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Honolulu International Center, January 21, 1973
Annie Leibovitz

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Topic: Toronto Return to archive
05-11-02 04:52 AM
Midnight Rambler Hi everybody, this is my first post so Im pretty excited. Im the one who sent in the Brian Header pic from Germany, so you might have enjoyed that one already? Id like to know what would be the best seats to pick in Torontos Air Centre and Sky Dome as Im planning to take the trip in October. Will the stage actually be in the middle as the seating chart is suggesting? Thanks a lot, looking forward to hearing from you soon!
05-11-02 08:21 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Welcome Midnight Rambler, great that you switched from lurking mode to post. BTW, you gave us more than a header as it was two indeed and you gave me the Magazine which is cooler as I'm gonna use two additionaol photos later.
05-12-02 02:35 AM
Ruskafarian Hey man, here's what you gotta watch out for... I went to see the Stones at the ACC (No Security Tour) and I bought tickets at the second price level ($150). The best seats were $300+ and they were all the ones on the floor and all the tickets in the stand AT THE SIDE OF THE STAGE were $150. I feel sorry for the losers who paid $300+ to be 60 rows back from the stage (but they got to look DIRECTLY at the stage), while I only paid $150 and I was less than 20 rows from the stage. EXCEPT!!!! I was looking at the stage from a side angle, instead of directly at it. It's gonna be up to you. I'm just tellin' it how it is.
05-12-02 06:13 AM
Midnight Rambler Thanks a lot for the information; Ill probably go for the 150 bucks ticket. The same about Skydome! Where will 50$ Tix seat you? See you in October,any cool places to go to in Toronto? Take care!
05-12-02 11:03 PM
Bluzian Hey 'Rambler,

My best advice for you, is to just stick with "best available"
. I don't think there is a bad seat in the ACC. (I actually
had a front row centre at that No Security show, and paid
a meagre $91 for Row A, Seat 12, Sec. 1.) much to the chagrin
of my relatives who paid $300 a piece up in the nosebleeds!
Definetely a real scandalous affair.. Lucky for me I have the
swanky pictures to prove it.. but I dont honestly know what
the deal will be with ticket price arrangements!? Does anyone??

I emplore you to STAY AWAY FROM SKYDOME!!!!!!!! Having
experienced the worst Stones shows all in the same venue
on 3 different tours, I strongly urge you to reconsider
the Skydome endeavour. I'd even go as far as saying if your
only option is to see the Stones at Skydome, decline and
keep a memory of them in your head because you will be
thoroughly DISGUSTED with the sound quality there!!!!!!!!!
Believe me brother, I won't ever see another fucking concert
in that venue. (God only knows I've seen enough, and wasted
enough money there). It was built for ball games not rock
and roll concerts. Don't go to Skydome. Save your hard earned

Good luck with the ACC tickets!

05-13-02 12:18 PM
Midnight Rambler Hi Ian, you being the air centre expert, could you please do me a huge favor and check out the seating chart,as available on and recommend a couple of sections to choose from on saleday? As my girlfriend has to deal with ticketmaster on the phone, a first for her, as Im on some field trip in Sweden, shes a bit nervous on fuckin it up. Money dont matter for this one as the trip gonna cost a whole lot anyway! Speaking of Skydome were thinkin of taking the cheapest seats just to be there. Do you have any experience doing will call, where and when does one have to pick up the tix? Where is Air Centre actually? your help is greatly appreciated, take care, Bendix
05-13-02 12:40 PM
Lazy Bones To locate the Air Canada Centre, look for the CN Tower (you won't miss it), and the ACC is about 200 yards, east, down Blue Jay Way. The street runs right into the ACC.
I have the same opinions as many about the SkyDome. Sound is terrible. With regards to buying tickets, don't buy online call Ticketmaster (1-416-870-8000 in Toronto) and tell them what section you want to sit in. If you request "best available" their system picks random seats. Even if you're the first call, "best available" might offer you 300 level seating.
My seat at the ACC for No Security was $100 and I was 4 rows from the side, stage left. Either show, though, take what you can get!

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