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Topic: Tingle tingle Return to archive
05-19-02 07:57 PM
nanky In all the excitement of getting tickets and figuring out which shows I want to go to, I kind of got sidetracked from the tingle tingle! Today I was driving to work (yeah work on a Sunday) and I was listening to Jersey Devil (thanks to master blimp afficiando Ximy) and I harkened back to 1981 -- Rich Stadium in Buffalo -- a young, lean, innocent nanky waiting to see the Stones in their glory for the first time. What a magical day -- cool crisp western NY fall day (Sun Sept 27th noon, rain or shine, no weapons) Journey getting booed off the stage. Bottles flying. Drunk on Blue Nun and Schlitz. Passing the chiba around in the general admission squash that would be rows 1-30 anywhere else. Watching some dumb-ass climb across the wire that spaned the upper decks of Rich Stadium. Watching the roadies tear up the beautiful mural covering the speakers because the wind was gonna knowck down the stage. Bare Speakers -- all around. Raw day -- god it was perfect.

Can't wait until Philly -- me and TomL -- gonna rock baby!
05-20-02 11:52 AM
TomL You bet were gonna rock. Feels like BUFFALO 81 again. Don't want to rush the summer away but I wish it was September.
05-20-02 04:39 PM
midnightmagic It is fuckin great to hear someone talk like that. All I have been hearing is how everybody is getting screwed.

05-20-02 07:53 PM
midnightmagic wrote:
It is fuckin great to hear someone talk like that. All I have been hearing is how everybody is getting screwed.


Amen! I agree with the moaners that the Stones are not exactly cuddling up to the fans - but when did they EVER? "Oh, for the glory days of '72!" moan the moaners. OK - in '72, back in the glorious Taylor days, fans paid more for the Stones than ANYONE else, often had to wait for HOURS for the band to show, until Keith got his fix, or until he & Mick got out of jail. (In this last instance the mayor of Boston had to calm the crowd to prevent a riot.)Then the show was about an hour shorter than what we've gotten used to, and they rarely EVER did encores. So what's new?

All I know is I have NEVER seen a Stones show that I walked out of and said "that was a rip-off!" They're the BEST, they're LEGENDS, they have genuine meaning in my life, and I count myself lucky they're still here. Yes, Gazza, I agree that Bob Dylan is just about as good and much fairer to his fans. C'est la Vie. I paid $275 for a ticket to MSG and I'm going to get my money's worth.

A few years from now, when they're not around anymore, then look back and see how petty your whining sounds. If it's not worth it to you, then DO NOT GO. More tickets for those who appreciate them.
05-20-02 08:23 PM
Gazza >A few years from now, when they're not around anymore, then look back and see how petty your whining sounds. If it's not worth it to you, then DO NOT GO. More tickets for those who appreciate them

You talkin to me?? I'm not petty by any imagination,nor am I a fuckin whiner either. I have a life of my own outside the Stones,pal as well as bills to pay etc..appreciating them is irrelevant to having a bottomless pit of resources.

I dont NEED another Stones show personally speaking,having seen over 20 previously...(and until about 3-4 years ago I ALWAYS thought they were worth every penny and always argued against any criticism that they were "only in it for the money") I'd like to see them again and I will - but I certainly wont regret it in years to come if I dont, believe me - but theres more important things in life and personally speaking I dont actually LIKE what the Stones stand for in 2002 (if they stand for anything) and the sort of audience theyre aiming towards - but if you feel theyre worth it,then they are to YOU. Each to their own. Its a personal thing and neither of us is therefore wrong when you look at it that way.

Its not myself I'm talkin about being treated shabbily - its rock and roll fans in general by certain bands,the Stones more than most. IMO people like me and you and everyone else here who's ever bought a ticket,Cd or t-shirt or whatever made them what they are. Theyre unfortunately so out of touch with reality and what rock 'n' roll is about they cant see that.

