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Topic: Ventura gets no satisfaction from Stones snub Return to archive
05-18-02 07:53 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Someone asked why not Minneapolis, well Jesse Ventura did the same. As a governor he proclaimed a "Rolling Stones Day" and often wears a leather jacket with the stones' tongue given by the Stones themselves after a show!!

Ventura gets no satisfaction from Stones snub
Pioneer Press

The Rolling Stones may be skipping Minnesota on their upcoming tour, but the state’s biggest Stones fan isn’t about to sing “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” just yet.
“I’m disappointed, but I’m not giving up hope,” Gov. Jesse Ventura said Friday.

“When the Legislature’s done, I’m going to send off a letter and see what we can do about getting ‘em here. There are huge Stones fans here, and (the band is) kind of doing us a little disservice by not coming to the Twin Cities.”

The Stones’ 2002-03 tour, which kicks off in Boston on Sept. 3, was announced last week. The closest the tour will get to Minnesota is Chicago, where the band is scheduled to play three dates -- at the United Center (Sept. 10), Comiskey Park (Sept. 13) and the Aragon Ballroom (Sept. 16).

“I will do my very best to do whatever I can to get them here, because I’d love to have them invite me up” onstage, Ventura said. “You know, I’ve now sang with Warren Zevon and played drums with Carlos Santana when he was here, and I would love to be able to go up and do ‘Sympathy for the Devil’ with Mick.

“I used to do that when I did rock ’n’ roll. It was one of my songs. In fact, after I did (‘Werewolves of London’ with Zevon), Warren told me, ‘You did a great job.’ I said, ‘Everybody was criticizing me because I was off key a little.’

“Warren looked at me and said, ‘That isn’t what music’s about. It comes from the soul, and you’ve got soul. You sing from the heart, and that’s what it’s all about. It doesn’t matter what your voice is.’ ”

Ventura said that Led Zeppelin is his all-time favorite band but that the Stones are his favorite band that’s still together.

“They’re the bad boys, and always have been,” he said. “I was a villain in wrestling, so I think it was the old natural attraction. I remember as a kid when the famous quote came out, ‘Would you let your daughter date the Rolling Stones?’ and all of that. It’s just their music -- they’ve got a certain grittiness to them -- and the persona.”

Ventura has seen the Stones in concert four times. Two of those times -- in 1978 and 1981 -- he was working as a security guard.

“The most fun memory I have is being assigned to (singer) Mick (Jagger),” Ventura said. “At one point, he put on a ball cap, tucked his hair underneath, and the (opening band) Stray Cats were playing. He actually walked out into the pit, put his head in his hands, and sat there for five minutes listening.

“I, of course, was standing behind him, keeping an eye on the crowd, and nobody even recognized him. I sat there, and I wanted to have some fun and look to the crowd, point and go, ‘Mick Jagger.’ But then I thought, ‘No, I don’t need that headache.’

“I remember (guitarist) Keith (Richards) just had this look where he was walking in one direction but his body was moving another direction. One of the roadies just put the guitar around his neck. I don’t really think Keith knew what planet he was on, but he still went out there and did a great job.”

The last time Ventura saw the Stones was as governor. When the band played the Target Center on Feb. 15, 1999, Ventura proclaimed it “Rolling Stones Day” in Minnesota.

“I had to fight for that, because Secretary of State (Mary) Kiffmeyer didn’t want to sign the proclamation,” he said. “Well, she’s a right-wing Republican. It requires both our signatures, and she put up a little resistance. I just looked at her, and I said, ‘Give me a break. Sign the damn thing and be done with this.’ ”

(Kiffmeyer said Friday that those details about that incident are “a total lie.”)

Ventura now has photos of him with the Stones after the presentation ceremony. It’s a moment he hopes will still carry some weight with Jagger and Co. when it comes to some of those open dates on the Stones’ tour itinerary.

“I’m the only governor in the world (who has) proclaimed a ‘Rolling Stones Day.’ They told me that in ’99 when they were here,” said Ventura, who often wears the leather jacket emblazoned with the famous Stones-tongue logo that the band sent him after the Target Center concert.

“I want to remind them of that fact. And maybe in Keith’s case, it takes a reminder.”

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