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Beggars Banquet's sessions - Olympic Sound Studios, London - 10th June 1968
No Expectations and Sympathy For The Devil
Dean Goodhill

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Topic: Why BtB was a great tour Return to archive
05-22-02 08:05 AM
TT 1. The tour had the best stage gimmick so far: The Bridge. It was a mature and great idea. I was so proud when it came and my friends, who are not diehard fans, were standing there: "he? What is going on?" And I said: "Wait, just wait."
Compared to that VL with itīs Voodoo blowup dolls was just ridiculous.

2. For the first time one had the chance to shakehands or get an autograph from the bandmembers during a show. Impossible on the tours before. While the boys were walking back to the main stage one or another fullfilled his/her dream.

3. Itīs unique too, that three new songs were real cloudpleasers and always got a great echo from the crowd: Saint+Control+Anybody. Unbelievable how those new songs worked! Mixed Emotions didnīt that kind of reaction in 89, ha?

What do you think?
05-22-02 10:13 AM
TT 4. And the fans, I mean the FANS, could afford it.
05-23-02 10:29 AM
TT wrote:
1. Compared to that VL with itīs Voodoo blowup dolls was just ridiculous.

3. ...three new songs were real cloudpleasers and always got a great echo from the crowd: Saint+Control+Anybody. Unbelievable how those new songs worked! Mixed Emotions didnīt that kind of reaction in 89, ha?

What do you think?

1. Although I agree that B2B (the OFFICIAL abbreviation - in fan parlance, BtB is generally accepted to represent Between The Buttons)had the best stage, I also loved the Steel Wheels/Urban Jungle set and the Voodoo Lounge stage. The VL set-up was unique because it changed drastically throughout the show, and if you were too close you couldn't tell WHAT the hell was going on - especially in the Monkey Man segment.

However, B2B had the trump card - THE B-STAGE!!! For them to shrink this gigantic spectacle down to a postage-stamp stage was incredible, as it harkened back to both their early club days (if viewed from up close) and the Beatlemania-era tours (if you viewed the B-stage from the nosebleed sections it really looked like it was 1965). The unfolding of the Bridge looked like something from a James Bond film - and it was a SEAN CONNERY 007 film, not any of those half-baked latter-day Bonds.

The B2B main stage was classy, from the fantastic exploding comet opening to the two giant inflatable golden odalisques (although halfway through the tour one of them bit the dust). It strikes me as funny that Keith said "How many dolls can you blow up?" at the press conference, moments after climbing out of their LARGEST giant inflatable to date - the BLIMP!

It's too bad they used the whole golden motif for B2B because it would be fitting to use for their 40th anniversary - and I can't say I'm too wild about the new tongue design. Looks like a madras shirt that ran in the washer. I feel certain that Mick & Charlie have cooked up a great stage for this tour, however, and I trust it will meet their high standards - and OURS. Actually, although I'm really freaking excited about seeing them at Madison Square Garden again, and I can't even describe the prospect of seeing them at the Tower, I'm also really looking forward to a stadium show. NOBODY stages a spectacle better than the Stones.

3. Although I agree whole-heartedly about Saint of Me and Out of Control - both were spectacular in concert and made complaints about the album seem silly - ASMB was NOT good in concert. Mick couldn't SING it! You're right in comparing these songs to Mixed Emotions - in '89 Mick sometimes apologized before playing new songs. "Do you mind us playing some new ones?" On the B2B tour, people looked FORWARD to Saint and OOC.

I really hope the stuff they're laying down in Paris right NOW translates to the stage. That would be icing on the cake.
05-23-02 11:42 AM
Maxlugar Great post Fleabit.

I've been watching your lately and you've really been out doing yourself on a consistent basis. And that's saying a lot!

I wonder though, what are the offically accepted acronims for Beggars Banquet and Black and Blue?

Is it simply BB or B2 and BAB. Black and Blue is the trouble one really. It could be BAB or B&B or B 'n' B....Frig! I don't know.

Let me know because I don't want to fuck up!

