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Topic: new album rumor resurfaces Return to archive Page: 1 2
05-09-03 12:02 PM
Bob Tamp according to Stonesdoug, the new album is being mixed in LA as we speak. Any thoughts or insiders info would be greatly appreciated.
05-09-03 01:31 PM
sandrew Who knows what to make of these rumors. If it's a true, I'm a little worried. The four new ones on 40 Licks were fine -- but they sounded tossed off, unfinished, like works in progress.

Somehow I doubt the rest of the batch is ready for prime time ...
05-09-03 02:10 PM
jb Your being too kind sandrew..with the exceptiopn of "Don't Stop", the new songs, particularly Keth's, were not fit for human consumption.
05-09-03 02:10 PM
Lazy Bones I presume he's posted that on his board (haven't checked)? Just so happens that I'll see Doug tomorrow night in Toronto. I'm interested (aren't we all?!) in what information is circulating.
05-09-03 02:26 PM
sandrew Yep, the indispensable Stonesdoug has a blurb about it on his board ... JB, you may be right -- although, I'm kinda fond of "Losing My Touch." "Keys" is a nice idea, but Mick's lyrics are appalling; same with "Stealing."

Sometimes I wonder if he's completely lost his lyric-making capabilities. I mean, can the guy who wrote "I want to tell ya how I feel in the words of this song" be the same guy who wrote "the sunshine bores the daylights out of me"?

I wonder.
05-09-03 03:32 PM
luxury1 how about those keys jangling in the background on Keys to my Heart?? Made me cringe......
05-09-03 03:54 PM
sandrew I've never noticed that. .... At what point in the song do you hear it?
05-09-03 05:14 PM
Nellcote Everything all right in the critics section?

WTF-It's Only Rock & Roll-It's the Stones.

Any music is accepted.


Back to regular programming......
05-09-03 06:30 PM
McQueen Thank you Nellcote. To the buzzkills who would bitch about new Stones' tunes based on particular and personal dislikes for the new tracks on 40 Licks, go join the backwards Blow Job's Cult of Discontent and begin working on your own The End is Near sign. Oh, I see the aforementioned post was submitted by this J.B./Backwards Blow Job himself. It would appear he will once again simply be a cult of one.

Not to mention, Backwards Blow Job whined Keith's tracks weren't suitable for human consumption. That leaves this J.B. out of the equation then anyways so mind your own business you silly pip.

Why you appear somehow proud of the sheer volume of posts you have produced in here is beyond any learned mind. Clearly your expenditure of words is too great for your income of original and intelligent ideas. It is in fact a deficit of before-unseen proportion.
05-09-03 06:52 PM
sandrew wrote:
Sometimes I wonder if he's completely lost his lyric-making capabilities. I mean, can the guy who wrote "I want to tell ya how I feel in the words of this song" be the same guy who wrote "the sunshine bores the daylights out of me"?
I wonder.

I don't know English so well and I have to say I didn't like Keys lyrics too. It seems Brazilian country music of the worst type. Jagger also showed bad lyrics in Goddessa, however...

"People ask have you seen her
I say not for a while
I'm gonna see my girlfriend
Way down in Argentina...." !!! LOL! WTF is that?

[Edited by vampire]
05-09-03 06:56 PM
vampire I mean, you can be a fan without be a boot-licker

[Edited by vampire]
05-09-03 07:38 PM
Gimme Shelter Personally, I can't wait for a new Stones album. I'll be at the store first thing to buy it when it comes out.
05-09-03 11:08 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy I guess I'll do this in a scientific manner.

MY CONCERN: The album will be about fifteen songs that weren't good enough to make it onto Forty Licks. That means fifteen songs *worse* than "Keys To Your Love". This could be tragedy, folks.


1. The fact that Keith and Ronnie are so ecstatic about it while Mick remains very guarded. This may mean a few numbers where we experience a real return to form.

2. Mick stated that the band was also working on the road on new tunes. I don't know if there's much of that going on, but watch the tune-up jam Ronnie and Keith do over at the official website. Tell me they don't still have the weave. Tell me anything written in that little room isn't going to be something you'd sell your soul to hear.

THE QUESTION: Who is the album being mixed by? If it's just Don Was or Don and Mick there, we ain't gonna get those little jam numbers that Keith and Ronnie worked out.

Get us a new producer! Give us The Glimmer Twins! Throw my ticket out the window!

-tSYX --- For tonight I'll be staying here with you (get ready!)
05-09-03 11:16 PM
full moon The album will be good. I cannot wait.........
[Edited by full moon]
05-10-03 12:01 AM
MidnightRambler I think it's a little big of us DECLARING that those 4 songs were "The Best" out of all the tracks. We have to realize that OUR opinion of the songs are COMPLETELY different to that of Mick and Keith. How do we know those 4 songs were the best? To Mick and Keith, those songs could have been just any old 4 songs---except "Don't Stop" cuz it drived 40 Licks.

