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Topic: Stones Fan Club / Get Access Ripoff ? Return to archive
05-16-02 10:57 AM
Torn & Frayed Those of you that spent the $95 to join the fan club might've noticed that one of the hooks was the inclusion of a membership in the Sam Goody Get Access ticket club.

I paid my money, and was fortunate to get Orpheum tickets.

Now today I'm looking to get presale tickets for either the Fleet Center or FUC.

So I get in touch with Get Access and ask them when my membership with them will be activated.
I spoke to three different people there, each of whom told me the same thing - Get Access doesn't have any agreement with the Stones Fan Club, nor do they foresee it happening anytime soon.

The last guy I spoke with made a great analogy - "That would be like trying to use your Macy's charge card at Filene's."

I realize it's possible that even though I spoke to three different levels of staff at Get Access, including the Customer Service Department Manager, that the right hand hasn't been introduced to the left, so to speak.

But, it's also possible that the Fan Club made a promise it can't deliver on, and sold many of us a bill of goods.

Bottom line, I'm not about to bilked out of 60 more bucks
for advance tickets.

Anybody have a phone number for the Stones Fan Club ?
05-16-02 11:41 AM
nankerphelge Hey Moonie - I smell a class action lawsuit - how 'bout you?

We can talk settlement right up front -- a backyard BBQ at my place with music compliments of The Greatest Rock & Roll Band in the World. I'll buy the beer...
05-16-02 12:04 PM
Moonlight Mile Yes I can see it, nanky. "Your honor, my clients, each and every one of them clean living, salt of the earth Americans, have been lined up and boned by the defendants as if they were common Attica punks. I ain't fucking right and we gotta fix this shit right now."

So DC summit is on too? I may have to arrange a business trip that just happens to coincide with it.

You know, the only thing wrong with this Stones tour is that its four GODDAM months away! What the hell are we supposed to do in the meantime? Like go to work or talk to our families or something? Fuck that.
05-16-02 12:20 PM
steel driving hammer Sugar Blue wrote (Anybody have a phone number for the Stones Fan Club ?)

Try 1-800-4Stones.

But this can't be happening, maybe they're swamped and are having trouble sorting things out, or the sites bandwith is highwired you know...

In any event, they have my money and I'll get the tickets or a refund.

Anyway my Father deals w/ etrade whom is a sponsor of this tour and they have reserved seats not available to the general pubic and have fair # of tickets left for the Chicago shows and I'm sure elsewhere...
So I might have 4 tickets to sell for Comisky and United Center.

Still working on the Aragon.

Spill the beans w/ you till darwn Rider ;^)
05-16-02 12:38 PM
Nellcote The Get Access program is a complete farce.
I've spoken to them twice, they are a sub contracted
firm of Greedy. Their infrastructure to handle the traffic is woefully inept, someone in the Stones camp should have
evalulated their ability to handle this, as it is nothing
short of a disaster. Probably the Stones camp does not even have a concern how this was distributed Sure, there are folks who got, however, I'm sure there are far more who have got stiffed, lousy service, timedout on their pc's from these Greedy ticket wannabe crowd. Every person who bought a membership from the should demand a refund from them. As far as the Stones membership, call it creative marketing, it does stink that you can only buy one show, without buying another membership, however, what's a poor boy to do?

BTW, don't trust anything Greedy says. It shows how much the fellow from Greedy knows, from him making the statement
about Macy's & Filenes. Little does he know that Federated Stores, who owns Macy's bought Filenes in the early 90s!

Anyone know about the "Golden Circle" seating?

05-16-02 01:59 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Calm down'll get you tickets from the fan club. They had a specific amount of seats set aside at each show strictly for fan club members. Those allotments were NOT held by getaccess, they were held by ticketmaster. When you joined the fan club, you got a password to a special ticketmaster site...right? That's the way I understood this thing to work. You could by 2 tickets per membership. As each venue got sold out of presale tix, you got a no presale available message. If none of the venues that you wanted were STILL have the ability to buy 2 tickets for future presales. So if you didn't get presale for MSG or Roseland, you still have a shot at the Jan. MSG shows or THE APOLLO if that comes off. All is not lost.

I think getaccess and Sam Goody are the fuckwads in this case...if you got fan club tix, I think you are "golden" so to speak. I'd trust the Stones fan club before I'd trust
05-16-02 03:43 PM
Nellcote Cardinal;

First off, being from Boston, it pains me to say that word, however, I read your posts, and you get far more respect than the leader of the Boston Catholic Church,
Cardinal Outlaw. Secondly, yes, the Stones site is superior
than Greedy, but why should they limit how many shows I desire to buy? If I want to buy ten shows, WTF? It's my money, paid the membership, volley in there just like everyone else. This fan site is probably the Stones first go at a fan site since 65-66, then only in the UK I think, so why restrict fans who want to buy? That's my beef with Greedy, they will not even allow you to look at what seats are offered, multiple times, because their software cannot
determine from Ticketheif if I've bought tix or not. Their software shuts you off, they will only reset you four times. I want to look at the seats they are offering on the screen first, dammit, before I shell out, just like you can with Ticketheif. Anyways, the Greedy format is over, get your money back from them is my mantra.