I WILL be goin' to see them this tour despite any grievances I have..and will probably go to the US too.. basically because I have this fuckin chronic addiction and because I enjoy the company of the people I hook up with.... wont be payin ' golden circle though!

see you in new York

05-20-02 08:23 PM
Riffhard I'm with you guys nanky and FPM,
I remember in '81 tickets were $16.50.Everyone was raising total hell about that.Hey,ya get much more bang for your buck with the Stones.As far as saying,"Why can't they price tickets like the Who."Well,I paid $103.00 face value for those tickets.So that argument just won't wash.This will most likely be the last "major" tour for the boys so I ain't bitchin'.I mean all of this talk will be forgotten after the first song on opening night!
It's the last hurrah for the greatest band to ever grace a concert stage.So as I have said before.Throw your wallet/purse on the ground.Bend over.Grab your ankels and take it like a man/woman.The Stones may fuck you but they always give you a kiss,by way of the best live concert experience of your life!I for one am willing to shell out hard cash now,because there is nobody I'd rather see live,and this could indeed be The Last Time!

05-20-02 09:28 PM
nanky I always rememebr Mick's statement from Altamont 00 the show is just an excuse -- and that's the whole point. You go to have fun, to let off some steam, to rock. Suppose they said -- "hey look, we are playing only stadiums, with one set list, and if you go to a dozen shows, you won't be able to tell one from the next" - I'd still try to take in a few. Why? Because for my money, there is nothing better than the Stones live -- regardless of what they do. It is a pure release -- and , of late, a chance to hook up with the likes of Ximy, FPM, Maxy and other brothers of the bond. My hope is that this time out, i get to hook up with even more -- TomL and I are chewing up Philly -- Stonesdoug in DC -- gazza -- maybe Jaxx in the limo in NYC (I may be presumptuous, but thats a bad girl that needs some discipline) -- I can't wait -- the show is just an excuse - a damn good one -- but an excuse nonetheless.

05-20-02 09:37 PM
Scottfree I am bitching and moaning, to 4 to 5 shows, however, not about the face value of tickets, but the fact that people buy the damn things with no intention of going and to only make a profit. If I have to pay th Stones 350 to see them from 10 or so feet away so be it, but why the hell an I paying some other damned schmuck another 500 or so, it is a fucking outrage, and illegal I might ad!! Oh and Dylan is great but he still doesn't hold a candle.
05-20-02 09:53 PM
TomL Going to Giants Stadium. If the limo is availible for then count me in.

Chronic addiction is right brother.
[Edited by TomL]
05-20-02 10:41 PM
Gazza wrote:
You talkin to me??

Oh!!! Jesus!!! NO, actually, I wasn't talking to you, but I realize NOW that it sounds exactly like I was, and I'm sorry. I was going off on a tangent from what Nanker wrote - and I just found out that Dandelion got Tower Theater tickets and will PROBABLY take me (boy THAT puts me on a short leash!) so I'm in a real pro-Stones mood - and then I thought about what you said recently about Dylan (which you KNOW I agree with whole-heartedly as I say it all the time too) so I mentioned you. But when I read it back I see that it looks like I'm REALLY ragging on you, and I am REALLY sorry. Actually, of all the great folks I've met on the internet, I've always felt that your opinions synch with mine 99% of the time, and I feel horrible that I've botched this up so badly.

What we have HERE is a FAILURE to COMMUNICATE! (On my part).

I really hope we DO meet up in NYC, and that you don't smack me.

IOU a Guinness.

05-21-02 02:48 PM
Gazza No problemo my man.....I look forward to seeing ya!!

BTW is your home address the same as it was 3 years ago??
05-21-02 07:40 PM
Gazza wrote:
No problemo my man.....I look forward to seeing ya!!

BTW is your home address the same as it was 3 years ago??

ah, good. The taste of my foot in my mouth was less than savory.

No, my address is NOT the same as it was three years ago. I'll email you.

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