For example, with B2B....and "Anybody Seen My Baby" being the single...were we to assume that it was the BEST song from that album?! Hell no! What about "Flip The Switch" or "Out of Control" or "Too Tight". These songs are WAAAYY better than "Anybody Seen My Baby".

The 3 songs on 40 Licks (not counting Dont' Stop) ********COULD********* have been what we assume to be "the best" out of all of them.....but you can bet that we will find the OTHER songs on the album WAY better than those.
05-10-03 12:02 AM
sandrew As fun and heartening as it is, I think we'd better wait to hear solid confirmation that this is actually happening before we start handicapping the engineering personnel...
05-10-03 12:54 AM
McQueen The albums is happening. Has happened in fact.

Bank it. Then play it. Loud. Fuckin' loud!

This one will rock ya nice!
05-10-03 06:11 AM
egon The 4 new songs on licks weren’t very promising(read crap).
I’m afraid of how the new album will sound…
05-10-03 06:46 AM
MidnightRambler wrote:
We have to realize that OUR opinion of the songs are COMPLETELY different to that of Mick and Keith.

That's very true I think.

When Mick's arm is twisted into naming a favourite song he seems to say Miss You, so case in point.

05-10-03 11:11 AM
T&A Savage:

Poor premise - the 4 40 Licks tunes were by no means the BEST of the crop of songs recorded - they were the ones most ready to go (remember the Stones only wanted 2 on the album originally). They knew in general the recordings were designated for a future (2003) album, so there's no reason to think they rushed out the 4 'best' ones for 40Licks.
05-12-03 10:26 AM
Turner this is the news i have been waiting for!!! need more info please! too much excitement. I'm gonna party likes its 1999
05-13-03 08:43 AM
Highway Child Some french fans saw Mick abd Charlie in Paris (Hermès shop)!! Is it a rumor??? May be, may be not!! Perhaps they had to return in Suresnes to finish some songs before mixing in L.A.
05-13-03 07:33 PM
Turner any thing new?
05-13-03 09:43 PM
05-13-03 10:14 PM
McQueen Mr. Perks, you are indeed in the know!
05-13-03 10:42 PM
full moon Perks, YOU ARE DA MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
05-14-03 01:39 AM
Diedre I agree with the people that say that "40 Licks" songs are not good. And not a good indicator of things to come.

I don't know what happened to those guys over the years. Maybe brain damage from drugs and alcohol (it's possible, highly possible). A lot of rock people have been done in by that. They're not getting any younger. I'm really disappointed in Keith's stuff. You expect Jagger to be bad. He's totally out of touch with reality. But Keith's stuff is so lacking in melodic development. Or rhythm. If they want to put an album out, it had better contain some actual songs instead of half-baked garbage. Even when they have done halfway-decent stuff in recent years, it's just a pale rehash of their glory days.

The Stones have turned into the Beach Boys. And Mick Jagger is turning into Mike Love. They're charging caviar prices for what is essentially becoming a county fair oldies act. I'm not sure I want to contribute to feeding their habits anymore. How much money do these guys need?
05-14-03 02:18 AM
corgi37 The whole 40 licks thing seemed pretty rushed to me. I mean, I dont think Jagger was even contemplating anyone special back in November 01 when he had his highly successful solo cd to support. When that stiffed, I guess he thought he better do a 40th anniversary thing. I mean, the tour is going great guns, but doesnt seem to have the huge planning prior tours involved. I gotta say, to this day, I still havent seen any footage of the stadium show!The recording of the 4 new tracks seemed like a after thought to me. Maybe they were trying a quick crash course writing/recording blitz ala Steel Wheels? Dont forget those 4 new songs are now about a year old. And, they were the 4 most completed tracks at the time. it was stated they had heaps of stuff in the can, but not all completed. So, in-between shows, and breaks in the tour, they can duck into a studio and finish off, say, 12% of a song, then maybe 22% of another in the space of a night or 2. I really hope their is a new album. 6 years between drinks is pathetic. I also would like to say that I wouldnt mind if Dont Stop is on it, but I'd like to see a re-mixed, harder version on it. God, I pray the rumours are true. Am saving my biccies to buy some new product as i write.
05-14-03 05:14 AM
F505 Why can't the Stones make good albums anymore? Other aging rock giants (Lou Reed: New York, Bob Dylan: Time Out of mind) proof they can still make masterpieces once in a while. But I doubt if the Stones ever will release an album that is even close to the ones they made in the sixties and seventies. The crucial question is why?
05-14-03 06:37 AM
bez85 because they are not hungry anymore....
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