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Topic: No tour for me this time Return to archive
05-18-02 12:14 PM
gotdablouse Let me first say that I'm their biggest fan, having an outtakes collection only second to those of Karnbach and Chris Menicou, i.e. everything that's out there except for the uncirculated stuff like the Steel Wheels and B2B sessions that these guys are keeping close to their chests !

It's a tough call, but the Stones ain't getting my money this year if they keep this "greatest hits + a few new songs" tack. Anyway, next thing we know the "new songs" might even go down the drain, unless they can come up with classics in the vain of Saint Of Me or Out Of Control on B2B, which is unlikely as they hadn't been able to do that since Start Me Up in 1981. If they really can't come up with 10 tracks, they could maybe put out an EP ?

The No Security tour was bad enough in terms of "selfless cashing in" as an excuse to keep going for the missed 1998 UK shows, but at least in the US they toured arenas, which was a nice experience and a new one for me. But this time, unless I can get seats to a Theater show (odds=zero), I really don't see the point of going. They'll still get their $30 million each.
05-18-02 06:10 PM
AlexanderHic As for their "Greatest hits" gimmick, they won't sell as much as that Beatles 1 album. That's for sure. (That one didn't even have "Strawberry fields forever" because in 1967 people were too busy buying Hengelbert Humperdink singles!!! Not every side of the Beatles is for everybody, least the stones.)
05-18-02 07:00 PM
TomL Stones are not the type of band that just fade away. All involved know that it will never end. How ever can I even attempt to justify there being. Well the girl, you know what kinda of eyes she got,

get a girl with far away eyes.
05-18-02 08:31 PM
Honky Tonker Hate to say it but they could come out and play 18 of my least favorite songs and I'd still think it was great! I'm really surprised at the negative comments on this and other Stones sites about the live shows. I've always left floating after a great show. I'll be there again.
05-19-02 11:32 AM
Mr T I'm getting tired of this "they haven't had a classic since 81" BS. Steel Wheels & Brides to Babylon both KILLED Tattoo You. TY is such an overrated album, but SW & B2B will never get the credit they deserve. So, I'm sure we'll get a great new song or 2 on the Greatest Hits.
05-19-02 06:22 PM
gotdablouse Well I don't know how much you know about the Stones or if you read my post properly, but I don't think anyone would argue that they haven't come up with a classic (as in classic song that works well on stage with the old ones) since "Start Me Up" in 1981, which as you may know was a Some Girls outtake that Mick dug out for Tattoo You.
Neither Undercover, Dirty Work, Steel Wheels or Voodoo Lounge had any for sure and by some kind of miracle B2B did have "Saint Of Me" and to a lesser degree "Out Of Control" that were the first new tunes since SMU that worked well on stage alongside with the glorious warhorses of the past. My point was that we shouldn't be too hopeful for new "classics" on this best of since we only got 2 in 15 years. Highwire was a good track but failed to catch on.
It's a shame Wandering Spirit (title track and Don't Tear Me Up) and Main Offender (Hate It When You Leave) were solo albums because they could have made the grade IMHO.
There is a risk that the "new tracks" might not materialize on this 2CD compilation if they have nothing better than stuff like "High or Low" that even Sheryl Crow discarded from her album !
I say, just put out a freakin' killer EP like in the 60s and hit the road. Who F&**(& needs a best of !
05-19-02 09:08 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Sorry, but I completely disagree with you here.

Undercover->VL produced some GREAT live tunes...Undercover has cooked everytime I've heard it. You Got Me Rockin' has become a mainstay in recent setlists. One Hit(To The Body) was an extremely powerful stadium song, and it baffles me why they haven't played it since '89...The Worst has certainly been Keith best effort, until You Don't Have To Mean It. And how can you forget how good Love Is Strong was? All the above mentioned songs fit in smoothly with the old warhorses, as did, as you mentioned, Out Of Control and Saint Of Me...and Flip The Switch wasn't too bad either!

And as for an EP release...that's a joke right? That may have worked back in the 60's...but in todays market, and the age of CDs, EPs are completely obsolete, and a waste of time and effort. An EP release would have as much chance of doing well, as Goddess In The Doorway did.

05-20-02 02:06 AM
marko I completely agree with you ximy,voodoo lounge just keeps
getting getter year after year.Time will show what will
happen to BTB.
But star me up wasn´t a some gilrs overleft song,,,it was
made in 1975 in rotterdam,a reggae song.and they did it
again in 1981.
05-20-02 07:25 AM
gotdablouse Yeah well that's fine, I still wouldn't call You Got Me Rocking a "classic" because I find it rather uninspired and slightly boring, but you're right they did make a point to salvage it as for the 97/98/99 tour. I think they might have played Love Is Strong a few times too.

