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05-17-02 10:20 AM
Chico Wheres the best chance the lads will play rocks off. Its my favourite song of all time and i must, I MUST, hear it live before the stones hang up their guitars. It would be THE greatest moment of my life(save for the loss of virginity) Anyway, Im guessing they wont play it in a stadium show but possibly in an arena. Im young and have only seen the stones once at murrayfield, scotland so I need the opinion of more experienced fans. I think the majority would love to hear this song live.
05-17-02 10:21 AM
jb They played it on VL tour, and quite honestly, it did not sound to good.
05-17-02 11:00 AM
Maxlugar That's right Josh.

Actually, Rocks off is on my short list of songs that I would like them to never play again if they aren't going to do it right.

Last time it was very flacid. The raunch was titally missing. And Mick pretty much sings the same lines over and over again.

Bitch is another. So's IORR.

05-17-02 11:18 AM
Riffhard Maxy, I got shit for saying that very thing on the Gasx3 board.I'm sorry but Rocks Off was VERY weak in '94.So was Monkey Man IMHO.
If ya can't do the song justice don't do it at all.

05-17-02 11:49 AM
Riffhard wrote:
If ya can't do the song justice don't do it at all.

i agree. following that logic, add shattered to the list of ~donts~. That one never translates well IMO. i'd also like to see them ax satisfaction. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
05-17-02 01:20 PM
Honky Tonker "Satisfaction" has never sounded good live. Just not enough fuzz on Keith guitar riff. Ditto for "Shattered". However, I thought both "Rocks Off" and "Monkey Man" sounded good.
05-17-02 01:57 PM
Nasty Habits Granted that Rocks Off was lame on the Voodoo Lounge tour, but I can't say that there are any truly memorable versions of anything from the American leg of that tour.

Rocks Off remains my choice for opening the small club gigs, provided it is played with similar fire and conviction it was given at, say, Perth '73. That version one of the wildest recordings of all time.

Imagine the power of that song played well to 3000 maniacs drooling excited to see the Rolling Stones. The place would immediately reach a critical mass of excitement and energy that would hopefully pace the entire gig.

If they're playing well, nothing could beat it -- to hear the band really kick it in on "the sunshine bores the daylights out of me" part after the slow breakdown -- fantastic. In my dreams it is perfect.

But it's probably just my imagination running away with me as ususal . . .

05-17-02 02:32 PM
marko To me voodoo lounge tour was,nearly their best,its on 3rd
place on my tour ranking list.81,75,94-95.Rocks off was great on that tour,i loved hearing monkey man,ronnies slide
was perfect.If you wanna hear ala rocks off 73,buy a time
05-17-02 02:35 PM
marko To me voodoo lounge tour was,nearly their best,its on 3rd
place on my tour ranking list.81,75,94-95.Rocks off was great on that tour,i loved hearing monkey man,ronnies slide
was perfect.If you wanna hear ala rocks off 73,buy a time
05-17-02 03:06 PM
T&A Satisfaction was UNBELIEVABLY great as the '97/'98 opener. Are you kidding me? I still get goose bumps when I spin some of those versions....
05-17-02 03:22 PM
jb Maxlugar-my name is jb....who is Josh?
05-17-02 04:22 PM
Nasty Habits You're right, Marko -- If I want to hear the Rolling Stones get completely lost in their music and give themselves completely up to its energy I probably would have to buy a time machine.

Too bad.
05-17-02 04:27 PM
Mr T hey, I've heard some kick ass versions of Bitch (most from the 70's) - I hope they play that, even if it's not superb
05-18-02 02:18 AM
marko Bitch was brilliant on 89 tour,it really rocked,but i think
99 version is the worst of it,but i agree with perth-73,,,
i think australia-73 is the best taylor "era"...i think was
boring in europe.
Also i think live with didnīt work well on 99 tour,,,it was
just ok.It was much better on 95tour,not to mention 69 tour.
05-18-02 09:57 AM
Mr T I really like Bitch, I hope they play it. I'm sure whatever they do to it couldn't be that bad.
05-18-02 10:34 AM
KeepRigid I agree with all of the above.

I would also add the following to the list of songs that they should not play until they can do them justice:

Hot Rocks
Sticky Finger
Let it Bleed
Beggar's Banquet
Exile on Main Street
Some Girls
Dirty Work
Black and Blue

Sex Drive
Too Much Blood
Feel On Baby
Dance, Pt. 1
She's So Cold
Where the Boys Go
I Just Want To Make Love To You
Not Fade Away
Out of Control
Love is Strong
Start Me Up
It's Only Rock and Roll (But I Like It)
If You Really Want to Be My Friend
Ain't to Proud to Beg
Slipping Away
New Songs from Forthcoming Retrospective
Cry to Me
Miss Amanda Jones
Child of the Moon
Waiting on a Friend
Worried About You
Emotional Rescue
2000 Man
Any Song That Chuck Berry Has Ever Written or Recorded
2000 Light Years from Home
She's A Rainbow
Hitch Hike
Can You Hear the Music?
Star Star
She Said Yeah
Blue Turns to Grey
Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)
No Use In Crying
Let Me Go
Walking the Dog
Tell Me
The Singer Not the Song
Blues Songs in General

This is a good thread, let's keep it going.
05-18-02 10:35 AM
nanky funny how people can disagree so much on songs and tours

marko likes '81 best while '81 was my least favorite

I don't think they've done Bitch right since '73 and I don't think they ever got the energy for Shattered since '78 -- although they hit it pretty well in '81. (Pretty well).

