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Topic: Chuck L. on CNN Return to archive
05-13-02 04:12 PM
Martha Did anyone catch Chuck Leavell (sorry if I misspelled the last name) on CNN Sunday afternoon around 3 ET? I fortunately got to see it at the nursing home visiting my 96 year old Grandma for Mother's Day, (she had cable and I don't)..... And She knew who the Rolling Stones were!! Ok!

Anyway, I finally saw the footage of them in the blimp.. etc. Charlie looks a bit green.

Chuck's interview was really cool. He played Tumblin' Dice and for the first time I could make out the lyrics! He rocked.

He also is invested in trees and stewardship of the land..has put out a book regarding this which is doing well. I didn't catch the title.

He is ready to jam for the Stones and got me even more psyched for the tour to start!
05-13-02 05:05 PM
Honky Tonker Chuck's book is called "Forever Green". It was a companion to a CD called "Forever Blue". In spite of the hell he receives at this site he is a great keyboardist and practices what he preaches about the environment. He's got a plantation in middle Georgia of around 2300 acres in planted pine trees.

P. S. Any power Chuck has over the Stones sound is granted to him by The Glimmer Twins and is probably there to cover someone's (Ronnie's, maybe) ass when they're too FU, can't remember the licks, etc.
05-13-02 10:13 PM
Thanks for clarifying for me Honky Tonker. Have you read the book?

I haven't been around the boards long enough to know he catches hell...why is that?

05-14-02 01:34 AM
Martini I too saw Chuck on CNN. Although he is a fine musician, a wonderful humanitarian, and seemingly a really nice guy, I kinda wish he didn't play "Tumbling Dice" solo. It had kind of a "Live at Buster's Drive Thru Rib Joint" feel to it, if you know what I mean. Not real gripping stuff.

I do think he has made contributions to the band, so I don't want to be too hard on him. I'm just going to pretend that the $350 I spend on my ticket goes into Keef's pocket and not into financing an encore "Chuck solo" performance on CNN.


05-14-02 07:38 AM
TT And I wish he would always stay 1000 miles away from the stage the Stones are playing on.
05-14-02 07:48 AM
Honky Tonker Martha, I have read the book and would recommend it only if you're interesting in the forestry business, as there isn't much musical talk in it. Chuck catches hell on this and other Stones sites becaused he is accused of "cleaning up" the Stones live sound too much.
05-14-02 08:31 AM
stonedinaustralia chuck catches hell because - from my view at leat - he's too anonymous - his work with the stones, its adequate but of no great character. Stu, Nicky H., Ian Mac ( and don't forget Jack Neitscke (sp?))... Christ,(maybe) even Billy Preston (if you'll pardon the expression) had distinctive stlyes and played parts that got your ears up thinking that your mind was blown (Well Billy never blew my mind but... you knew it was him)

still chuck must be doing something right or keeping somebody happy 'cos he's there doing it...

but for me,well, i could live without him...

who knows, maybe he's a living example of a compromise between M & K - (i mean, why didn't ivan neville get the gig?)... I don't know

and yet, while i didn't see it or hear it, i can imagine how bad (in the deepest sense) his Tumblin' Dice could have been and probably was...
05-14-02 08:51 AM
patioaintdry Leavell has been an adequate addition to the Stones stage show, but I wish he would stay the fuck away from playing Stones songs 'solo' and stick with the Allman Brothers or something. Plus, he should be careful. Remember what happened to Billy Preston when he got a little too presumptuous with the band --
05-14-02 01:42 PM
jb Yeah, this guy has definitey over stayed his welcome-what happened to that other fine black chick who sang with fatty lisa fischer on the 89 tour-she was hot!!
05-14-02 03:05 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Chuck L is just Paul Sheaffer with hair.

He also imports grouse and pheasant to kill on his tree farm.

Dump Chuck on his tree loving ass, and get Mac back.
05-14-02 03:23 PM
Scot Rocks Damn TreeHugger!!!!!!!!!!!LOL

05-14-02 03:26 PM
Scot Rocks This is a bit Ironic. I take it his book on the uneccesary killing of the lovely trees was made from paper. What a waste of trees on a book about saving them...HAHAHAHA LOL
05-14-02 03:39 PM
Honky Tonker Sorry to tell you this, Cardinal, as I greatly respect your opinion. Grouse and pheasant aren't imported to south Georgia (or even middle Georgia where Chuck lives) as the heat is too much for them. I think quail is what you're talking about. They're native to this part of the world. What's has any of this got to do with the wonderful news our heroes are back on the road once again!

P. S. Just a thought - Wouldn't Billy Powell (pianist for Lynyrd Skynyrd) be great in the keyboard spot? Just listen to "Call Me The Breeze". He's the next best thing to Jerry Lee! Yeah, in case you're wondering, I'm from down south.
[Edited by Honky Tonker]
05-14-02 03:48 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Chuck brings in grouse and pheasant. Like you said, quail is indigenous. He brings in the grouse and pheasants, and releases them. Then he has his buddies come over, and they hunt them down.

They did a whole show about it on one of those ESPN Sat. morming hunting shows.
05-14-02 04:38 PM
Honky Tonker I stand corrected. Damn, my first mistake this year!

On June 16, 2001 the hit counter of the WET page was inserted here, it had 174,489 hits. Now the hit counter is for both the page and the board. The hit counter of the ITW board had 1,127,645 hits when it was closed and the Coolboard didn't have hit counter but was on line only two months and a half.