Whhile VL is good overall album, it lacks any VERY memorable songs like Saint Of Me or Out of Control or Start Me Up, but that's just my opinion of course

As for Start Me Up, you're right, legend has it as being started in Munich in 1975, but other than the Stones, their engineers and possibly Karnbach, no one can verify that rumour. i think the confusion may come from the fact that a reggae instrumental called "Munich Reggae" vaguely sounds like a reggae version of the SMU riff...What we know for a fact (Mick and Keith said it both) is that it was started as a ROCK song and then became a reggae song starting with take 3+ and stayed a reggae song for 20_ takes. There is a tape circulating among collectors of 3 takes of "Start Me Up" and it most certainly comes from the Pathe Marconi sessions in 1977/78. One of these 3 takes was leaked on Napster two years ago and then booted.

05-21-02 10:48 AM
Vile Dance Start Me Up, I think was trying to out do HTW, which would be almost impossibe to out do anyway. Tattoo You was so so but VooDoo Lounge, as rightly said, will get better all the time. It's hard to compete with yourself I think.
05-21-02 05:59 PM
Cardinal Ximinez You know why I think Voodoo Lounge is so well liked?

It was so unexpected.

I don't think anyone really seriously thought that VL was gonna be much of anything, other than an excuse to tour. Then when it came out, and we got so much more than we expected, we all felt like it was the jubilee!

It's a fun album, and an easy listen. A bunch of the songs are really good live tunes...almost like they were conceived for big stadiums...It's a record you can put on regardless of who is around, and everyone will enjoy it.

Surprises can be good sometimes....
05-21-02 08:37 PM
Scot Rocks For me, VL is class. The bad efforts of Stuck on a jugular and brand new car are more than compensated by the excellent love is strong, u got me rocking, the worst, i go wild and blinded by rainbows etc. If a young band released it. It would be have recieved huge praise, however in years to come I think people will recognise the excellence that this album is.
05-22-02 03:51 AM
marko I would say the same about stripped.Voodoo lounge is easy
to listen,no tricks at all.Keith even plays all songs on a
standard tuning,doesn´t he?But this album has very catchy
melodies&harmonies.To me its their 2nd exile.
05-22-02 09:44 AM
padre If Voodoo Lounge would've been released before the cd era, it would've been an album of 10 to 11 tracks:

side 1:
Love is Strong
You Got Me Rocking
Out Of Tears
Sparks Will Fly
The Worst

side 2:
I Go Wild
Brand New Car
Sweethearts Together
Mean Disposition
Blinded By Rainbows

Did someone mention something about a classic?

05-22-02 01:44 PM
StonesJuno **I still wouldn't call You Got Me Rocking a "classic" because I find it rather uninspired and slightly boring**

Yes, I agree, and I would add Flip the Switch to that. Yawn!

**Love Is Strong a few times too.**

Yes, they did perform it, at least once at one of the many shows I attended, and the delivery was painful to listen to -- not to mention awkward and loose.

**VERY memorable songs like Saint Of Me or Out of Control or Start Me Up, but that's just my opinion of course**

I share this opinion too. A good way for me to gauge is by the uninfluenced ear. What I mean is that, whereas I have been tainted by the genius of Exile, and spoiled rotten by StickyFingers, LIB, SomeGirls, etc., the reaction to songs by an 'Uninfluenced ear' are notable. Check it out sometime. Sure the old standards hold up without fail, however the apparent crowd reactions (including those of my untainted family members) to Saint, Control, and SMU spelled out 'classic' to me.

However, I am going to at least 40 shows on this tour! It's the Stones, man! The Rolling Stones!
05-22-02 10:10 PM
Happy Motherfucker!! I have the cassete of VL and it doesn't contain Mean Disposition. Anyone know why this is?
05-22-02 11:28 PM
Nasty Habits The double LP doesn't have it either. It was a special CD "bonus track" - the Stones moving into the digital age by putting out an album that was way too long instead of ten cuts the way God intended. I remember the Virgin reps describing it in advance -- "It's going to be a nice, long album." YAY!

05-23-02 12:29 PM
Mother baby "...I'm their biggest fan"
Hey wait a minute, how can that be?
Look if I'm Napoleon and you're Napoleon, it just stands to reason that one of us is an imposter.
05-23-02 12:43 PM
StonesJuno Mother Baby, thanks for my early morning chuckle....and today I have a migraine no less!
05-23-02 01:18 PM
Maxlugar >"One Hit(To The Body) was an extremely powerful stadium song, and it baffles me why they haven't played it since '89.."

Now I know why you're my Ximy!

Love it!

Thanks for good word for the greatest album hatred ever produced.

Hard smashing chords!
Throat ripping vocals!
Mild mannered drummer on smack, finally!
Guitar weaving like has never been weaved before, or since!
The "Blow me! I'm the Rolling Stones and we're here to Rock" attitude!

Ohhhh I could go on and on but I'm typing this with my penis and I'd better put it away. I'm at work so....



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