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Topic: mickboy remasters Return to archive
05-20-02 09:16 PM
masoudi Can someone give me some advice on how to get these mickboy remasters??. I hear these are outstanding and being a 20 year fan I would love to find out more.

Sorry about the price you guys are paying for stones tickets in the US. Good old New Zealand and Aussie pay about $50.00 for front row or field seats on the last tours and will be around the same in march hopefully.

Save your cash and come down under!!! and bask inthe sunshine at the same time.

05-20-02 09:31 PM
nanky Damn right --I'd love to head down and see them in Australia or NZ -- you guys fucking rock! TomL is trying to get me down to Mexico City in Feb. -- Hell, I'll catch a flight down under -- drink some beer, catch a show. How's the Australian chiba??
05-20-02 10:04 PM
TomL Better think about that Mexico City real hard brother. We got plans to make.
05-20-02 10:33 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Hey there Masoudi!

Email me off list, and I'll tell you all about them, and how to end up with a few....
05-21-02 08:26 AM
stonedinaustralia nanky, australian chiba is good... & what's more in my part of the country simple possession has been decriminalized for awhile now... but, unfortunately, it looks like the stones aren't coming to these parts this time around so i'll have to head east...

however,somewhat like joey, from now on I only see the stones in clubs (or even a 3,000 seater theatre)...

as much as i love them, i'm finding it hard to drum up the enthusiasm to see them at some football field... where, if i'm not right up close, my field of vision would be dominated by those horrendous video machines... i mean, if i wanted to watch a stones show on the screen i'd just wait til the video came out and do it in the comfort of my own home...

and another thing, at least in adelaide '95, except for a suggestion of a free-for-all right down the front, every-one was required to stand in front of their allocated seat?!!(on a football field??!!)...and enforcers were present telling anyone (me included) who tried to wander around a bit to pick up a better/different perspective to GET BACK WHERE THEY BELONGED!! (uh!! nazi time big time).. while I appreciate the safety considerations how are you supposed to let it all loose under conditions like that!!... it just aint rock and roll by my way of thinking...

but, you know, when the tickets actually go on sale, i still expect to get that stonesmania feeling and probably won't be able to help myself...we'll see...
05-23-02 11:15 AM
padre If the Stones cared about the quality of future reissues and boxsets, they would do the right thing are hire Mickboy to take care of it. He even made the IORR album kick butt!!
05-23-02 04:55 PM
MRD8 I think Mickboy is gaining a lot of notice, he's been releasing his remasters for four years but only recently have they come to the attention of a lot of Stones fans! With the tour comming up I think he'll make his big breakout...its just a matter of time till somebody in the Stones camp hears some of his work...imagine what he could do if he got to remaster off of the real masters instead of the sources he has used so far! To prove he isn't only great on Stones material I'm listening to his remaster of Led Zeppelin IV right now...I'd swear they were sitting right here in the living room with me!
05-24-02 11:40 AM
padre In fact i heard somewhere that the Stones' inner circle (whatever that is) has heard at least some of Mickboy's work. May be a wishful rumour, but I'll keep my thumbs up for that.
Yeah, The Zep's IV with Mickboy's treatment really shows what a lousy job they did with THEIR box set. So, Keef if you read this, don't do the same mistake!

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