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Topic: Errm, the World Cup? Return to archive Page: 1 2
05-16-02 01:59 PM
Honky Tonk Man If its escaped anyone, let me remind you all that this littile insignificant event kicks of very soon. And i dunno whether its just me thinking it, but isnt the USA in it? Now i know we are all getting very excited about the Stones, but this tournement means alot too.I mean obvsiously USA dont stand a chance in hell, but maybe you will will score a couple of goals. I seem to remember you doing that in France 98. Also, it beats me why alot of America doesnt pay more of an intreat in the worlds most popular sport. Many of the Worlds greatest footballers choose to finish up there. Pele, Jurgen Klinsman, Bobby More and the best goddamn footballer ever, George Best. Actually, i think Mick Jagger pretends to like football now and again too. When i was at Wembley to watch Manutd destroy Chelsea 4-0 in the 94 FA Cup final, Mick Jagger was there pretending to support Chelsea. Ahhhm i will always remember that game, Eric Cantona scored 2 of the most classy penalty kicks i have everseen. Their Russian goalie stood no chance.

Anyway, just thought id remind you all

05-16-02 02:17 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Oh, Alex, I think the USA will score more than a "couple of goals". They may just win their group! In recent months they have beaten some pretty formidable teams during "friendly" matches. And half strength at that! Most of the USA's best players were still playing on their European teams...The best weapons that the USA have are their goalkeepers...Casey Keller and Brad Friedel...both played in the Premier League! In fact the US team has players playing in the top divisions of just about every major league in Europe, as well as the MLS! I really hope everyone overlooks and underestimates the US team...just like you seem to do Alex. It will be that much sweeter when they start beating people. I agree that they can't win it all...this time. But four years from now, look out. We have some young lions that have unlimited skills...they just need to learn the International game...when they do, the sky is the limit.

This time will not be like France '98.


When the Stones played Paris in 1998 they had the inflatable Honky Tonk Women were kicking soccer honor of the World Cup. There is a neat picture of them in the book "Life On The Road". Mick claims to be an avid fan of "Footie", as well as Ronnie. I don't think Keef 'n Chaz give a rat's ass.
05-16-02 02:52 PM
jb HTM your a real jerk!
05-16-02 03:20 PM
Maxlugar Talk about balls! Mine have been "fizzing" lately. It kind tickles.

Does anyone know what this could mean?

They've been fizzing and swelling. Swelling into sort of an elongated football (Amercian) shape.

And the color! My word! They yellowing!

Since this morning they have begun to hover. I'm afraid of my weightless testicles!

On either side of my newly elongated, fizzing, yellowing, weightless testicles are small red tongues.....

Friends I'm frightened!

Hug me.

Maximillion De Custard Cups, Blimp 5.
05-16-02 04:39 PM
Jaxx i'm a soccered out soccer mom. i had to give up my 3 day fishing trip over memorial day for more tournaments. i am stanley cupping it now as opposed to world cupping it and momentarily trading in mick for st. pete forsberg. look out detroit!

>stones content....while the "jag"ster may pretend to like soccer/football, he doesn't have to pretend to like cricket. he has a whole web page dedicated to that sport.
05-16-02 05:30 PM
Honky Tonk Man Well, its great to hear theres some footy fans out here on the board. Im sure USA will score more then a couple of goals, that was kind of a joke. Kasey Keller ive always rated, evan when he played for Millwall!!! Brad Freidal is also very good. Does he still play in ther Premiership? I know he played for Coventry and i think Liverpool too. To be honest i have no idea whos going to win the World Cup, could be anyone of 5 or 6 teams. I think we can count Brazil out, or maybe i shouldnt say that, theyve still got bags of quality. Rivaldo not going to be there though. Im hopeful England will win, i dont really think they will, but we did thrash Germany 5-0 back in August. We have some great players, but im pissed that Andy Cole wont be there. Do America still have that guy with long ginger hair? They nicknamed him Custer. I dunno, because that was a while back. Ive kept quiet about it, because i do recolecte USA beating England 1-0 in a freindly a few years back. Oh well, we will have to wait and see.

05-16-02 10:23 PM
Cardinal Ximinez No, the guy with the ginger hair has retired. And Chris Armas is out with an ACL.

The USA was up 1-0 at the half with Jamaica tonight, then scored 4 more in the 2nd half for a 5-0 shutout, Keller in goal. Josh Wolff scored 2 times and had an assist on another goal. Not bad for a back up wing. Netherlands on Sunday. The US is 9-0-1 in the States this year. This includes wins over Germany and Italy....not too shabby.
05-16-02 10:33 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl The USA team will give some surprises in this world cup. They have been working on it, and when the USA works, works fine.

