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Topic: Star Wars episode 2 Return to archive
05-18-02 02:07 PM
marko i just saw the movie.Ex movie....very very dark feeling on
this one,a bit too dark.On the script had some things what
kids canīt understant,that crooked senator palpatine and
all his gossips and shit,too difficult for kids.Biggest
minus was,not enough music,which has been very important
in all sw movies.So go and see it,its part of your childhood.

then how about helsinki summit-2003,,,to my place i can take
few guests,,,,
05-18-02 03:23 PM
Mickjagger1963 Yeah it was great
05-18-02 03:23 PM
Mickjagger1963 Yeah it was great
05-18-02 04:10 PM
Staffan Hi,
I'm actually watching the sisth episode right now, it's the commercials rigth now.
I hope to watch the 2nd one in the movies tomorrow.
Exciting it will be (as that Jedi-traner-forgot his name-would say.
05-18-02 04:19 PM
gypsy Yeah, but the big question is: Did they bring Jar-Jar Binks back?!
05-18-02 08:26 PM
Honky Tonker Sorry, but Jar Jar is back. However, in a very limited role. I'm not a Star Wars freak like I am a Stones freak, but I've seen 'em all and thought this was much better than Episode 1. Lots more action and Padme looks sexier. (not as sexy as Spiderman's babe, though!)
05-19-02 09:49 AM
Honky Tonk Man I saw it last night, yes it was an improvment on "Phantom Menace", but it still seemed like a bloody childrens film. The nit when Yoda fights Chistopher Lee is a joke. One minute he has a cane, the next he is doing backward flips with his light saber. Huh? Most of the audience was in stitches. I like the story line behins the film.

So much has got to happen in the next film.

Anikan and errm, the girls hes with have to have Luke and princess errm...

Anikan has to become Dath Vader

Theres alot which has to happen.
05-19-02 10:43 AM
Maxlugar Star Wars is such a rip off of Lord Of The Rings.

It's makes me shake with anger!

But the first three movies were completely fantastic.

That was before I knew about LOTR.

05-19-02 11:29 AM
Mr T this was probably my favorite of all the Star Wars movies. And the series is so much cooler than LOTR. All LOTR has is rings (obviously) and Gandolf going "Hey guys! I got a great idea, lets go on a QUEST!!!! Oh wouldn't that be fun!! (well, in the Hobbit anyway) LOTR is the classic story of some poor kid who has to save the Earth by going on some 3 hour journey with one monster after another in his way (SW Episode 1 kinda suffered the same flaw) But LIGHTSABERS, the DARK SIDE, YODA, VADER, the themes of hate & evil - the way the characters are all tied in - sure beats the idea of a bunch of ghetto-heros thrown together. Hell, LOTR is more of a ripoff of the Breakfast Club, than SW is of LOTR!!
05-19-02 04:03 PM
Joey Isn't Larry Hagman in this new episode of Star Wars ??????

Hagman would have been great as the wizard Gandalf in LOTR .........I think !!!!!!!!

Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Joooooooeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey !


05-19-02 06:38 PM
Staffan well, I saw it tonight.
It was good, but none of the new ones beats the old ones.
It's also stupid to have sexy girls in those roles. It's better to have "beautiful" girls, if you know what I mean- the sexy girls are only appealing to some randy teenage boys.
R2 and Obi Wan are the best things with this one, IMO..
05-20-02 10:04 AM
Maxlugar Mr T. are you kidding me?

First of all The Hobbit is a prequel to LOTR.

Lucas has stated it was his inspiration. Almost the entire story is lifted from LOTR.

This link is a decent comparison although I've seen better.
05-20-02 11:18 AM
TomL Taking my 10 year old this evening to see it.
05-20-02 11:47 AM
Nasty Habits Max --

Not to get nitpicky, but the Hobbit is actually the prelude to Lord of the Rings, not the prequel. Prequel would imply that Hobbit was written after LOTR.

To get some Stones content in here, I think that The True Adventures of the Rolling Stones is the Lord of the Rings of Rolling Stones books, in that a grand quest in undertaken, great powers are evoked, and a great war occurs in a mysterious dark land at the final edge of civilization. Also in that a great deal of it is fantasy. I think I did an essay in college about it. Lord knows all I wrote about in college was the Rolling Stones.

05-20-02 12:53 PM
Maxlugar Well then it's a prelude Nasty. It sure was written quite a bit before LOTR. It was actually a children's book that he wrote for his kid.

Star Wars is Hobbits in space as far as I'm concerned.

JRR Tolkein was a genuis.
Lucas is a Scumbag Hack movie maker.

By the way Nasty, I made some CD's over the weekend. I made you Peter Tosh NYC '81 and The old Wailers show I was telling you about. I also made a copy of a fantastic Kinks boot I have. New Years Eve '80 in NYC. Real good. Email me because I need you address again. Did you get the Jagger stuff I sent?

05-20-02 03:59 PM
Mr T I know the Hobbit is a prequel, and I know that Lucas used LOTR for inspiration - that doesn't make it a more origional story tough, in my opinion
05-22-02 11:59 AM
twicks In a way, being a Star Wars fan these days is a lot like being a Stones fan. Trying to compare Attack of the Clones to the original trilogy is like comparing Bridges to Babylon to Exile on Main Street: it's not as good, but still great, better than almost anything out there.

Go see Attack of the Clones...if you are a Star Wars fan, you will love it.

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