooooooooooooeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey !

05-24-02 01:12 PM
Maxlugar Joey,

Since I have been Sweatin' To The Stonesies, I have a not so enormous body these days.

If my CLEVELAND memory serves me correctly, a little "sweatin'" could do you some good as well.

"Gather wood in the woods with me and get some wood, Woody!"
05-24-02 02:15 PM
Joey 'If my CLEVELAND memory serves me correctly, a little "sweatin'" could do you some good as well.'

You make young , svelte Joey say , Huh ?????????

" Monstrous Body Slam Me Ronnie "

Clubby Bear

Bunny Boy

The Joey

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