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Topic: It's Friday Night....... Return to archive
05-17-02 05:57 PM
Maxlugar ...And Iím swaggering like a pimp...
Tonight I drink enthusiastically..
You see, my band owns a Blimp...

Maxlugar 5/17/02.


Oh sweet merciful Stonesian kin, I pine for our NYC summit. Tonight I will celebrate our impending glorious summit. Yet, I will lay, languishing, sipping a fermented drinky poo thinking of how long I must wait. So sad. Hold me.

Before I go on, I must share something with you. You see, my Stonesilicious pals, for a few months now Iíve been thinking: ďMaxy, wouldnít it be great if more people were like you? Someone who is exactly on the same wavelength? Someone who thinks what you tell them to think? A mini-me of sorts? Oh sure I have lots of friends from this board who are a lot like me but no one to ďfit that billĒ, ya know? Until now. My friends, I am pleased to announce that coming soon, just such a person will arrive. Mrs. Lugar is scheduled to spawn a new Maxy in January 03. Sweet merciful Frigí! Another ME! Iím so excited Iím typing this message with my sperm! My sweet life-giving sperm! Hug me. But not too tight. You might get sperm on you.

Anyway, tonight Iíll finally listen to the Voodoo Stew collection that Factory Girl has so graciously sent me. I have held back on getting this one for a while. I popped it in the other day for ďjust a tasteĒ and fell immediately in love with that Salty Dog and Cocaine that Keith plays alone on acoustic. Tasty. Thank you Factory Girl. You are special. How special, you ask? Well, the other day I sketched your portrait going by how I imagine you to look. A few nights ago, while the full moon drenched my bed in cold, pale light, I placed the portrait on my pillow. I began to coo to it. Have you ever heard the cooing of the morning dove outside your open window on a warm summer morning? That was what it sounded like. Cooo OOOooooÖ..Cooo OOOoooo!! A few minutes later I was shoving hand fulls of birdseed in my mouth and running down the block flapping my arms and shiting on my neighborís cars. But forget about that last part. Concentrate on the cooing part. Thanks Factory Girl. A special coo goes out to Nasty Habits and his Kinks extravaganza he sent me. God damn you guys are cool! All of you! Except Joey. Heís a scumbag. But lets not get into that. Tonight is for love! ITíS FRIGGINí FRIDAY NIGHT!!!!!!

I canít wait for the tour! Tonight Iím especially excited about playing the live boots! Just the tastiest shit ever laid down from an on-fire bunch of rockers the world will never see again. Yeah Iím stoked. Tomorrow morning will not be pretty. But that is to be worried about then. Damn the torpedoes!

Please tell me how many of you are serious about coming to NYC and riding the Black Limousine. I have begun to look at them. This is real! Itís really gonna happen! Ow!

Friends, itís time to submerge. Where? The Subterranean Tavern at Casa De Maxy, thatís where.

Down there everything is as it should be. Stones pulsing through the speakers like some psychotic wolverine with a hot iron fireplace poker betwixt his sphincter, Vast amounts of alcohol, PS2 and a 72 gallon fish tank. The good life awaits so Iím OFF! I only have about seven months more of this!

Friends donít let friends listen to anything but the Rolling Stones on Friday Night. So I would be remiss if I took up more of your time.


Sit, Sip and Salivate!

To The Rolling Stones

05-17-02 06:26 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Congratulations MaxY!

You virile friggin' rockin' republican muthafukker!

You don't know it yet...but your life is now just starting....You don't have just 7 more months of Fri nights have a whole lifetime of them!

You see, becoming a parent comes with some inherent responsibilities. One is the passing of the DNA or DriveNA gene. You gotta start 'em early. It is your sacred duty to pass good musical taste on to your child. Take lil' Maxy down to the bar with you and play those tunes...instead of Rock-A-Bye Baby sing him/her Wild Horses...instead of Barney play Dirty Work....

I am taking my 6 yr old son to see the Stones. It's up to me to make it so he can tell his grandkids that he saw the mightiest of all the mighty rock bands...The Rolling friggin' Stones. Man is he stoked. You can share the Stones with your little just gotta...I can't even begin to tell you how cool it is to have a 6 yr old singing along to "All Down The Line"....My son will be OK...He's gonna make it out there...Why? Because he loves the Stones...

The Rolling Stones..A Way Of Life

Again, Congrats my friend!
05-17-02 06:52 PM
nanky Hey Max congrats
I wholeheartedly agree with the good Cardinal re: kids
Nothing like it -- makes one whole I believe

Now, that aside, I too am stoked because I got my Philly Tickets tonite when i got home (Hear that Tom!! And thanks by the way -- feeling much better now)

I am going to head down to my own lil basement room
with a needle and a spoon
and another girl to take mah payne away

I'll be back...
05-17-02 07:28 PM
Riffhard There ya go Maxy! Congrats indeed!
Yes to what the good Cardinal and nanky said. You gotta learn 'em right.Put your headphones on your wife's belly and crank up Exile,or Dirty Work if you like,to 11! Get him/her started early.My daughters are fully indoctrined in The Stones. I don't allow Brittney,N'Sync,or any of that crap in my house.I'm doing them a huge favor,and they don't even know it yet.
I'm gonna hoist several pints of Guinness in your honor tonight!It's the least I can do for a fellow brother of the Blimp!

