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Topic: Not to be missed !!: Flight 505 in Noordwijk, Holland Return to archive
05-12-03 05:37 AM
albert On saturday, May 24th the Dutch Stones - coverband Flight 505 will perform in Join, Weteringkade 2 in Noordwijk. The venue opens at 21.00 hrs. en the costs to get in will only be 5 euro.
Flight 505 is a The Hague based band. The band members have the same age as the Stones themselves. The band only performs songs from the the first decade. Besides the hits they also play 'rare' songs as Backstreet Girl, Tell Me, Grown Up Wrong. The band will play 3 sets; more than 3 hours of live music!
In the (national) newspaper De Volkskrant the band headed on a full scale page with colour picture: "Flight 505 speelt de Stones beter dan de Stones" ("Flight 505 plays the Stones better than the Stones")

The band is:
Peter Vermeij - vocals/harp (did the Mick Jagger vocals on the Stars on 45 Stones medley in the 80's)
Henk Smitskamp - bass (former Shocking Blue,The Motions)
Ton van der Kleij - drums (former Earth and Fire, Ekseption)
Rob Grell - guitar (former Willy & the Giants, The Nichols)
Hans Hollestelle - guitar (Sandy Coast, Ekseption etc.)

I saw the band perform just a couple of weeks ago. Of course they are not better than the Stones, but.....they were really good and at the end of the evening/night everyone was dancing, jumping and having fun. For a nice night out, come to Noordwijk and have fun.
A small word of advise: the venue can hold just about 200 persons, so be there early because there won't be any pre-sale.
05-12-03 10:49 PM
Angiegirl Yeh, they ARE good. Saw them twice before. Would love to see them again, but Flip is performing on the Stones event/day in Reeuwijk...priorities, priorities, lol.
05-13-03 03:37 AM
F505 Yes I am very good!
05-13-03 01:36 PM
albert Yes, you're the best F505!!

See you in Noordwijk then??

Heard today that there probably will be a big videoscreen showing clips from the 60's from Top of the Pops, Shinding, TAMI show, Ed Sullivan and so on during the performance of the band. I guess to give it an extra dimension.
05-13-03 04:13 PM
rolling___bunny mmmm maby its better to say nothing about F505...
05-14-03 04:18 AM
albert why is that rolling bunny? Is F505 not a nice person?
05-14-03 04:36 AM
F505 albert, I've been cheated by this rabbit one time and I have said it on this board loud and clear. He didn't pay me while I send him some stuff. Although he denies it I still have the proofs (e-mails) of that transaction. I have warned people not to trade with him. His real name is Stefan Dieperink and it is really sad that persons like him appear on this board. But such is life. So now you know. Cheers mate!
05-14-03 08:07 AM
albert Ok, this is what we'll do: F505 and Rolling Bunny (Stefan) both come over to Noordwijk on may 24th and we'll clear the sky between you.
There must be a great misunderstanding between the both of you ??!!
05-14-03 08:15 AM
albert Or maybe this isn't that good idea because now I remember also Fingerprint recently called Stefan Dieperink (=Rolling Bunny) a 'bad trader' in his/her bad traders allert thread on this board.

Here's your change to respond to two bad messages about you Stephan, grab your change!!! (or else you better stay away from Noordwijk and only Fingerprint and F505 (and all the other nice people on this board of course) are really welcome!!!

05-15-03 10:08 AM
albert Just curious:
will there be anybody (from Holland??) that visits the Rocks Off board attending the Flight 505 gig in Join, Noordwijk on saturday may 24th ??

(Or are you all going to Reewijk ??)

Please let me know??

05-15-03 04:28 PM
rolling___bunny ja jezus zeg. wat een onzin. Ik heb nog nooit iets verkocht of geruild. Maar F505, ik zie je in vredenburg en geef je een dikke knuffel. Gegroet.

i just saith in dutch that f505 is a nice person but should not lie about me. I never trade or sell something via the internet. There was some problem with a frenchman a month ago. apperently that person was a friend F505 and so he wanted to get into this conversation and so on, so on... now he is saying i send him some stuff... sure whatever man. Anyway, see u in vredenburg and i kick your ass
05-15-03 04:38 PM
rolling___bunny wrote:
. Anyway, see u in vredenburg and i kick your ass

how nice, a dutch fight over here, as if we don't have enough of that!
05-15-03 08:12 PM
F505 Why should I lie about you you fucking asshole. I have traded with other people on this board and never had any problems until you came along. But when i see you in Vredenburg I will twist your little neck your miserable little seawurm. As a proof I will send this mail from you to me. The Dutch anyhow can read what a cheap liar you are:

srr voor late reaktie maar hier is die dan. Ik woon zelf in Driebergen dus
dat is dichtbij. Het liefste heb ik toch dat je het even naar me opstuurt en
dan maak ik je de porto wel over naar je bank/giro nummer.... ik hoor het
wel. Groetjes, stefan
----- Original Message -----

Sent: Monday, January 27, 2003 11:20 AM
Subject: SPM
05-15-03 08:20 PM
F505 Needless to say I never ever received the money from this swindler. But this is The Last Time (how suitable) I say something about this Rotten_Bunny. He ain't worth it.
05-16-03 09:43 AM
albert pittige discussie; wie heeft er nou gelijk. Stefan ik heb je pm beantwoord. Ik hoor het wel.

enfin, wij gaan wel een gezellige avond in noordwijk houden en ik hoop dat jullie het gezellig zullen maken in Utrecht. Ik ben er zelf ook bij maar zal geen scheidsrechter zijn. Veels te druk met genieten!!

(Stefan did pm me and I answered that one. Don't know (and don't want to know) who is right or wrong in this. The want to sort it out in Vreedenburg in Utrecht. But I won't be the referee!!)

05-16-03 10:25 AM
Strange_Stray_Cat Would you please talk in English on this board?
And please stop this stupid discussion.

Anyway, I will be in Reeuwijk on May, 24: Flip the Switch performing.
05-16-03 02:17 PM
F505 You should be thankful SSC that I warned you!
05-16-03 04:21 PM
F505 wrote:
You should be thankful SSC that I warned you!

You warned us a 1000 times.
05-16-03 04:35 PM
rolling___bunny WeLL F505 u showed me, and all the other guys, that u lie about me. I never end my message with "groetjes". Thats a gay word man. I will not reply anymore on your stuppid message with only contais stuppid lies about me. Please send me a picture of your face so me and my friend will kick your fucking ass. O, and ff u wanna say i am bad trader, fine with me, but i never trade of sell....Goodbye,
05-16-03 04:36 PM
rolling___bunny just a correction: ass = face
05-16-03 04:42 PM
rolling___bunny wait a minute. Are that guys who send me those "stones people magazines"??? I still oww u some 5,50 for the shipping cost but i could not reach u. Please send me a mail in private if this correct....

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