The Boston Globe reported that 2,000 of the $350.'s
are "Golden Circle", with a cocktail party either before or after the show. The writer has been at the paper for over 25 years, thus I tend not to question the credibility.
Anyone know anything on this at other arenas?

05-16-02 04:34 PM
Torn & Frayed
Nellcote wrote:
The Boston Globe reported that 2,000 of the $350.'s
are "Golden Circle", with a cocktail party either before or after the show. The writer has been at the paper for over 25 years, thus I tend not to question the credibility.
Anyone know anything on this at other arenas?


I got a postcard offering the same deal at the '99 NS shows
in Philly.
They hinted at the possibility of meeting the band at the pre-show cocktail party. Read afterwards that not a Stone was seen.
Besides the ticket, I think you got drinks, some finger food and a couple of tour tchotskes for your $350.
05-16-02 11:16 PM
Open G
Torn & Frayed wrote:

Anybody have a phone number for the Stones Fan Club ?

The Phone number on my credit card statement for my ROLLING STONES.COM tickets and membership charge is:

The Stones club has been pretty good about answering my E Mail complaints, which started with my first complaint when we were supposed to be able to join at 9am and it kept saying come back in an hour. I think they are doing an OK job, but they obviously were not prepared for the surge of the mighty Rolling Stones fan base.
If they can't get us our GetAccess memberships promptly, they should just give us another crack at the club's block of tickets. Just limit us to two tickets each. If they wait much longer the getaccess membership will do us no good as far as Stones tickets. That is the reason we took the deal, for the stones tickets.

My last response from them is below.
Can anyone tell me how many hours are in a shortly???? :~)

Message from Rolling


Your GetAccess membership details will be emailed to you shortly.


The Rolling Stones Official Fan Club Staff"

> On 16-May-2002 01:07:04 Open G wrote:

> I am a premium member of the club and already have my tickets from the
> How do we access the Samgoody getaccess portion of our packages?
> All the stones tickets will be sold out soon.
> Thank you.
05-17-02 12:01 AM
Cardinal Ximinez Well Nellcote, I can pretty much sum up in one sentence why you can't buy tickets to as many shows as you want...They are trying to beat the scalpers.

Look man, not everyone who bought one of those memberships is a fan like us. It's a shitty world, and there are tons of scumbags out there who want to turn a huge profit from guys like us, who want to see the band. Do you realize what a goldmine it would be to a broker/scalper to be able to pay just $95.00 and be able to buy 2 tickets to every show on the tour? They spend $95.00 to make $5000! Come on dude, think about it. If they pay $95 and get tickets for the NYC trifecta....and "Gold Circle" at that...That guy is gonna get $2000 for a pair of Roseland tix, $2000 for a pair of MSG tix, and $2000 for a pair of Meadowlands for a $95.00 investment, he's gonna get $6000 back...a healthy return. Shit, I've seen Roseland tickets advertised at over $6000 per ticket at a broker page.

THAT is exactly why you can't buy as many tickets as you want thru the fan club. Real fans wouldn't get any of them. Shit, real fans aren't getting many of them anyway.

Me and Moonie being notable exceptions...and my buddy Sugar Blue got Orpheum tix...that's cooooool too. But really what else could the fan club do? Because of scalper and brokers they HAD to limit the sales. It sucks, but that's the real world baby...
05-17-02 12:28 AM
Open G They updated the info on the fan club site that breaks down the charges for tickets, but they still don't say where they are located.
Check out the breakdown.
Looks like everybody get's a bit of your cash.

Transaction Summary
Premium Membership: $95.00
Ticket Price: $ 270.00 (3 ticket(s) at $ 90.00 each)
Convenience Charge: $ 38.40
Facility Charge: $ 6.00
Processing Charge: $ 3.50
Total Charge: 412.90
05-17-02 12:46 AM
Torn & Frayed wrote:
Those of you that spent the $95 to join the fan club might've noticed that one of the hooks was the inclusion of a membership in the Sam Goody Get Access ticket club.

i noticed the same thing too. it's frustrating that they are telling you that there is no connection when the stones fan club specifically states that the $95 "premium" membership fee includes the $60 value to the getFucked ticket club. what a scam. how wonderful (?) to pay over 400 bucks for 270 dollars worth of tix. its a real killer. i miss the ~old~ days of sleeping out in front of the record store, when concert ticket prices were less than 10 bucks on a first come first serve basis and the term ~scalper~ was synonymous with apache indians during the pioneer daze.
05-17-02 06:49 AM
Nellcote Yeah, Cardinal, great points. I rather liked the confirmation letter for the club shows, it gives the impression that someone is thinking these things thru.
Possibly, this is the way to go to beat things. Maybe soon they will require you name the person who you shall take.
Then require both of you to show up, in order to gain entrance. Further, they will offer ticket cancellation insurance, should the person who either receives the letter, or the second person die, you can provide a death certificate, then be allowed to take someone else! Of course I'm going well off the platform with these points, I sell travel packages, so all of those items are what I do when I'm not following the Dartford Renegades.

So, we'll be satisfied (somehow) with the Fleet & CMGI, then hang out at the Orpheum, looking for people dropping their confirmation letters......


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