But I thought Monkey Man in '94 was hauntingly perfect because of Ronnie's slide. And I thought Satisfaction '81 was the only time they got it right live.

I will agree that Perth '73 is amazing -- Gimme Shelter is frighteningly good. As is All Down the Line. Rocks Off too.

05-18-02 05:30 PM
gypsy I agree 100% with my dear KeepRigid...
05-18-02 05:56 PM
Staffan Gimme Shelter from Perth 73 is awful!
It's just the last two minutes that are superb, the intro is spoiled by Charlie who is playing extremely stupid. (Yes, it's not often it happens, but that was a frightening start).
I find any 72 version better than that. And the dreadful saxophone in the intro too.... yuck!
It's MT and Keef who saves it. (in the end)
05-18-02 06:30 PM
Nasty Habits Ah . . . Give Charlie a break.
The first three songs from that show rock so fehkkin' hard that it's no wonder he forgets to play drums for a little whoile. I will take that Bitch and that Rocks Off over every other live recording of those songs ever made. Hell, I will take that Bitch and that Rocks Off over just about every live recording ever made ever by anyone ever. Those songs short my brain. They are playing so nuts, so wildly, but keeping it jest enuf togetha, that those two tunes are my idea of what rock and roll should sound like come audibly true. They are great they are great they are great great great. Like after Charlie's drum break when Keith and MickT both his the "Yeh Yeh Yeh" part and then Keith rolls back into another solo while Jagger bellows his lungs out until the sound system finally starts screaming in surrender. That is pure D 100% PROOF of their godhead status as BEST BAND EVER should any be needed.

Now I could be wrong but I've always harbored this delusion. It seems that I remember from one of those compilation oversized Stones books from the late 70s an interview with Keith reprinted from some this or that. And in that interview Keith was asked whether he'd ever tripped on stage or not. And Keith said that he'd done it once, in Australia, 1973, and that he heard a tape of it the next day and it sounded great! That he played like a maniac on it. I have always imagined that show to be Perth '73 because I think that Keith's playing, particularly his soloing, on that show, are on a qualitative level if not beyond at least noticeably different than any other show I've ever heard. Can anyone confirm or deny this? Or make sense of it?

Innit lovelay?
05-19-02 10:48 AM
nankerphelge I agree - despite Charlie's momentary lapse and the sick sax intro -- Taylor just explodes. And Bitch and Rocks Off are great. And All Down the Line, and Midnite Rambler.,..
05-19-02 11:01 AM
Honky Tonk Man MISS YOU. Septhember 28th i will be in Giants Stadium and i do not want them to play that song. I have a feeling i will hear it as i sense its going to be on their Stadium Setlsist. I have a terrible hunch
05-20-02 02:13 AM
marko they will play it,but a short version.i think it will be
like it was in NYC show last year,the version mick n keef
did.They will also play salt of the earth,arenas i think.
But it could work on a stadium as well?
05-20-02 07:09 AM
JaggaRichards Rocks Off sounded great when I saw them live in '72. But the VL version was so-so.
Monkey Man on VL Tour? Loved it!
Best live version of 'Satisfaction'? 1969 Tour, hands down! Just listen to the version on the Gimme Shelter DVD! It BURNS!!
Runner up: '89 Steel Wheels, when they did the Otis Redding arrangement on Satisfaction.

PS--one song I could go without EVER hearing again live?? MISS YOU!! ugh......
05-20-02 04:43 PM
Bluzian I think Perth '73 is INCREDIBLE in every way!! My least
favorite is HTW, because it lacks that sexy swagger.. but
with regards to Gimme Shelter.. ahh.. see, Charlie may have
indeed missed the cue to fall in time, but WHEN he does
finally catch up on the beat, you can't tell me that when
he *smashes* those cymbals, your mind is blown!?!?!? Whoa!!
You can just FEEEEEEEL the aggression and self-loathing of
Charlie, simulteneously, you can sense his arrival,
acknowledging to the band that "hey fellas, I'm here, I got
it!!" and then Mick Taylor, bless his heart, rips into that
beautiful wah~wah lead solo... mmmmmmmmaaaaaaa~aann!!!!!!!


05-20-02 07:34 PM
sly Rocks off was horrible in 94. Mick seemed afraid his voice was gonna shred so he pretty much sounded like he was reading from a script, same with MM. They shouldn't play these if they don't perform them properly. Same with OOC and Gimme Shelter
05-20-02 10:09 PM
Mr T Gimme Shelter was awesome on the B2B DVD - except the origional girl's vocals blew it away, other than that, it was one of my favorite parts of the concert.
05-21-02 01:24 PM
jb Gimme shelter on Brussels Affair is greatest performance ever...the great Mick Taylor's solos are orgasmic!
05-21-02 01:45 PM
Mikey I thought Satisfaction from the Steel Wheels tour was good with the added interlude at the end with Mick singing "Can you give me one time?....two times, three times, four times" and then Keith takes off on a solo. The version from Atlantic City is especially good, IMHO.

05-21-02 04:02 PM
jb That was the Las Vegas version of Satisfaction...Listen to the version I just got on a boot named "Leed Lungs" -very different and funky..Like Otis Redding!

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