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London, January 1967 Peter Stone
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Topic: Let everybody know what's your........ Return to archive Page: 1 2
05-16-03 02:33 AM
J.J.Flash ....occupation, I mean what do you do for money. What is your job, area. If you are a university student or anything similar, tell your university study.
Come on people, let's reply on this topic. Would be great!
05-16-03 03:24 AM
MidnightRambler College Student at the University of Illinois in Urbana Champaign Majoring in English/Rhetoric (writing)

Literally--in the process of moving back home to Chicago! Leaving Saturday! Three hour drive back home... Can't wait!
05-16-03 04:02 AM
beer I work with plants. hundreds of thousands of them actually (no shit) I make sure they get watered and fed and they get shipped all over the world. Unfortunately no chiba though
05-16-03 04:37 AM
dealer squealing Im a lawyer and work at the Icelandic Patent Office, mainly with trademarks.
05-16-03 04:39 AM
Moonisup hmm, I'm working in a hard ware store (this year,, till september) after the first Wembley gig, I'm going back to classes...
05-16-03 06:37 AM
Nellcote Fantasy Fufillment Specialist
05-16-03 06:41 AM
Jumacfly i m working for an insurance company, i m dealing with bikers everyday...


05-16-03 06:49 AM
nankerphelge I'm just a devil!

[Edited by nankerphelge]
05-16-03 06:59 AM
Factory Girl I wrestle in jell-o. My stage name in Pinch'O Lime.
05-16-03 07:11 AM
Scot Rocks I am at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, studying History and Politics and at the end of my 2nd year. I also work part time in a credit card call centre, in the customer services department (which I loathe).

Next week I am off to Sevilla though!!!!! Come on the Celts!!!


05-16-03 07:13 AM
stonedinaustralia wordsmith(or is that word-monger), dictator, arbitrator , legislative interpretator, procrastinator (but refute any allegations of prevaricator), orator (why couldn't i have been a pornographor??), spin doctor, glorified insurance clerk (no offence ju - it's dirty work and somebody has to do it - just rather it wasn't me), counsellor, an officer of the powers that be - and i spend at least a couple of hours a day being a driver and a listener to get where ever it is i have to do all this stuff

well that's for immediate cash flow anyway - what occupies my mind is quite often a whole lot of other stuff - including and especially the rolling stones



[Edited by stonedinaustralia]
05-16-03 09:13 AM
vampire I'm journalist. After 20 years working at the daily newspapers now I'm working for a hospital and also for a local medical association, doing house organs & related stuff. When no one else wants to talk to press about some shit, for example, then I do. When the new is good, though, usually they do.

I love medicine and, sadly to me, I discovered kinda late I should have studied medicine, not social communication...Anyway, I'm always working inside a hospital and I love it. Plus, hot nurses, cool medicine students (residents) and also some doctors...

Now I'm thinkin seriously next year go back to university to study Medicine...(and some English LOL...)

JJF, and about you?

[Edited by vampire]
05-16-03 09:43 AM
steel driving hammer Montana Realty Co.
05-16-03 10:15 AM
telecaster Recruiter. I am seriously thinking of moving to the greater
Miami area and getting into the field of law however
05-16-03 10:19 AM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy High school student, although I'll be workin' in a TV station this summer as an intern.

I'm also a rock'n'roller, damnit. Gettin' my first big gig with the crew at the end of the month, hopefully.

-tSYX --- An' I been workin' like a dog...
05-16-03 10:28 AM
Zeeta Finishing last year of degree - nailed the dissertation, (20,000 words) now just the final exams to go! Ahh!

Enjoying the last part of freedom where I won't have a job, also wanna get some money earnt - in bad debt

All this plus indulging in MAXIUM RnR!!
05-16-03 10:55 AM
Strange_Stray_Cat Project manager (IT projects)
05-16-03 01:11 PM
Madafaka I'm in my last University year in Advertising.
I work in the creative area and I love the graphics advertising.
05-16-03 02:10 PM
Joey Joey : " I'm in Sales ! "

William Hurt : " What are you selling ? "

Joey : " I don't have to answer that ! "

William Hurt : " Yes you do , Yes you do ! "

{{{{ JOEY CHILL }}}}}

05-16-03 02:21 PM
Factory Girl Joey, I thought you were a stud for hire. Was I wrong???
05-16-03 02:55 PM
A.D.D. PunK i don't like the "stones". bunch of mainsstrream sell-out shit
05-16-03 02:55 PM
A.D.D. PunK i don't like the "stones". bunch of mainsstrream sell-out shit
05-16-03 02:55 PM
A.D.D. PunK i don't like the "stones". bunch of mainsstrream sell-out shit
05-16-03 02:59 PM
Nasty Habits ADD Punk, not liking the Stones would be a sucky full time job.

I hope they pay you well.

Really, that was just Crass.

I sell sides.

05-16-03 03:35 PM
Joey " Joey, I thought you were a stud for hire. Was I wrong??? "

Nah , I am yours only F.G .

Only Yours !

Jacky !
05-16-03 04:05 PM
2120SMA Quality Engineer
Tyee Aircraft
Everett, WA
05-16-03 04:45 PM
gypsy Radiologic Technologist
05-16-03 04:59 PM
ChrisEditor Newspaper editor.
05-16-03 05:35 PM
Child of the Moon Here at school, I work at the performing arts center box office - selling tickets, sending orders, ushering, etc. At home, I DID work at Starbucks... but I'm planning on getting a job at the Record Exchange this summer. It seems more like me.
[Edited by Child of the Moon]
05-16-03 06:55 PM
A.D.D. PunK wrote:
i don't like the "stones". bunch of mainsstrream sell-out shit

Hey, PunK, buddy.

I heard "Blitzkrieg Bop" on the radio today... a car commercial.

Gosh, your favorite band sure is more rebellious than ours.

Also, last I checked, your favorite band kind of adores our favorite band.

Again, sorry to break it to ya.

-tSYX --- I've got no expectations to pass this way again...
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