Last world cup they were the last, yes the last team at the end. Now, and I tell you they will be at least one step before or in the semifinals.
05-17-02 12:57 PM

05-17-02 01:10 PM
jb HTM is a pathetic loser!
05-17-02 01:32 PM
Jacques Nobody's speaking about France ? Are you frightened , :0)
Stones content : France'98, Mick was seen in Saint Etienne stadium, attending a match with English team.
05-17-02 01:48 PM
Scot Rocks yeah Jacques after - the best player in thw world - Zidane's amazing goal up here on Wednesday and also with players like Henry, Trezuguet, Thuram, Viera, Lizarazu etc. France will be tough to beat.
05-17-02 02:06 PM
Honky Tonk Man Beat Germany and Italy? Very good. Nigeria look good too. They have some fine players. They beat the Republic of Ireland 2-1. Ha Ha, South Korea beat Scotland 4-1!!! Roll on the World Cup. What is it, 14 days to go?
05-17-02 02:09 PM
Honky Tonk Man Of course we are all terrified to mention France. You have the best players. In the last world cup you had Laurent Blanc, now been a fan of Manutd, i cant say im a fan of him. Apparently hes going to stay with United for another Season. Fancy replacing Japp Stam with him
05-17-02 08:14 PM
Cardinal Ximinez My money will be on France...and I'm mourning the lack of my Scottish brothers also...You know, sometimes just qualifying for the Cup is tougher than the actual tournament itself...there's many a good team sitting at home watching on TV...

We have to call it soccer here in the States...we have that other Football...the NFL...and that's how we avoid confusion.

I've played soccer from a very young age, all the way thru college. I coached at the local high school...anyone wants to say soccer players are sissies, well, I got the scars to prove ya wrong...we don't wear helmets or padding of any kind...I always told my teammates, and as a coach, I told my players...if you aren't bleeding when you come off the pitch, you didn't play hard enough.

05-19-02 12:06 PM
swapwoodfortaylor Think that it was 1994. Definitely Wembley. England playing in a particularly crucial World Cup game somewhere (Italy?)! Amazingly a hell of a lot of folk stayed at home to watch telly and an enormous number of concert attendees had radio leads in their much so that Keef got thrown off his stride a shade during a solo as there was a huge roar from the crowd at an unusual stones moment when England scored. A strange night. Scores were fairly obviously being relayed to the band during show! Also strange to note....Stones struggled to sell tix in Italy during 1994 and also cancelled the 2nd Paris show in 1998 due to poor sales (after their World Cup hosting). Don't let The world cup be hosted in UK or USA during a Stones Tour Year. 2002 will not be the last.
05-19-02 02:18 PM
Gazza england didnt qualify for the 1994 World Cup

The game youre talking about was the 1990 semi final against Germany during the finals which were held in Italy. The Stones were playing Wembley stadium the same night (6th July)
05-19-02 02:23 PM
Gazza actually if you listen to the tape of that show...

England scored during "almost hear you sigh" (I think) hence the huge roar..and had a goal disallowed during "YCAGWYW" appropriately enough

Its a bit of a myth that there were lots of empty spaces that night..anyone who was at the show that i knew said itw as packed..only the ticket touts took a beating. No loss there!
05-19-02 04:35 PM
Chris Diemoz On the other hand, in 1990, with all money gone for buying
World cup tickets, no one in Italy had funds left for the
Stones. I think that the band still recalls well (not without
embarassment) the second night in Rome (26th july) with only
some 5000 people in the stadium. The second Turin show even
had to be cancelled, because of the poor ticket selling.
Furthermore, the first one got just 60/66.000 persons,
which i think has been the lowest crowd in Europe for that
tour. While talking with Bill Wyman, last january, he explained
me he dropped off june for his UK current tour, (apart a couple
shows at the Shepherd's Bush) due to the World cup. I answered him:
"I think you did well... Perhaps, you remember what
happened in Italy in 1990, when you toured soon after the
world cup ended?" and he just laughed. The highest peak of
Stones and World cup, in Italy, has been 1982. Mick on 11th
july, during an afternoon show (organized at that time to
let people free to go home and watch the match on tv at
night), guessed the final score of the final. Call him Mr. D
if you like, but a lot of people, in our country, deeply
believe it's true. Then, the night after: 12th, the Stones -
who were celebrating their 20th anniversary - has been introduced
onstage by Gentile, a player of the italian team, who won the World cup the
night before. I don't know how many of you will care about it, but i thought
that making a little survey of Stones, Italy and football
was nice to go on with this thread. Hope you'll enjoy. On
with the show!