Riffhard Blimp 5,MSG 50,Limo 15,Roseland SOL
05-17-02 07:47 PM
Maxlugar Bless you guys.

Do you see they way Keith, Willie and Sheryl are looking at each other and laughing their asses off?

That's the way I feel for you guys!

Steel Driving Hammer, can I get a high five?

I am really drunk alreay and the sun still is up here in NY. But who the fuck cares? Are YOU guys gonna hold it against me? Ha ha ha ha !!! Fuck no. So anyway, I'll check in again later. I'm going back done to the STACDM!

Frig yeah!

I wish we all lived on the same block. It would be the rockin'est block that ever rocked! It would be Rolling Stones DRIVE! Ha ha!!! The Drive! Get it? Rolling Stones DRIVE!!!

Fuck yeah!
05-17-02 07:49 PM
Gazza >Please tell me how many of you are serious about coming to NYC and riding the Black Limousine. I have begun to look at them. This is real! Itís really gonna happen! Ow!

Want to. Thinkin about it. Depends on a few things though.

Congrats on the spawn. With a bit of luck he/she might be there on time for the rumoured return visit to NYC in mid January.....good place to "christen" him!

05-17-02 08:18 PM
Dandelion* A mini Maxy!!! Congratulations! You will be a fabulous papa for sure. I bet Joey's gonna have to go knock some poor girl up now too.
05-17-02 08:23 PM
gypsy Encouraging Joey to reproduce is most frowned upon...
05-17-02 08:56 PM
nanky Hey gypsy - that's pretty fucking funny!

Most frowned upon indeed.

Joey and the Joettes

Man am I feeling no pain myself
Just listened to Stripped Companion courtesy the man of the cloth
And some '78 reghearsals - cortesy of the man of the cloth
And some Jersey devil - ditto

Drank some Aussie red wine tonite -- now I nedd a bit o' chibah
and I can buiold a small fire in my basement and chant and pray to the Stones Gods that i get more tciekts to more shows

Chant with me people


Very good, you all chant rather well

I'll be back...
05-17-02 08:57 PM
Cardinal Ximinez You know are, of course, correct. Joey should not be allowed to spawn.

You are such a smart did you allow yourself to fall into the clutches of that cur KeepRigid!?! What salicious drivel has he filled your pretty head with? I pray that we can reclaim you from that foul demon...that corruptor of morals...that icky-poo doodyhead, KeepRigid!

Come back to us fair maiden...don't allow him to soil you any are far too precious and good for the likes of him. He's PRETENDING to be a LAWYER for God sake! What other foul plots does he have in store for us?

It is a pity...A PITY, I say!
05-17-02 09:09 PM
TomL Were going to PHILLY. great news Nanky. Gary comon to NY. I'll be at Giants stadium. Fly into DC and we'll ride up together. Starting to get crazy, my blood is a pumping.
05-17-02 09:23 PM
Honky Tonker Hey Cardinal,

I'm gonna take my kids (7 and 11) this time too. For the same reason as you, so they can say they've seen the best. I missed a chance to see Elvis as a kid and don't won't my kids saying they could have seen Keith (The Real King Of Rock And Roll), but the old man wouldn't take 'em. That could cause deep emotional problems later on. I'm coming to their emotional rescue right now. Atlanta pre-sale begins Monday at 10. Keep rockin'
05-17-02 10:12 PM
steel driving hammer This has got to be one of the finest threads I've seen in a long long while.

For this thread ain't got no Bealtes whimp.
Kick it up a notch, BAMM w/ that gumbo shrimp.
Ain't got no Paul McCartney's wife, named limp.
Ain't got not shitty drummer Ringo, what a joke IE wimp.

Folks, Stones.

What more is left to be said? Folks, Stones.

PS. Condaleeza Rice should be on stage too.

Baby, maybe baby, just a further down the road....

Bump, w/ a goose.
05-17-02 10:13 PM
Cardinal Ximinez That's the spirit Honky Tonker!

Years from now, our kids are gonna thank us. And that's what it's all about!
05-17-02 10:25 PM
Chico Aye if only, i would love to go a US concert as I think that US concert-gers are definately more stones fans orientated than UK stones fans. For example, thousands of US fans have a copy of exile or some girls than in the UK. Its just a US thing(Unfortunately).Well, well.If only the stones could come to scotland like aberdeen like they they did before when they always got chased. Ah, that was the days! So much more exiciting than the dour beatle days!Away the Fraserburgh!
05-17-02 10:36 PM
Nasty Habits I'm in, I'm out, I'm back to my chair, my Little Richard(s) records, my glorious London FFrrr MONO England's Newest Hitmakers LP, my luscious new gladlock full of primo sticky stinky and my bee-rand new copy of Robert Greenfield's STP '72 party across the 'mericas. It's Friday night and I -- am rockin'. Just wanted to step in and say howdy to y'all. Good luck is wished for any seekers tomorrow including meself.

