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Topic: Opening Acts Con't Return to archive
05-12-02 11:11 PM
Bluzian Hmm..

Well I might conjecture a few:

Big Sugar
Colin James
Alicia Keys
Kylie Minogue
Lenny Kravitz
Remy Shand
05-13-02 02:42 PM
jb The acts you identified suck!
05-13-02 03:03 PM
Mr T GOV'T MULE!!!!!!!

Do we know who's playing where???? I'm not too thrilled with the Pretenders, but Johnny Lang would be cool
05-13-02 03:07 PM
Mr T I'd also rather see Stone Temple Pilots than No Doubt. That would be a kick ass show. The best would be the Black Crowes though. THE best live show I've ever seen, and could definitly warm the show up for tons of Exile/Sticky Fingers era stuff!!! Wish they'd stop messin around with this hiatus bullshit!
05-13-02 03:48 PM
Miss U. Big Sugar is great, but they already opened on them in TO for No Security. I think No Doubt is a good choice with their rock/reggae vibe.
What about OUTKAST?
05-13-02 03:55 PM
Private Godfrey Whoever books support acts - Book Lucinda Williams
05-13-02 05:23 PM
reid They need to get Ryan Adams and Lucinda Williams to open.
05-13-02 05:36 PM
voodoopug The Pretenders are opening the United Center shows in CHicago.
05-13-02 05:41 PM
Bluzian With reply to JB,

Well man/woman, obviously, you don't know a thing about
music, or have any fraction of an appreciation for talent.
But I don't fucking care.. I know your type: the classic
argumentative type A. I could say blue sky, and you would
say green sky. Whatever buddy.. get a life.

As for the others:

I'm not too keen on slutty Gwen Stefani.. Obviously, I'm
after Buddy Guy and Johnny Lang and Sheryl Crow to open.
However, for those who aren't in the know, the Black Crowes
have official disbanded and are NO MORE. :-( I personally
love the Crowes, and it was a sad day in rock n roll.
Yeah, Lucinda is great.. but I'm not too stuck on the whole
ESSENCE album - you? I mean, the song is great, but the rest
of the tracks are rather mediocre - no?

05-13-02 05:54 PM
Mr T correction: officially on hiatus, with a Chris Robinson solo project in the works. This isn't the Crowes first hiatus, I'm sure they mean it when they say they intend to return.

Personally, I'm kinda afraid to see No Doubt opening. They used to be really good, Gwen Stefani has a great voice - but everything I've heard off that new albums SUCKS - total crap! But at least if I see them, I won't have to wonder how good they are live - so if I catch them, that's prety much a +. Johnny Lang & Buddy Guy would be the best - but I'd go to see them on their own, so if they don't open for the Stones, I'll catch them another time. As for Sheryl Crow, ehhhh - I saw a live video of hers & the band really played like crap. Her singing was flat too, but I'll give her a shot.
05-13-02 05:55 PM
Vacendak If there's a Williams opener I'd prefer Hank, Jr. .... Actually, heard an old Rod Stewart number recently from his days with Jeff Beck,and it occurred to me that he'd be cool as an opener,and to jam on some number with the Stones. Ol' Woody would probably feel like he was caught between his two b*tches, though... (LOL)
05-13-02 06:00 PM
56DeSoto Woo, I just saw Lucinda Williams up at the Santa Fe Opera and she rocked! Her band was amazing and she did lots of songs off of Car Wheels, a few off Essence (which really grooved live) and finished up with some Howlin' Wolf. Oh yeah. Her opening for the Stones would be a smooth combination.

Pretenders- yes! Sheryl Crow- yes! No Doubt- sure, that'd be fun. But I guess we'll all just get what we get. At this point, freakin' Britney Spears could open and I'd still show up.

