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Topic: Ticket price complaints always Return to archive
05-21-02 09:25 AM
ShannonDC Hi all. I've been reading this board for months, but this is my first post. I"ve been reading all these complaints about ticket prices for the upcoming tour, and it reminds me that this has happened every Stones tour since I can remember. For my first Stones show (1975) people complained about paying $7.50 a seat in DC when other bands still charged about $5.00. It was only $2.50 more but an increase of 33%. I believe that after the band worked their first 10 years and found themselves broke in the early 1970s, they (Jagger) decided that they would do everything they could to get the money they felt they deserved and, basically, screw the folks that don't have the cash. I agree that $350 is excessive and in DC there are many people who will not shell out +$107 (with Ticketmaster charges) for an upper deck stadium seat. So they'll have some empty seats. But they've got to be used to people bitching about prices by now since it always happens. But I'll see them at Madison Square Garden, Fedex Field, and the Staples Center and anywhere I happen to travel in the next year. It's a lifestyle choice.
05-21-02 10:26 AM
jb Do you really think Mick says lets screw the little guy..that is absurd..Prices are based on what the market will bear, and 90% of the fans will still go...those who can't afford it, simply have to show up before the show, and inevitably, people unload tickets for face or even below..
05-21-02 11:29 AM
nankerphelge It is a nice little market system. There are those that flat out pay for what they want -- those that take what they can get -- and those who speculate and often end up taking a bath during the intermission between the opening band and the Stones. Something for everyone. Nevr quite understood the bitching about prices either.
05-21-02 01:46 PM
jb PLease tell the Storm to stop his vicious attacks on me...I love the Stones and just because I am rich, is no reason to hate me...
05-21-02 03:49 PM
jb I offered a gentleman named Turd from England a seat for Miami show which will cost me about $1,000...He also wanted room, board, and open bar. As far as you are concerned, come to Miami for show, and I'll make sure you get a good seat on me.
05-21-02 03:55 PM
nankerphelge After I saw Storm posting at Keno's again, I figured it wouldn't be long before he started his bullshit again. Hell, he has a whole new crop of people to try to impress. Anyone want to take bets on how long before we get the "Storm on everything" treatise including everyone's favorites:

Why syncopation is the key to the Stones music

Why jazz influences such as those from VL outtakes should be the Stones' future

Why B2B is inferior to VL

Using multisyllabic words impressively

How syncophantic fans fuel Jagger's delusions of grandeur

Oh, and dont forget -- Josh is nanker.

Storm: 1. a disturbance of the atmosphere attended by wind...

05-21-02 04:39 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Gee thanks for the invite j...but I don't think you really want me to have a seat on you...I'm a pretty big guy, if I had a seat on you, you wouldn't see a fuckin' thing!


Not to mention the glare from my shiney bald head would be blinding!

Still, I do have a friend in the area that I could probably stay with....Hmmmmmm...

Cardinal X will get back to you on that one j....
05-21-02 04:40 PM
Cardinal Ximinez BTW, Josh, I'd piss on Stormy's shoes for free.
05-22-02 02:39 AM
marko Btw mate,i still havenīt shave my head.....should i?Gonna
bring you something nice this time,,,
05-22-02 11:25 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Damn right you should shave your head! Shit, you don't even have that much to shave!

It's a law here in the States that ALL Finnish bodyguards must have shaved heads....

Hey don't look at me, I don't make the rules!

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