Oops! I forgot to congratulate Maxy on his impending infant! I tolds ya'll I was rockin' . . .

[Edited by Nasty Habits]
05-18-02 01:21 AM
Maxlugar wrote:
My friends, I am pleased to announce that coming soon, just such a person will arrive. Mrs. Lugar is scheduled to spawn a new Maxy in January 03. Sweet merciful Frigí! Another ME! Iím so excited Iím typing this message with my sperm! My sweet life-giving sperm! Hug me. But not too tight. You might get sperm on you.

conGRATuLAtions, O Brother of the Blimp, Spiritual Leader (and Tallest) of the C10. I am thrilled for you. And it is worth noting that this blessed event coincides with the Latest and Greatest Stones Tour - they have always punctuated my life, all of our lives. Like comets they move with mysterious clockwork to mark the passing of ages and the birth of new eras.

The first time the "Love Is Strong" video came on the tv in '94, my son was three. As soon as the drums and guitar kicked in, before Mick had even started singing, he looked at me and said "That's the Rolling Stones". He didn't ASK, he TOLD me.

I was mighty proud dad right then, but more importantly I had proven an important scientific principal - sensitivity to The Drive is a genetic trait.

I suggest you have Mrs. Lugar lay on the floor above your subterranean lair while you blast some Stones - the layers of parquet flooring, lush Azarbaijani rugs, rich tapestries and amniotic fluid will filter out everything but The Drive. The Drive will feed little Maxy and make him strong. The Drive will make him thrive.

High five, and no jive.
05-18-02 02:22 AM
Riffhard I just wanted to be the first one to say our simien friend,the good flea infested monkey,the one and only Fleabit Peanut Monkey has posted the ever elusive PEFECT POST.
I mean how do you follow that?!You don't.You just say,good on ya FPM!
Soon,very soon indeed,we will be pukeing together out of the back door of a super stretch limo.I relish the memory that I haven't even lived through yet!

Riffhard Blimp 5,MSG 50,Pukeing out of the back of the limo 15,Roseland semi-f'ed possibly SOL still
05-18-02 02:36 AM
marko Iīm very happy for you maxy,,,,,,even its sat morning here!
Drinkin coffee,listening stones,Zagreb 1998,ex show,bad
quality,,,,anyways,maxy,Iīm coming to nyc with ximy,and that
will be a hell of a drive from philly-nyc.Or maybe we should
fly on ximys blimb?
Ok maxy,about still want that jagger-88 rehearsals?or do you have any other wishes?i may bring something for you as well....btw ximy,,i have an idea,maybe
you and me could work out a special boot for those who were
in NYC-2002?oh and that t-shirt.
05-18-02 05:44 AM
luxury1 WOW--a mini-Maxy?! Congrats to you and the Ms.Maxy
I am hoping to meet all you fellow maniacs in the Giants Stadium parking lot, where I hope to see that long, black limosine. And who from this thread is making the opener on Sep 3 in Boston?? Party in my room at the Four Seasons.

05-18-02 11:23 AM
luxury1 wrote:
I am hoping to meet all you fellow maniacs in the Giants Stadium parking lot, where I hope to see that long, black limosine.


I believe the limo is going to Madison Square Garden. At least I HOPE it is cuz I don't have tickets to Giant Stadium. You should be able to meet up with His Eminence The Lucky Bastard (Card X), his family, and Marko C10 at the stadium - they'll be the ones with a four-foot blimp.
05-18-02 05:18 PM
Joey 'I am pleased to announce that coming soon, just such a person will arrive. Mrs. Lugar is scheduled to spawn a new Maxy in January 03. Sweet merciful Frigí! Another ME! Iím so excited Iím typing this message with my sperm! My sweet life-giving sperm! Hug me. But not too tight. You might get sperm on you. '

Congratulations are definitely in order Maxy . I certainly hope you will name your son " Joey " and raise him up right -- a lovely liberal Democrat .

May he look like JFK , be full of shit like Bill Clinton , be as duplicitious as LBJ , masterful like FDR , and as solid as Harry Truman . May he grow up listening to the Stones and the Who and become as enraptured as Joey is by the mighty Jagger/Richards , Petey Dennis Blanford Townshend , and Paul McCartney .

May he read , " OLD GODS ALMOST DEAD " before age five and realize what a good read that book truly is , even though some individuals on this board call it a hatchet job by a no good , sleazy , hack journalist who lifted material from other sources and then exaggerated the Hell out of it all the while paying too much sympathy to these devils .................Hey !!!!!!!!!!!!! Wait a minute!!!!!!!!!!!

***** IDEA ALERT **********IDEA ALERT **************IDEA ALERT ****************

Young Joey just got a great idea . I believe I will begin work on my own tome about the Rolling Stones . Yes !!!!!!! I have seen the light , the light of the dollar sign , for that is the one true god in this world . Hell , if Davis can make a mint off the boys , young Joey can scam a fortune ......

Oh Happy Happy Joey

" Write about me Ronnie "

Clubby Joey

The Joey , C9

Bunny Boy !

05-18-02 05:28 PM
gypsy For the love of God, keep your kid away from Joey!

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