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Honolulu International Center, January 21, 1973
Annie Leibovitz

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Topic: I just booked my flight to usa!! Return to archive
05-10-02 03:57 PM
marko So here we go again,,,today i booked my my flight to USA.
I will land to philly 2nd of september,,,,don´t remember
the time now,,,,and then i can start my rolling stones tour
in america,hopefully,i can see all 11 shows.
So ximy,maxy,nanky,steelie and maxmaister are you ready?
05-10-02 04:16 PM
voodoopug I would love to meet you if you will be in the chicago shows
05-10-02 04:52 PM
marko´ll get a chance,,i hope tony can get tickets for me.
I was in chicago in last august,we had some,MORE fucking
mad time,you wanna join us?
05-10-02 05:52 PM
J.J.Flash Hey marko, where are u from?
05-10-02 06:48 PM
Angiegirl Marko, you are one lucky man!!! I wish I could fly overseas to catch the first leg of the tour, but I flew to the States in 98 to see 2 shows at MSG and I'm still paying off my loan to my aunt...

Have fun oyu, enjoy it!
05-10-02 07:12 PM
tet1972 Have fun! it`s a big dream ,for me to go usa to watch stones
but not now, no money no honey!
05-10-02 08:58 PM
Maxlugar Listen carefully to me you friggin' son of a bitch:

We will rock your mother fucking ass off when you come to NYC.

I will have a limousine for one of the MSG shows. I know there is only one officially booked but there has to be more.

You will get your Fine Finnish ass into it and party until you feel you can not party any God-damned more, ya know?

It will be all of the CLEVELAND Summit gang minus Joey. He will be driving. A different Limo.

So I want to assure you, you Crazy Bastard, things will get, how you say in Finland? Fucking Mad?

Yes Marko.

Fucking mad.


Maxy Van Cortlandty, BLIMP fucking 5, C Fucking 9. Liver fucking fucked!

05-10-02 09:09 PM
nanky marko you crazy bastard -- cannot wait to see ya agin and get roasted up big time!

I will be in the limo for sure!

God this is fun
05-10-02 10:01 PM
marko wrote:

So ximy,maxy,nanky,steelie and maxmaister are you ready?

I've already passed the ready stage and I'm now into the creaming stage.
NYC Summit. Oh yeah!!
How about SDH for the limo driver?[LOL] Left, right, no left right?
Hail the 2003 Helsinki Summit!!!


05-10-02 10:56 PM
TomL Keep me posted Nanky.
05-11-02 12:15 AM
riverrat You've got a friend in philadelhia.
Just as long as you are not a loud drunk and wake up my 3 month old and three year old...GOD I wish I could take them.
I am becoming an expert at sneaking into the house, opening a beer and posting messages. My first stones show was the set in Hampton Va. 81. If I ihad married earlier, I'd be seeing the stnes with my child. Just like the Dead, I missed it. See you at the Tower, call me if your too fucked up!
05-11-02 12:21 AM
TomL Fucked up I is.
05-11-02 01:40 AM
Moonlight Mile Marko, me C-10 bruddah! When you're here, you can pitch to my boss why I also need a month off to go jonesing me stonesing.

Man, this is fixing up to be some good times. Then again, that is but a truism.

"Bitchslap me up and down the skank side, Ronnie!"
05-11-02 02:12 AM
marko yes,absolutely fucking madh,,,yeah,its good to be back,great
to be anyway.
I´m gonna bring some boots for ya,,,any wishes?
For ximy i will special box set,self done ofcourse,that box
will include all scandinvian shows,whats available.I hope
to have time and money to do it.
Hey how about new york summit t-shirt??i have a nice idea.
And the who don´t know me,,,i´m from finland,and i´m coming
alone to usa....thats why i´m GB.heh.mad,
05-11-02 08:50 AM
nanky speaking of Ximy

His most holiness is thanked profusely for the kind birthday wishes. Enjoyed a couple bottles of wine last night upon my own personal tour of the south and played disks 3 & 4 of the '78 rehearsals. Never B4 heard the famed CS Blues -- very nasty -- they should play it. Also I must say that they absolutely kicked ass on Prodigal Son with Ronnie sliding away. They should play that too.

Also started listening to Jersey Devil -- and, as Ximy foretold, I shit my pants. Sometimes the guys just click -- Mick was way on that day.

thanks man -- owe ya big time!
05-11-02 12:25 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Your Welcome, Brother Nanky!

Played some of that Jersey Devil for the Monkey on the way to see the blimp. Man, did you hear "Down The Road Apiece"? Yikes!

Marko you crazy bastard! We gonna have some big fun! We CERTAINLY need to make up NYC Summit me with your flight schedule, and your Tshirt ideas...I'll let you know how we make out with tix.
05-11-02 01:45 PM
padre Mistä ihmeestä sä Marko saat haalittua ton rahamäärän, minkä toi reissu vie? Ootko sä ryöstänyt pankin? On kyllä varmaan loistava reissu, toivottavasti kaikki menee putkeen ja keikat on hyviä!
05-11-02 10:04 PM
Maxlugar wrote:

I will have a limousine for one of the MSG shows. I know there is only one officially booked but there has to be more.

Out of panic for not having any tickets yet, last night I joined the fan club and purchased a ticket to MSG. Of course I have hopes of seeing any or all of the theater shows, but MSG is still a great place to see the boys.

So I vote for the Thursday show for Limo-hood. I'm not positive there will be shows added - it makes sense to have a night off between gigs.

Will there be room in the limo for the Cardinal's Blimp? We're gonna use it to pass the dutchie.


(that COULD be BL6 if only Annie had reVEALED her squiggly self~)
05-12-02 12:40 AM
Riffhard Hey Marko,
Get your ass across the pond!!!A New York Fucking City Summit! I'm already saving by bail money.Oh the time we're gonna have!T-shirts are a must!Were gonna need to get a bus by the time this is all said and done.Ain't no shame in a bus,I say!(provided it's nice one with a Lotus bar)
I'm tellin' ya I'm getting a real funny feelin' we might see Ya-Ya's 2002 in The Garden.Mick Taylor is gonna make his glorious return in the Big Apple.I cannot wait!
All aboard! Cardinal Ximinez,Fleabit Peanut Monkey,Maxlugar,AzQb,Maxmeister,Marko,Moonlightmile,Blue,Joey,and all you other sons a bitches!
"I've been shattered,my brains are splattered,all over,Manhatten!"

Riffhard Blimp 5, Soon to be NYC 50!
[Edited by Riffhard]

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