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Topic: Songs on New Greatest Hits Album...A Rock and A Hard Place Return to archive
05-18-02 11:27 AM
Scot Rocks I think the first period until Exile will pick itself, basically most of Hot Rocks with Can't you hear me Knocking and Dead Flowers, maybe Sway if they can fit it in.However for Exile and after I think lets say about 15-16 songs if they have about 20 upto and including sticky fingers and the 3-5 new songs. Also the live version of Midnight Rambler of Get Yer Ya Ya's out MUST BE THERE!!!Firstly, the first big problem what to pick off Exile...there are so many damn good songs, well i'll restrict myself to Rocks Off, Rip this Joint, Happy, Let it Loose, All down the Line. Then for the rest of the 70s I would go for Angie, IORR, Miss You, Respectable, Some Girls, Shattered and Beast of Burden. Damn I already have 12!!!Shit right I'll have to take 2 at least ok sorry IORR and Let Loose i'll regretfully have to let you go. Right into the 80s, Start Me Up, Waiting on a Friend thats 12. Eh Dirty Work and Emotional Rescue sorry you will have to be bypassed, eh steel im not sure well i'll just go for Rock and a Hard Place; which is certainly what making this list is like. Right, into the 90s, Love is Strong and I go Wild and finally Saint of Me. The total is 16!!!!! and I have had to miss so many damn good songs out...I appeal to the Stones make it at least 60 songs so that all the classics can be there!!!!!!!!

Cheers Mark
05-18-02 11:42 AM
Mr T I hope Can't You Hear me Knocking

this is supposed to be 40 songs on 2CD's, right. Oh, I hope they don't edit anything to make it shorter.
05-18-02 12:02 PM
gotdablouse Yeah this is gonna be tough, but they've asked for it. I think they'll take at least one from each album, if not what's the point. Even the worst ones had at least one minor hit. It's gonna be a stark contrast between the post and pre 80s material though...especially Undercover or Dirty Work material, easily the most dated of the bunch production wise !

This whole package still sounds like a poor idea to me, on all levels, artistic of course, but also commercial, it just won't sell well I'm guessing. I'm not buying it for sure !
05-18-02 02:51 PM
Gazza My personal guess would that it would be something along these lines (basically an updated mix of Hot Rocks & Jump Back):

Come On
I Wanna Be Your Man
Not Fade Away
Its All Over Now
Little red Rooster
Heart Of Stone
The last Time
Get Off of my Cloud
19th nervous Breakdown
Paint It Black
Mothers little helper
Have You seen your Mother..
Ruby Tuesday
Lets Spend the Night Together
We Love You
2000 Light Years from home
Jumpin' Jack Flash
Sympathy For The devil
Street Fighting Man
Honky Tonk Women
You Cant Always Get What You Want
Gimme Shelter
Brown Sugar
Tumbling Dice
Its Only Rock 'n' Roll
Fool To Cry
Miss You
Emotional rescue
Start me Up
Waiting On A Friend
Harlem Shuffle
Mixed emotions
Love Is strong
Saint Of Me
maybe 3-4 new songs
05-20-02 01:07 AM
riccardo What if they would re-do all Greatest Hits in the studio(2002 versions)?
05-20-02 05:15 AM
MRD8 You have to remember that each CD holds roughly eighty minutes of music...if they are going to put twenty songs on each disc it would limit the length of the songs, I would think that most of the first disc will be the 60's and early 70's material that featured some pretty short songs! That would leave disc two for some of the longer ones like CYHMK and Time Waits For No the four new songs! I don't think they have enough time to re-record any songs before they arrive in Toronto for rehearsals on July 7th...
05-20-02 07:26 AM
gotdablouse Think you're right Gazza about the tracklisting.
That's gonna be a real bore for the diehard fans no !

Let's hope they at least spice it up with "Highwire", which was rather a nice riff of a song !
05-20-02 06:49 PM
Yeah, I think Gazza's list is not too far from the truth.

And as I said before this time it's not a bore to me !

Finally a complete compilation should be great news and is high time for a band with the Stones' history and material!

I only wish "Anybody seen my Baby" will be on it !
Great song to me and beautiful live-renditions in Europe!
05-20-02 07:01 PM
Honky Tonk Man I mean basicaly what Gazza is saying is that its going to be a singles collection without the b sides, throw in some album tracks, add a few new ones, and hey presto you have a Stones Greatest Hits cd. What im really hoping for is some fantastic sleevnotes and maybe unpublished photos and the like. A thick 45 page booklet is what i want. I know were are going to have all bar 3 or 4 of these songs, but hell, im looking forward to it. Its the first Stones release since ive been a fan!!!

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