05-19-02 06:50 PM
Staffan So, How do you rate Sweden's chances in the World Cup?
I believe they have no chance. Last time it was a disaster, very uncreative and boring. But I want to see Henrik's tongue....
05-19-02 09:40 PM
Happy Motherfucker!! Well, for SR and HTM, We have a thing here in the USA called Football, The NFL. Soccer(is that how you spell it?) is in about the same ranks as Table Tennis here. Yeah, most of the world may embrace soccer, but that's just because they have never been exposed to real football. The problem in the US right now is many parents are scared to let there kids play football so they sign them up for soccer. Then they reach High School and realize that it was just a passing fad. By then, most of the time it's to late to make much of an impact in the sport. I know some of you cats may resent this but, it is what it is. I coach Football and frankly I'm about tired of seeing kids that have played before drop out to try soccer. It's a waste of talent. I'm sorry but kicking a ball around and getting your Shins scratched up doesn't even compair to the complex game of Football. Yeah, we may be the only country that has real Football, but that's not to take away from everyone else. What can you say, it's the American sport!
05-19-02 10:06 PM
Scot Rocks Oh 'Football' the 'real' game yeah right get padded up like a matress and wear a helmet and run into people, very good. I know this is not what all American Football is about however I am illustrating a point, ignorance about something does not mean you can criticise it, like you did above.

05-19-02 10:28 PM
Happy Motherfucker!! Padded up like a mattress and running in to each other? This shows you know nothing about the sport. You don't have American football side by side to compare it with. So there for, you can't make a judgement call on it. I live in a town where they play both games in the same park at the same time. So yeah, I see it first hand. I'm not critcising the sport everywhere that it is played, because many people don't know the difference. But, here in America, Soccer doesn't, or for that fact, will ever compair to Football. The shear energy and compexity of American Football will never be seriously challenged by Soccer. It will always be just that, Soccer.
05-20-02 01:39 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Well Mofo, that may well be where you live...but where I live it's just the opposite. At the High School where I coached soccer, so few kids are playing football that there is serious talk of dropping football, and converting the football stadium over to soccer. We have 4 local high schools that don't even OFFER football. Five times as many kids play pee wee soccer as play pee wee footbal. In fact, the town where I live used to have 7 different pee wee football teams, and is now down to two.

And as far as talent....well, the best athletes in our area all play soccer. We always have a bunch of teams in the district tournament..and at least 1 or 2 make it to States...meanwhile our football teams finish near the bottom of their leagues.

Scratches on my shins...yeah, I wish. How about a blown left knee, a seperated shoulder, and a lacerated kidney from broken ribs....those are just a FEW of the injuries that I've had...I've witnessed broken jaws, broken arms and legs(one was a compound fracture), concussions, detached name it, I've seen it.

Mofo, YOUR comments show how little you really know about soccer. Soccer is a thinking man's game...more like chess than anything else. This is why America doesn't embrace the MLS like the NFL. You have to THINK while you watch soccer. Americans don't LIKE to think. I'm not saying that there is no strategy in football...there certainly is...but it ain't on the fly like soccer. In football you play hard for 5-10 seconds per play...then you get a break. If you get winded, the coach substitutes for you. If you get hurt, the coach can send another player don't get to do that in soccer. If you get winded, you gotta suck it up...if you get hurt, your team plays a man down till you get back out on the pitch. You don't get to huddle up and call the next play...everyone on the team has to be on the same page, able to react to different situations without calling a play out. Soccer is a fluid flows like water...there's no stopping and just flows on. Soccer takes speed, dexterity, cunning, stamina, and courage...I know what it takes because I've been playing the game for more than 25 every level except professional, and on 2 different continents(I was on the an Army travelling team while stationed in Germany). Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, I also lettered on my high school football team. I was the punter/kicker.

But the times thay are a changin'. Within the next decade, soccer will take on a more visible role in American sports...why? Because all these millions of kids who are having so much fun playing this great game will be of a real consumer age. They'll be buying MLS tickets, and US International players will start getting big endorsement deals. I don't think the NFL is gonna suffer much...they'll still be the big game in town...but don't be surprised when a ticket to see DC United is as hard to get as a Redskins ticket.

So people like you can delude yourself all you want Mofo. You can play down soccer all you want. You can call me a pussy for playing a "girlie" game. But I'll tell you what, I and literally BILLIONS of other people will tell you that you are completely off base. It's a big country...there is room for both games...stop feeling so threatened.
05-20-02 02:16 PM
Scot Rocks Well put Cardinal, I have seen some dreadful football injuries, broken legs, bones sticking out of arms etc. We have NFL Europe over here it has done better in some countries while in some it has not attracted many fans. In England they had a team and it just disbanded as they had so little fans, in Scotland we have been a little more successful as our team the Scottish Claymores are still going, however they struggle to attract as much as 10000 to a game. What is interesting is that the perception of American Football over here is the exact same as you have for soccer. Basically it is personal preference and there can never be too much sports to take part in, however for me it will always be Football/Soccer.

