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Topic: We're back Return to archive
05-16-02 04:04 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl We are finishing the uploading of the last back up

We lost some pix, and maybe some pages on the website are not the last versions. If you see anything wrong or your avatar is missing just let me know directly mailing me
05-16-02 05:19 PM
KeepRigid Well, I don't even wanna think about where my avatar is, but Sheryl's awfully pretty today, innit she?
05-16-02 05:22 PM
Maxlugar Sheryl has been looking great latley. I think she's had something done but I can't figure it out. I guess she's had a little bit of a face lift.

Who cares? I'd bang her.
05-16-02 06:47 PM
gypsy I'd bang all three!
05-16-02 08:41 PM
Joey 'I'd bang all three!'

Gypsy......I would like to nibble your elbows , caress your kneecaps , and stroke your young sweaty forehead and that of your lover.


05-17-02 01:05 AM
KeepRigidsLawyer "Gypsy......I would like to nibble your elbows , caress your kneecaps , and stroke your young sweaty forehead and that of your lover."

Regarding the above:

I recently retained the services of a one, MrsGypsyRigid, who has politely asked me to politely inform the board that these defamations of her character are not enjoyed.
05-17-02 12:27 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Hey Lawyerman!

Are you saying that it's OK for her to defamate HERSELF, by saying that she'd bang 2 guys old enough to be her Granddads, and a chick old enough to be her Mommy, yet we can't make comment on said self-defamation?

What kind of horseshit law are you practicing?

I think that you are NOT really KeepRigid's lawyer, but KEEPRIGID HIMSELF posing as his own lawyer! It's all a sham, perpetuated by your obssession of young Ms. Gypsy and her fabulous breasts! You are simply jealous that some of us other male entities here at the board pay our young and stacked Okie so much attention!

Confess! Confess! CONFESS!!!

Cardinal Biggles....bring out...THE COMFY CHAIR!!!!
05-17-02 01:34 PM
KeepRigidsLawyer "Are you saying that it's OK for her to defamate HERSELF"

Having witnessed my client perpetuate this type of act, I would have to answer - YES. It is quite OK.

"What kind of horseshit law are you practicing?"

No comment.

"I think that you are NOT really KeepRigid's lawyer, but KEEPRIGID HIMSELF posing as his own lawyer!"

A groundless, unthinkable outrage!

"It's all a sham, perpetuated by your obssession of young Ms. Gypsy and her fabulous breasts!"

Dear sir, as I am currently involved in a separate lawsuit concerning the validity of several compromising photographs [of my client], I need only remind you that nipple diameters can be deceiving.

"You are simply jealous that some of us other male entities here at the board pay our young and stacked Okie so much attention!"

As my client, Mrs.Rigid, can attest- it is not in either my- nor Mr.Rigid's- character to become jealous.

"Cardinal Biggles....bring out...THE COMFY CHAIR!!!!"

Thank you, I will stand.

[Edited by KeepRigidsLawyer]
05-17-02 05:15 PM
KeepRigidsLawyer Ladies and Gentlemen,
While I know that this is an utterly superfluous gesture, it has always been in my nature to go above and beyond what is expected me in the line of service. Being as such, I will now exonerate myself beyond a shadow of a doubt- if only my client, Mrs.Rigid, will indulge me here.

Mrs.Rigid, would you please, for the benefit of those in attendance, ask me a question that ONLY Keep would know the answer to, and if he and I truly are one in the same, I will then be able to answer it.

And if not, well then, I think that all of us here are sharp enough to figure out where this is going...
05-17-02 05:30 PM
gypsy Well, okay...Keep, what did I beg you to give me-and I do mean begged and pleaded-so that I could disrupt my neighbors while they watched the season finale of 'Friends' last night?
05-17-02 05:34 PM
KeepRigidsLawyer Gypsy dear,
I haven't the foggiest of what you're talking about. I literally am reading your post and thinking, "What is this all about here?"

