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Topic: I just hit the trifecta! Return to archive
05-14-02 09:33 AM
Cardinal Ximinez Thanks to my C10 Brother, moonlightmile, Cardinal X will be doing the NYC trifecta...MSG, Giant's Stadium, and ROSELAND!

Because of his selfless act of benevolence, moonie gets to fly the blimp whenever he wants!

What a guy, what a guy, what a guy!!!!!

After those 6 days in NYC...I can die a happy man.

Rebel Yell for ALL my friends!!!!
05-14-02 10:15 AM
Riffhard Oh man Cardninal X,how lucky are you?!How did moonlightmile get them?The internet?Phone?I have exhausted every angle I know to no avail.I am truly SOL.I will continue to work all resources around for that last golden ticket!Moonlightmile you are one hell of a man to part with that ticket.
Hey,I'm not bitchin'.The Garden and Giants Stadium will be great fun!Ofcourse if the rumours about the Apollo in January are true I will once again work my fingers to the bone for a shot at those most elusive theater/club tix!

Riffhard B5,MSG 50,Limo 15,Roseland SOL
05-14-02 10:46 AM
Maxlugar I'm not so sure I can sit near you in the Black Limousine, Ximy.

My jealousy is bordering on resentment.

Like Riffman, I too have exausted my connection. This is after I recieved an eamil telling me I'm in.

That bastard!

But he is making up for it nicely.

But for now I hail Moonlight and Xims.

If there is any justice in this world, They will be playing Emotional Rescue in it's entirety and then in reverse order then call it a night.

Maxy, C9, Blimp 5, Limo 15, MSG 50, Roseland SOL.
05-14-02 10:54 AM
Joey 'If there is any justice in this world, They will be playing Emotional Rescue in it's entirety and then in reverse order then call it a night. '

You make Joey giggle !!!!

I am still DESPERATELY trying to get in at ARAGON Ballroom .

" While there's life , there's hope "

[ John Winston Lennon , Dec . 8th , 1980 ( 1:20 CDT ) ]

Club Joey

05-14-02 10:57 AM
luxury1 Cardinal XXXXXX--Way to rock it!.
I sucked at scoring tix--just Giants Stadium and Fleet Center so far (I live near Montreal, so that will be easy--no ticketbastard to deal with). I plan on hooking up with all you crazies in the long black limosine--you must park that baby in the Giants Stadium lot. Oh god--this is getting too exciting-even if I haven't copped a club gig yet. My feelers are still out there.
05-14-02 11:09 AM
Maxmeister [quote]Cardinal Ximinez wrote:
Thanks to my C10 Brother, moonlightmile, Cardinal X will be doing the NYC trifecta...MSG, Giant's Stadium, and ROSELAND!

Excellent!! We're all jealous.
MSG and Giant's Stadium will be great together. Of course, doing Roseland standing outsde during the gig and crying in our beer will be tough to take.[LOL]


Batting average .666
05-14-02 11:14 AM
Cardinal Ximinez I actually do feel a little guilty. But just a little. I mean, I know so many of you all want to be there so bad, working your fingers to the bone, calling in chits...and here I am, with a ticket just falling into my lap.

But on the other hand, any one of you would do the same thing in my shoes! It's my duty to go, and enjoy it enough for ALL of us. I promise to write a review...try to let you guys feel what it was like...

I'm blessed with having made some super friends over the internet...and right now, I'm damn sure glad that Moonie is one of them.

For those of you who haven't had any luck yet....don't give up hope. If it happened to me, it can happen to any of you...

[Edited by Cardinal Ximinez]
05-14-02 11:49 AM
Larry Dallas Congrats Cardinal! Your tremendous generosity with your Stones collection makes you more than deserving of the NYC Trifecta. I've only scored Commiskey Park so far (thanks to a friend), but I'm hoping to hit Columbus, Cleveland, and Nashville. Enjoy the NYC trifecta and remember to roll tape!
05-14-02 01:47 PM
nankerphelge I cannot think of another person more worthy to see them at the Roseland than the most gracious and thoughtful Cardinal. I am proud to know Moonie who would do the right thing and take Ximy after all that he has done for me. Have a blast you two -- say hi to Chaz for me...
05-14-02 02:48 PM
Maxlugar Oh definately Nanks!

I was totally kidding about the ER thing. I hope they play friggin' Exile in its entirety. Those guys deserve it.

Yeah, Exile with encore of Dirty Work!

Sweet merciful frig'! THAT would be cool!
05-14-02 02:55 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Oh man, can you imagine the pure POWER of One Hit at that tiny little ballroom?

If they played Exile I would literally shit in my pants.

At least that would clear out some breathing room. That place is gonna be packed. But I'm willing to sacrifice my personal comfort for a club show. Yep, I'll be Cardinal Sardine for the evening!