Roll on the Tour and the World Cup!!!!!!!...even though I will need to get up at 6.30 to watch some of the games!!!!...hopefully there will be a pub open somwhere!!!!!!

05-20-02 06:17 PM
Happy Motherfucker!! Card, you are right. I don't know much about Soccer, never had any reason to learn. Where Soccer may be popular in some parts of the country, in others, it's unheard of. I agree with you that injuries take place in the game, but physically, it is no where near what takes place on the gridiron. You know what I'm talking about, 375lb men running at full speed and knocking you into next week. Even though the game starts and stops it take a lot of discipline and endurence to play the game. Where I live at here in Virginia, it's a Football town. while we do have Soccer, it's football that brings this town together on Friday nights and Saturday afternoons(Va Tech Hokies). While I think you guys are sincere and you're every bit as passionate about your favorite sport as I am, I don't think Soccer will ever really compete with Football on the colgate and professional level in this country. Everyone has their right to believe what they want just like some dumb fucks think that a band like Creed are better then The Stones. I for one think that Football is a much better game and it's the American sport. You think that Soccer is the better game. Now comes the answer, what the fuck does any of this have to do with The Stones! I think that I'll go put my Hokie shirt, crank up Undercover, smoke me a fatty and forget about all of this! We are my tickets!!!!!!!!!
05-20-02 07:18 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Don't get me wrong Bro....I love our football. I played in high school, I go to Penn State games all the time, and I'm an avid Eagles fan. Football is one of my favorite things in a spectator.

As far as participating though...I'll take soccer every time. But I disagree with you on the physical part of all this. I got blindsided by a 275 lb gorilla when I was punting...never saw it coming...but I was so well padded that I just bounced up and ran downfield looking for someone to hit...But on the soccer pitch I ended up with broken ribs and a lacerated kidney from a hit I took with a guy smaller than me, and I saw it coming too...but I didn't have any kind of protection...I won the ball, and immediately put it out of bounds...the other guy had a concussion, and was out cold, and I ended up with those other injuries...and I PLAYED THE REST OF THE GAME. When the other dude woke up, he went back in too! So don't think for one second that soccer players aren't tough guys. Some of the toughest sum bitches I ever ran up against was on a soccer pitch.

>Stones Content<

I always liked playing soccer with "Some Girls" blasting...the tempo of that album just fits...
05-20-02 09:08 PM
Joey "I go to Penn State games all the time, and I'm an avid Eagles fan. Football is one of my favorite ..."

Nebraska is going to kill Penn State this September !

Little Joe knows better than to play Nebraska early in the year .

05-20-02 10:18 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Yeah, State will prolly get waxed...but you guys better come loaded for Lion...if you take us lightly...even for a little bit...we will take a big chunk outta yer Husker asses.

05-21-02 07:05 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Ei-re... Ei-re... Ei-re...

Oh, whoops.

I don't pretend to know anything about soccer (football) other than the rules, but I have a place in my heart for the Republic and all its teams.

Even though hearing "Give Ireland Back To The Irish" was one of the lowest points of my life. *retch*.

Ronnie has a farm in Ireland, don't he?

When I went to the UK, I watched a lot of rugby. That's an awesome game to watch in bars. You think Boston crowds are rowdy... It was South Africa v. Australia, and everyone was just sitting there, drunk outta their minds, screaming for the rapidly losing SA team, because, as we know, the British hate all their former colonies (except the United States, at least officially), but Australia the most. I slunk down and prayed people wouldn't notice my bright blue eyes and battered copy of "Ulysses"...

Although I don't think they'd have minded. When you get down outta the aristocracy and upper class, the British and the Irish have a lot in common. Which is kickass.

>Stones! Need I say more?<

"You Can't Always Get What You Want" is the song of the graduating class of my high school this year. Not sure why... they vetoed "Bohemian Rhapsody" on the grounds it was about AIDS. AIDS. In 1979. OK then... correct me if I'm wrong, but... not AIDS. Maybe something else.

If I could graduate to a Stones song, I'd pick... hmm... "Rocks Off", anthem of sexual frustration. Or "Moonlight Mile". Any other bands included, I'd like "Paradise City" by Guns 'N Roses or "Revolution" by that other popular British band.

The same songs apply for sports games. Well, except "Moonlight Mile".

"The sunshine bores the daylights outta me..."
[Edited by TheSavageYoungXyzzy]
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