05-13-02 06:02 PM
The Eggman trust me guys, Big Sugar is the shit

They suit the Stones just fine!
05-13-02 07:47 PM
Vacendak Britney Spears.... Arrgghhh. Yeah, I'd show up, cause it's THE STONES, y'know? But I'd really be disappointed in my fellow Stones fans if we didn't raise the necessary ruckus and give her the treatment showered upon Prince and Meredith Brooks. Maybe Aerosmith allows her on the same stage, but to let her on the hallowed ground of THE WORLD'S GREATEST ROCK AND ROLL BAND? NEVER!! "Oops, we booed her again...." Personally, I'd like to see Neil Young or John Fogerty as openers, ta get the evenin' started with some great guitar, and to set up a possible jam with the band...even B.B. King or Santana would be a gas.... or maybe Susan Tedeschi (SP?)...
05-13-02 09:55 PM
Miss U. John Fogerty, OK...Neil Young NO!!!!!! That would make me cringe.

Why all the bluesers for openers? How about a band that takes us back to the 60s for a change...back to the time when it all began. I'd like to see that.
And I still think this should be an anniversary tour.
05-13-02 10:00 PM
Scot Rocks Just gimme more Stones, however if there was an opener, I would suggest B.R.M.C. or The Strokes or maybe if you were really pushing me that guy Paul McCartney...LOL

05-13-02 10:32 PM
Martha I'd like to see Doyle Bramhall II and Smokestack open...they rock with the older style music in mind. Saw them open for Clapton last year. I was very impressed. Has anyone seen them and liked them posting here? They are touring with BB King's Blues Fest this summer along with George Thorogood and the Destroyers and Jimmie Vaughn and the Incredible Thunderbirds. Catch it if you can tix are $45.50.

Also love Lucinda, Pretenders, Lang, Crowes, and will be cool with whatever we get. I'd have to puke though if Twitney showed up. That's too offensive for a person in the stage of life I'm in. Neil Young isn't an opener...too many fans still place him as a top bill...including myself..but if he did open his guitar work would get me into an ecstacy ridden state BEFORE the Stones would take the stage. Maybe too much?! Can you have "too much" live rock and roll in one show?

05-13-02 11:06 PM
Miss U. I believe Doyle Bramhall was the guitarist onstage with Mick in "Being Mick" at the end when he performed GGME.

I'd love to see Jimmie Vaughan & the Thunderbirds open.
05-13-02 11:42 PM
Cardinal Ximinez I guess I'll be a broken record and say...NO OPENER! Stones play like that better.

05-13-02 11:45 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Actually, I like Missy's idea...Outkast...that'd give me an extra hour in the limo to get fuckin' juiced.

I'm bringin' a bottle 'o Rebel Yell wit ya'll get ready now...
05-13-02 11:56 PM
Miss U. Ha ha, Cardy!!

You don't know what's going on
You've been away for far too long
You're out of touch my baby....
05-14-02 07:16 AM
JaggaRichards Vacendak!!! Susan Tedeschi would be a great choice! I've seen her several times and she rocks!
05-14-02 09:25 AM
Cardinal Ximinez No kidding B! I'm certainly outta touch with the times, and unapologetically so!

I think the Pretenders are gonna open at the NYC shows, so I'll actually check them out. I've seen the Pretenders before, and Ms. Hynde rocks. One of the very few female artists who understand that real rock and roll ain't pretty.
05-14-02 10:39 AM
padre Yeah, Jimmie Vaughan would be cool as well as Doyle Bramhall II! How about Steve Earle? Or John Hammond Jr? And on UK dates Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings!
05-14-02 09:56 PM
Miss U. Or how about John Hiatt?
05-16-02 07:08 AM
LesPaul Rammstein!!!
05-16-02 09:51 AM
Scot Rocks Rammstein...I do hope you are joking!!!!!...please tell me you are.
05-16-02 10:53 AM
Cardinal Ximinez I shit turds that sound better splashing into the toilet than RammStein
05-16-02 04:25 PM
gypsy That's real classy, Cardy, real classy.
05-16-02 05:35 PM
Honky Tonk Man Ramstein? Oh god, that was a joke right? I will be happy if they have any of these groups.

The Strokes
The Hives
The White Stripes

evan fucking Blink 182 would be entertaining

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