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Topic: Celtic and Sweden Star Henrik Larsson loses his tongue...because of the Stones Return to archive
05-19-02 11:31 AM
Scot Rocks Last Year's top goalscorer and one of the best strikers in Europe, Henrik Larsson who plays for Celtic and famously sticks his tongue out after scoring - which is repeated on tons of merchandise - has been ordered to stop using his tongue as a logo by the best band in the world The Rolling Stones.

HENRIK LICKED Rolling Stones stop star's tongue appearing on CD

Charles Lavery Exclusive

LAWYERS for Mick Jagger and The Rolling Stones have slapped a ban on a Scots band's tribute to Henrik Larsson's famous tongue celebration

The rockers are getting lippy over a logo used to promote Larsson's theme tune, The Magnificent 7.

Their lawyers claim it infringes the copyright on their own tongue and lip trademark - and say they have never even heard of Henrik Larsson.

Celtic fans sing The Magnificent 7 whenever the Swedish striker scores a goal as a tribute to his shirt number.

Scots rockers Scoobie are re-releasing The Magnificent 7 single, which features artwork of Henrik sticking out his tongue.

But lawyers acting for the Stones have written warning them to take it off or face legal action.

Scoobie owner Phil Ross, originally from Clydebank but now based in London, called Musidor Records in Holland to try to persuade them he wasn't using the Stones logo and that Larsson's cheeky tongue gesture was famous in Scotland.

But their lawyers said they had never heard of him and told Phil to get the logo off the record, which is tipped to hit the top 40.

Phil, whose company is even called Big Tongue Records, said: "An artist scanned an actual photograph of Henrik's tongue and used that to make the logo, as I thought it would be a nice touch that Celtic supporters would appreciate.

"But now I've had to ditch the tongue off the CD and the band had to take it off their website."

Phil, 30, added: "Although Celtic allowed us to use their logo and the song is played at Parkhead, it is not an official club record.

"The band and I are just fans who wanted to make a song about our hero, so it's not as if we have the financial resources needed to take on the kind of lawyers The Rolling Stones employ.

"The whole thing has caused us no end of bother."

The lawyers acting for the Rolling Stones, Sheridans of London, told Phil: "The infringing logo is similar to the tongue and lip trademark and is being used without our clients' permission.

"Your use of the logo is an infringement of the tongue and lip trademark on the basis that there exists a likelihood of confusion on the part of the public."

05-19-02 02:07 PM
Gazza Speakin' as a Rangers fan,I wish he'd lose his fuckin feet instead! LOL
05-19-02 06:41 PM
Staffan Being a young Swedish man, I want him not to lose anything, but I think he's not that good in the Swedish national team. I think he would develop more if he was in a better league.
05-19-02 07:48 PM
Scot Rocks Yeah Staffan Henrik if playing against better players every week would improve his sharpness at international level, hopefully we (CELTIC) will move to a better league so we can play some decent teams instead of teams like rangers Gazza LOL. However here I will make a prediction Sweeden will qualify from their group and reach the semi finals and LARSSON will finish top scorer and that will prove how good he really is. As you will also have the Tank Mjallby at the back who has been our most consistent player this season, BTW who will play with Henrik upfront Imbrahimovic, Allback, Osmanovski, Petterson? excuse my ignorance if none of these are not in contention.

Cheers Mark
05-20-02 07:32 AM
Staffan Hi,
I am pretty sure Allback will join Henke on the top. But Ibrahimovic is likely to replace Allbäck (or one of the mid-fielders) in the second half.
Osmanovski is out, he's not even in the team.
05-20-02 06:40 PM
Honky Tonk Man Rangers, Celtic? Oh come on, only real team like Manutd and Gillingham need to be mentioned here. Saying that, id love to see Celtic and Rangers, maybe Hearts too, in the Premiership, though Nationwide division 1 (if anywhere) is where they would head.

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