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Topic: Toronto Return to archive
05-09-02 11:50 PM
Bluzian Greetings everyone,

This is my first time making a post. It never donned on me
to speak up - and for the many months that I've been reading
on here, I thought I would register. (?)

Anyways.. I'm up in the Toronto region for those who want
to know, and like you, I'm a stones addict who's lived my
life vicariously through the ups and downs.. I think my
life is documented by concert dates and ticket stubs. (!)

Hope to chat with you in the up and coming months.

Ian :-)
05-10-02 12:01 AM
Miss U. Hi Ian!!

I'm in TO too! Have you bought any tix yet for any shows? They'll be rehearsing here for sure.
05-10-02 01:00 AM
Bluzian Hi..

Nah, haven't got 'round to purchasing any.. I'm still trying
valiantly to figure out and rationalize this whole SamGoody

Is it worth it? Are "they" worth it? Can I justify spending
that much money on Mick's innumerably alimony suits? In all
honesty, no, I can't - as I have spent literally thousands
and thousands of bucks on them all around. I was like some
unofficial stones-head last tour outting, to the point of
almost "stalking" them at concerts!! *L* And I really thought
that that was gonna be the final outting. Who woulda thought
they'd still be alive in 2002? I surely didn't, and I'm only

So I am still debatting on how to get tickets, wether to
spend $60US on SamGoody, wether to wait it out.. I might
just call up Michael Cohl... he's a really sweet guy! :-)
(FYI: I've pretty much been there, done taht with the Stones
and it's now all old hat for me.. Club date? Phf.. no biggie.
And in all fairness, I didn't like them in a club setting.
They sucked!)

We'll see.. I'm in Guelph actually! :-)

Talk to me!
05-10-02 02:57 AM
Welcome to the board. Glad to hear from you. you have a very level headed approach to this presale rip-off (in my opinion) and I salute you for it. I can't go overboard either as much asI love to see the Stones live. Must stay sane.... My husband is from Lockport NY and we might be in the area to visit his family when the Stones are rehearsing in Toronto. Where would they most likely play a club gig? Why did you think they sucked in a small venue? Too crowded...or what?

Did you see them in Charlotte for B2B?
Cleveland or Columbus for NS?

I'm in Ohio. Keep posting!
05-10-02 07:46 AM
John Wood I live in the area also just remember tickets go on sale
through ticketmaster May 25. I think it will be easy to
get tickets, Air Canada Center and Skydome hold a lot of
people. Depending on prices (I am hearing as high as 350)
I would be suprised if Skydome sells out. I will be at both
shows and hopefully a couple more in other cities.
05-10-02 07:50 AM
John Wood I saw the in Columbus in 99 great concert great crowd!!
05-10-02 07:50 AM
Lazy Bones Greetings, Bluzian and welcome aboard. I'm in Waterloo just a short jog from you. And, I, too, have the same thoughts on all these ticket-purchasing thieves. If tickets are sold out when they go on sale, I'll buy them on the corner the day-of. Either way, I'll be at both ACC and SkyDome shows even if I have to tend to a nosebleed all night.
05-10-02 10:18 AM
Ruskafarian I give ACC less than 15 min to sell out. For "No Security", I was lucky enough to get through on the phone 12min after they went on sale.
I tried again (for more tickets) 20min after they went on sale, and they were all gone.

I give SkyDome about an hour, and then it'll be gone too.

By the way, does anyone know anything about which club the Stones will (probably) play, at the end of their rehersals in Toronto?
I figure this board is the best place to ask... People always say there's people here who have connections to the "inside" of the
Stones' camp...

C'mon, let us all know!
05-10-02 11:52 AM
jagg i'm from Toronto! I seen them at the Horseshoe Tavern last time the were here (surprise club gig). And after that experience, there is no way I'm missing a surprise gig!

We got to work together to figure out where and when there going to play.

what venues to you think?

Horseshoe (again?)
the new el mocombo?
Lee Palace?
Opera House?

maybe this new bar that will open soon called Stones Place?

You guys have any ideas?

For sure they'll play a weeknight....

anyone have any ideas?