05-24-02 07:29 PM
CousinCocaine HiHi,

"Anybody seen . ." WAS played really GREAT on some of the European dates !! It was a real highlight because there was something different about it and it had a special flow.

When Mick was in good form and the mix of the guitarsound came over good - it was marvellous !
This song is very much underrated !
05-25-02 02:46 AM
StonesJuno ASMB is a great studio track, but live at the concerts it was awkward and embarrassing. OOC (minus the doomed cage) and Saint were great crowd pleasures, even for the 'classics-only' fans. Voodoo's flame throwing gizmo was fun too. B2B's bridge was just plain genius, both visually and functionally. I look foward to the next tour stage design with as much anticipation as I do the Stones themselves.
05-25-02 11:12 AM
Stonzy78 I think B2B was a great tour because the sound was great. I hope and i'm pretty sure they use they same PA they used for the bridges and no security tours.
05-25-02 07:35 PM
Angiegirl Hmm, I agree on the points mentioned largely, especially the ones about the bridge and B-stage being great and about the new song ASMB not being fit as a live song. But I can't say B2B was great because of the great sound. I know the sound quality depends mainly on the type of venue. Well, I don't know who's been to the 5 Amsterdam shows in '98, but the sound was horrible. Even in Shepherds Bush London, a rather small club, the sound wasn't great IMO.

Secondly, the reason I can't pick B2B as best tour is the static setlists. It seems they change even less songs a night the more tours they play. At the end of the tour, they were tired and uninspired. Also because of Mick's throat problems and the heavy rainfall during some of the outdoor shows in Europe. I can understand they get tired of rain, but sometimes they seem to forget that the audience is standing in that rain too, and the hardcore fans are standing there all day to get to 1st row! Most '99 European shows were standard as well. They played so much better and the mood was so much higher on a hot day, like Stuttgart Germany '99.

I sure hope they change more songs. Because they say they will have 3 different setlists for 3 different types of venues, that doesn't mean they can play the same setlist per venue for over a year. Face it: most people are going to see more shows in a tour and lots of shows will be stadium shows. I pray that they make some real effort and gesture towards the fans who will run into debt to see them...
05-25-02 07:45 PM
Stonzy78 wrote:
...I hope and i'm pretty sure they use they same PA they used for the bridges and no security tours.

You can have the best PA system in the world, but if you have some ignorant and incompetent soundoperator behind it, you can forget about a great sound! And the Stones didn't have a good soundcrew during B2B I must say. I went to that section with my friend who works large events too and we saw it. Many magazines over here complained about it. Of course I am not an expert on it, but this is what is being said throughout the world of 'sound-business'.
05-25-02 10:31 PM
TomL 2000 Light Years From Home was not bad in 89.
05-25-02 10:43 PM
Riffhard Well I can't vouch for your the European leg of B2B tour,but in Giants Stadium they sounded great.At least from my seats.Ofcourse,there are alot of variables to sound,but most people that I talked to that went to those shows seemed to agree.As for the NS tour I caught them at the FUC in Philly and again the sound was spot on.
I wonder if they're useing different sound techs on different legs of the world tours?Wouldn't seem to make much sense for a band with the Stones stature and cash.Oh well,I hope they sound great on this tour!
As for the setlists.Yeah,I agree with you Angie they were getting stale after several shows.Ofcourse the way the Stones see it most people will only see one show per tour.So why work too hard.However,on this tour things should get very interesting with the whole stadium/arena/club idea.I wonder how thats gonna play out?If they mix it up they way they alluded to in the press conference.It could be a dream tour for all of us real fans!

Damn!That is great food for thought!I'm gonna go crank up Handsome Girls and make an Orangina and potato juice(read vodka)!

When will this damn summer be over?!Sweet Mother of God when will September get here?!
"We're gonna ride baaayyba in a long Black Limousine!....."

Riffhard Blimp 5,MSG 50,Long Black Limousine 15
05-26-02 07:58 AM
nankerphelge Cranking up Handsome Girls is always a good idea!
05-26-02 09:04 AM
Honky Tonker Damn, I thought these shows were great until I was told Chuck Leavell ruined everything. Now I'm being told these tours were in fact excellent. I'm so confused!

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