I can't believe this is actually happening to me. This better not be a Candid Camera prank....someone would have to die.
05-14-02 04:42 PM
Moonlight Mile Yep, got two tix during the presale thru the official site. Wish I could haven given my spare to every one of the C10 and its many honorary members, but had to go with CardX because of his incredible generosity with his Stones collection since my early days on the Gas board. Others have been generous too and I appreciate them more than I can say, but CardX just went above and beyond the call on more than one occasion so I just felt right in sending a little love his way . . .

Just dawned on me that I may as well get a Giant Stadium ticket since I'll hanging around New York all week.
05-14-02 05:20 PM
nankerphelge There are not many here that have not been touched by his generosity. Good deeds get rewarded Ximy -- enjoy it for all of us!
05-14-02 05:32 PM
Joey Amen...........

Ximy sure helped me out ....................I was listening to " Handsome Girls Disc # 3 " this morning . The man is GOD in my book .....all those boots he made me ....opened up a whole new world to youngster Joey .

They are currently building a statue of him out front at Charlestons .

" Aragon Me Ronnie "

Club " Clubby Bear " Joey

Joey only sees Stones in Clubs !

05-14-02 06:26 PM
nankerphelge Been listnin' to Jersey Devil the past few days compliments of his grace. Down the Road A Piece itself is worth a ticket to the Roseland. Man they fucking nailed it!
05-14-02 07:16 PM

My DearestStonesBros~~~

...i must admit, after practically weeping over the generosity and kind heartedness of our own mostprecious moonlightmile, that i for one am proud to be amongst you people out here in this crazyland called cyberspace, and will indeed be honoured to meet all of you at the upcoming and eagerly anticipated NewYawkshows ; )

05-14-02 09:53 PM
Miss U. Congrats, Cardinal.

Still...wish it was me! Not that I tried really. Ahh, well the C10 prevails yet again. Will the C10 ever increase in number to welcome others?
05-14-02 10:03 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Well...since C10 stands for "Cleveland 10", and that summit is in the, there can never be more members...

But that doesn't mean that you can't get a tag of your own....




05-15-02 11:28 AM
TomL Where you sitting in Giants stadium? I'm in 129 I think, maybe we can get together before the show.I going to Philly First Union with Nanky, Giants Stad, Fed-Ex, hopefully MCI, Nashville, want Pittsburgh Monday and Mexico City both nights.Getting fucking crazy. Thank God I started saving last year, Im up to about 700 in tickets so far.
05-15-02 01:19 PM
marko ok, guys,see ya in New york.way back in new york city,,,
05-15-02 01:39 PM
steel driving hammer Testing...

And thinking about the Stones.
05-15-02 03:50 PM
steel driving hammer Testing...

Anyone seeing the movie
Star Wars Episode II, Attack of the Stones?
05-15-02 05:11 PM
Moonlight Mile Yo Hamboof, stay on topic. This is a thread related to my greatness. Post something about what a great guy I am or go take a ronning faulk.


One helluva swell guy
05-15-02 05:29 PM
Joey 'Attica! Attica! Attica! '

Hey , I love the " Dog Day Afternoon " reference .

How about , " Say Hello to my little friend " ???

Moonlight , any luck with Aragon . Tony can be reached at and is a married man now . Tony is trying to score Aragon tix too so keep your fingers crossed of us has got to land .

" Scarface me Ronnie "

Club " clubby " Joey

05-15-02 05:54 PM
Moonlight Mile What is "Dog Day Afternoon"?

I don't even know your "little friend."

Have you been drinking?

My man on the ground is working Aragonie. He said it ain't as easy to score tickets thru the backdoor as it used to be. I'll let you know.
05-15-02 07:43 PM
Maxlugar Aragon was a great and mighty warrior.

Some say Frodo would never have done it without him.

I say bunk!

Gandalf was the main reason the fellowship won.

Moonlight Mile reminds me most of Gandalf. Our poor fellow hobbit, Ximy, was in need of safe passage to The Land of the Rose. Moonie, quite wizard-like, waved is big, thick magic staff and "poof!" Ximy was in!

All hail Moondalf The White, C10!


Max "Bringin' it all back to topic" Lugar, Blimp 5.
05-15-02 08:34 PM
Joey "My man on the ground is working Aragonie. He said it ain't as easy to score tickets thru the backdoor as it used to be. I'll let you know."

Bless you Moonie ...............may Eleanor Mondale keep an apartment near your home .

May Jesse Ventura run for President in 2004 .

May my colon expand soon.........damn I am plugged .

" Lose a steel tip shoe up my Ass Ronnie "

Your Clubby Joey

M. Joeyfly

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