But now, for the benefit of the board, I am going to call Mr.Rigid on my cellphone, and then I will patch it through to the Rocks Off board's sound system. I will then leave the room, and allow him to answer freely, as I have no idea what he will answer.
05-17-02 05:37 PM
KeepRigid Well, I'm not sure what this has to do with anything, but, are you talking about your vacuum?
05-17-02 05:39 PM
riverrat I think that I'd rather watch sausage being made than suffer through one of Ms. Crow's uninspired if not "lifted" sets.
Please lord, let her open for west coast shows!!!
05-17-02 05:39 PM
gypsy Yes, Keep! That is exactly what I was talking about!
05-17-02 05:47 PM


I am literally beaming right now, folks. I'm even inclined to agree with this rivverat I also wouldn't mind having my sausage suffer through Ms. Crow right now. A little crude perhaps, but I do feel a celebratory mood coming on. Forgive the frivolity.

05-17-02 08:48 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Mr. "Lawyer",

I suppose you practice at the firm of Dewey, Cheatum, and Howe....

Maybe you can get away with silly parlor tricks where YOU are from...but in these here parts, that shit just won't fly.

Funny how your IP number is the same as KEEPRIGID's IP can that be? It's because KeepRigid and KeepRigidsLawyer ARE THE SAME PERSON!

You are outted me boyo!

You can run, but you can't hide from the will always find you out.

My dear man, I am a Cardinal of the Spanish Inquisition! You cannot hope to evade me with your petty shenanagins. Confess, and free your soul!

It's bad enough that you have dragged poor, sweet, innocent, and virtuous gypsy into your twisted game...don't compound it by trying to perpetuate this farce...CONFESS! Confess! Confess!
05-18-02 12:46 AM
KeepRigidsLawyer Dearest Man of the Cloth,
Of course the IP is the same- the email account and computer are as well. Keep doesn't exactly have a lot of money right now, so how can you fault the poor boy?
05-18-02 02:55 AM
gypsy Plus, Keep just bought me a very expensive ring! So, he is hurting for cash right now...
05-18-02 12:24 PM
Cardinal Ximinez HA! Caught you again KeepRigidsLiar!

Keep was posting LOOOOOOOONG before the KeepRigidsLawyer thing showed it's ugly face! Therefore, if you are using the same computer and email account as KeepRigid...because of, as you say, his finances, then why wouldn't he be using YOUR email and computer...Hmmmmmmm? You can't BE a lawyer without having your own computer and email...client confidentiality and all that why would you be using Keep's computer and email? It makes no sense....You are using KeepRigid's email and computer because...YOU ARE KEEPRIGID!

Confess! CONFESS!

Cardinal FANG! Bring me....the SOFT CUSHIONS!!!
05-18-02 12:39 PM
KeepRigid Hi Cardinal,
Yep, my lawyer sure was nice to let me move in, wasn't he? Then, when I found this great board and began posting here, using his computer, he was also nice enough to take time out from his busy, globe-trotting schedule to begin posting the occasional legalese on my behalf.
05-18-02 01:56 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Now I KNOW you are lying!

Since you moved in with him, your IP# would have changed to his IP#. Since there was no change in IP#, we can only conclude that you are both, in fact, the same person.

Oh for SHAME!

Why would you want to be a foul deceiver? What will happen when the ever lovely, and bare breasted gypsy finds out that you are a pathological liar? She won't be able to trust anything that spills out of your mouth....past, present, or future!

05-18-02 02:00 PM
gypsy Well, Cardinal, Matlock's got nuthin' on you...
Keep has lived with his attorney for quite some time. Why, just last night, the three of us went out for a lovely celebratory dinner...
05-18-02 03:03 PM
Cardinal Ximinez gypsy, I am disappointed beyond words. Allowing yourself to be tarnished like this is just so very sad...I tried to save you...but you went over to the darkness that is KeepRigid...May God have mercy on your soul...

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