I think they'll rent a school again (like in 1994) to rehearse.

we should create a email list, and send emails when we get tips for where they could be playing.

what do you say?
05-10-02 12:18 PM
Lazy Bones Regarding tickets, both will sell out quick - starting with the cheap seats. ACC first, probably closer to 30-40 minutes; while the SkyDome will be a hour or two, if not longer. Don't forget, there was an article in the Sun a couple days ago with a large title - "top seat $350". This will turn some heads away. I noticed that finally posted the SkyDome show this morning (along with the ACC show); but has since been removed. Perhaps to change the ticket prices which were posted $50-$90!
Regarding rehearsals, didn't they rehearse in a hanger at Pearson in '94?
I think an e-mail list would be great.

On a side, non-Stones-related note, Dylan tickets for his 16th August show at the Molson Amphitheatre go on sale 10:00am, Monday!!!
05-10-02 03:33 PM
jb Truthfully, if you can't afford the tickets, you must really be in bad shape..I mean what is $50.00 today;it cost that much to fill up my wife's SUV.. The stones are the greatest spectacular on earth and lets face it, this will be the last major tour!!! Get with the program-get a real job and save $10.00 a week, and by the time of the show, you will have a cople of hundred dollars to buy tickets. You know, poverty really does suck!
05-10-02 04:10 PM
Miss U. I got the $$ for tix, but in all honesty that's with a little help from a work bonus & tax rebate. If I wanted to, I coulda spent $1000 on EBay and bought tix to the LA theatre gig. But at this point in the game....the Stones are no longer in their gigging prime. This isn't the 60s or 70s, and it's only ONE night. Even though this may be the last tour.
Part of me wants to splurge & see them in NYC, another part says don't be so extravagant, use the money for that trip you were planning...

When I saw them at the ACC in 99, I just got tix a few weeks before from a scalper, and they were right near the B-Stage!! I thought the security there was too tight, put a damper on it big-time.
This time I'd like to see them at the Skydome maybe....I've never been there; Is this not as good as the ACC? Only been in Toronto a few years.

Didn't the Stones play the RPM Club one time here in TO?
I remember when I saw the STones for STeel Wheels in Toronto, we went to the El Mocambo after the show; alot of people were thinkin the same way, but no luck.
Keeping in touch via email about club gigs is a great idea.

JAGG---how did you know the Stones would be at the Horseshoe? Did you know they'd be coming there under a pseudonym or something?

Great to see so many on here from around TO!
05-12-02 10:52 PM
Bluzian Hey all..

I am still apprehensive about this whole thing.. I'm just
not as gung-ho and anxious as I used to be. Maybe this is
what age, maturity and being wise is all about?

Until the morning of ticket day sales, I can't decide on
whether or not I will have the patience or not to sit thru
a constant re-dailing mentality for ticketmaster again. It's
so yesterday and the novelty I guess has worn off.

My current ex-girlfriend wants to go with her daughter, and
I'm sure it'll be fun to take a 10 year old funky girl to
her first rock concert (the Stones were my first) but...
I dunno...

With regards to the club show? I actually saw them at
Shepherd's Bush Empire in June '99. I was so disappointed
with the club show, I sold my Wembley tickets!!( the main
reason why I flew to England in the first place!!!!) At
the last impulsive moment, I re-purchased a ticket, and
caught that last Wembley show and was totally blown away!!
So I had to see them at Mungersdorfer!! (the final gig!!)
The club show wad dismal. I swear, if Keith Richards plays
that same slo-mo honkytonk~deadflowers country twang lick
one more time, I'm going to permanently boycott!!! I feel
that the ruined "Melody" and "I got teh blues" which IMO,
was no better than the Marquee '71 disaster. Let's face it,
"I got the Blues" will only be a wicked studio cut that they
can't ever pull off in a live setting. It's locked in an
era. And I also tuned in to the fact that both Mick and Keith
seemed to have gotten their noses close to some blow because
2/3rds thru the set, Mick was on something - as was Keith.
Sue me for libel, but, I was not impressed with their
lackadaisacal club show. The highlight for me was seeing
Jade Jagger and Jerry Hall!!!! :-)

05-13-02 10:40 AM
jagg A security guard let me in at the Horseshoe (I was really lucky).... Anyone have a feeling where the stones will play a surprise gig this time?

Lets start a email list, to help each other out!

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