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Topic: Giants Stadium here i come!!!!!!!!! Return to archive
05-20-02 06:27 PM
Honky Tonk Man Finally, payed my 150 deposit to spend three days in New York and catch the 28th September show. $55 tickets come with the package, but ive upgraded to the $90 ones. So whats Giants stadium like? Good venue for seeing the band? i could of chose MSG, but this was cheaper, still, due to the fact that im not prepeared to share the room and i want travel insurance, its all going to cosr me just over 800, but i dont care, ive been saving and this is my treat to myself
05-20-02 06:41 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Good for you Alex!

IMO, you should have gone for MSG....but hey, Giant's Stadium will rock too!

Have a blast!
05-20-02 06:54 PM
Honky Tonk Man I was pondering for hours trying to make my mind up. It wasnt really the money side of it, but the fact that its a massive stadium, ive just been looking at pictures of it and its huge!!!!! MSG is an arena and i was thinking of the setlists thing. In England they are only doing Earls Court shows (arena) and a theatre show. The stadium show is in Wales and yes id love to go to the millenium stadium, but id rather see them in the US. Giants will most likely be the onlt Stadium show im going to see. Where are you seeing them Cardinal? Are you going to any Stadium shows? Although clubs are more, well shall we say its how the band started, but i love the idea of seeing the Stones in such a huge venue
05-20-02 07:22 PM
Cardinal Ximinez I'm going to all 3 NYC shows...MSG, Giant's, and Roseland.

You will be able to find me real easy at Giant's Stadium...I'll be the only bald guy there with a blimp, and a Finnish bodyguard!
05-20-02 07:25 PM
Gazza Hope to see y'all at the Garden and at Giants stadium too.....

05-20-02 09:35 PM
nanky Limo baby -- just look for the fucking limo with the blimp chasing it!!

Looking so forward to NYC I can't even stand it. I will be dressed in a plastic bag, directing traffic on west 8th street and 6th avenue.

05-20-02 09:59 PM
TomL Remember Gazza. Fly into DC and we will go up together.
05-21-02 03:09 AM
marko Me a bodyguard?,,,,hmbmh.Anyways gazza,you better get yer
ass to Nyc....and do you wanna come to helsinki-2003.Im
trying to get you here so many as possible,,,to see a
show in our capitol city,and have an experience of finish
05-21-02 10:30 AM
jb How stupid to fly in for a stadium show when for a few more dollars, you see the Stones at MSG, the site of many of the greatest concerts...Nonetheless, have a safe flight and I recommend not bringing any party favors aboard, as security is very heavy b/c of the arab/muslim fucks who terrorize our great country.
05-21-02 11:03 AM
Maxlugar I agree. Why go all that way for Giants Stadium when MSG is an option?

But have fun and maybe I'll see you.

05-21-02 02:32 PM
Gazza Thanks for the offer Tom,but its a lot easier for me to fly to New York from the UK with the limited time I have available, but I look forward to seeing you again on the saturday (this time its MY turn to spill the drinks..)

Re: Alex's trip . I got what i presume is the same literature in the mail today from Event Travel as you got and theres separate trips being arranged for MSG AND Giants Stadium. Suggest you do one of two things,Alex. Phone them and ask if they can work your trip to NYC so that you can get to both shows...OR if you must go for one,go for MSG. The more intimate the venue the better (not that a 20,000 seater arena is intimate by any imagination!) Giants Stadium is huge ok but for concerts it actually holds no more than Wembley did (maybe my US friends can correct me if i'm wrong about Giants - Wembley's crowd limit for concerts was 72,000) and the new one in cardiff is much the same size again. Youre most likely going to be watchin the entire show on a video screen or through binoculars.
05-21-02 06:07 PM
Honky Tonk Man Gazza, id love to see them at MSG, but Giants is where im a heading. Ive paid my deposit and booked $90 seat for the show. As i know im going to go to most of the arena ones in England i kinda figured that i would like to see them in a stadium. Giants sounds good, plus i really want to go to America anyway. I suppose your right about the screens. They are going to be like ants!!! I suppose it would be the same at the millenium stadium too.

05-21-02 11:31 PM
Moonlight Mile Hey Alex, I'll probably be there, or at least I'll be boozing around NYC at that time. How many days you gonna be in town? As you may know, there are other Stones events planned.

I'll tell you what to do right now, and I mean right NOW. Get a fucking ID - an official looking fucking ID - that you can use to claim that you are 21 years of age. Friend's, cousin's, brother's, even a total fake one. Just get it. For you see, the right wing religous fundamentalists over here unfortunately exert heavy influence on our present government and continue to decree that having a ANY type of good time is a strict no-no. You may scratch your head and say "You mean many of the brave soldiers fighting for your very life and liberties in Afghanistan could take a bullet in the fucking head, come back Stateside to recuperate, and then be hucked in the local clink for trying to score a sixie of Miller High Life?" Sadly, Alex, the answer is yes. Yes, they could be hucked in the local clink for trying to score a sixie of Miller High Life. But I'm glad you asked. Truth shall set us free.

Anyway, if you don't find an ID, many of your friends here, including me, will be glad to go buy you a "fowtie" in a Manhattan convenience store and go chug for chug with you in some alley. Ever had a Mickey's Big Mouth? Schlitz Malt Liquor? Here's on ya boy! Cheers!
05-22-02 08:27 AM
Maxlugar Hey Alex! We're not proofing in the Long Black Limousine. Come. Come drink with us. It's good for your glands!

The Long Black Limousine: We're the only Right Wing Fundamentalist kooks are me and Nanky. And we'll be too drunk and stoned to open our Jerry Fallwell Right Living guides. We'll be too Cheeba faced to persecute you, I promise!

So come one come all!

I love you.

Maxlimo, Blimp 5!
05-22-02 11:08 AM
Moonlight Mile Hey Maxy, I know the final destination of this limo odyssey, but I don't know where one would get on. Have you released that information publicly?

MSG is pretty near the FANL isn't it?

I dreamt about the limo ride last night. Is that normal?
05-22-02 11:18 AM
Riffhard Hey Alex,
Alot of us are gonna be there.We will all hook up somewhere in Giant's parkinglot with some chiba and sympathy.Looking forward to meeting you wee one!

Hey Maxy,
Drop me an e-mail.Addy is in my profile.I'm thinking about getting another limo for this shindig!There seems to be quite a crowd.Maybe too many for one black limo.Two maybe the order of the day.

Riffhard Blimp 5,Pukeing out of the back of the limo 15,MSG 15 and counting
05-22-02 02:41 PM
Honky Tonk Man what??? You want to have me in your Limo? Do you know what im like when im wasted? Im a friggin' embarresment to the Brittish. Oh man, this is going to be great!!!!

Okay guys, heres whats happening with me.

Im staying at some 2star hotel called the "Pennsylvania" Its somewhere in Manhatten, not totoaly sure where.

I will be arriving at JFK Airport on 27th at 16.40 (your time), thats for any of you guys who want to start drinking then!!!

Its all booked up, and its all happening for me. Im wetting myself with excitment!!!!!

Stoned druken madman, under aged drinking Brittish hooligan
05-22-02 08:25 PM
Maxlugar Alex, if you are talking about the Pennsylvania hotel its right across the street from MSG! Jesus you picked the wrong gig. We could have partyed in your hotel room after the gig.
05-23-02 12:59 PM
Honky Tonk Man I know. I know ive picked the wrong gig, but what the hell, im gonna have a blast anyway!!!

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