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Topic: Oh stop! Return to archive
05-09-02 02:52 PM
Maxlugar Supply and demand my friends.

Inflation is defined by too much money chasing to few goods.

If they were not worth it they would not be getting it.

Get over it.

How long have we all known they were coming around again? Long enough to put aside shit loads of money. Why, I'm getting a friggin' Black Limousine filled to the rafters with booze, chiba and boozed-out chiba-faced Stonesian kin for at least one show!

Now you can all wait for the free concert in Central Park that will never come or you can fork it over now.

I say it's worth it.

Maxy Van Cortlandt, C9, Blimp 5
05-09-02 03:20 PM
Nellcote Finally, a voice from some sanity! Oh sure, I'd love to
harken back to the days when I paid $6.50 to see the Stones
& Stevie Wonder, the second night A Boston Garden, (Not the
night the beat up the Projo papparazi, but after)also, but this will not happen. Let those who do not desire to "fork it over" sit by your radio, be the 100th caller, and win!
Or, suck it up and pay! I gladly paid the $400. ea for the seats, looking to find more!

One jaded Nellcote
05-09-02 03:28 PM
FotiniD Hello!

I've said my opinion on this in another post, but here I am again

I just think that people complaint not because they don't want to pay the money to see the Stones, but because they can't afford it. They don't have the money! This can make you end up feeling frustrated, alright. You want to see the Stones, you don't have enough money to pay for them, you got the rent, the house, the family, you don't have the money. Simple as that. And then here it goes, raising the question: why SO expensive tickets?

I don't think anyone (or at least the majority!) is tightfisted when it comes to seeing the Stones, especially after three long years of waiting!
05-09-02 03:44 PM
Joey Yeah , but $ 8,500 .00 to get a Club seat from a Broker?

Your young Joey did not put THAT much money aside for tickets . Unless , of course , I get a nice severance package .

I wonder how many people are spending their severance packages on Stones' tickets ? CNN/USA Today should have a pie chart for that .

" HP Me Ronnie "

Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Joey

Club " Clubby Bear " Joey


The Joey , C9


05-09-02 03:59 PM
Nellcote As stated earlier/better, supply & demand!
05-09-02 04:13 PM
Moonlight Mile I hear ya Maxwellington, some of these moaners are a bunch of freakin' Commies! Red under the bed, if you know what I mean. This is America for chrissakes! If you want money, go get some goddam money!

moonlightmile, C10, Roseland bound, United Center bound, and probably somewheres else bound like a muhfuh!
05-09-02 04:29 PM
voodoopug 100% support here, if you cant afford the prices, the stadium shows offer many 50-90 dollar seats....many that will be easy to get this weekend.

I forked over 400 bucks each for two tickets and I cant afford it, but I am a fan and it doesnt matter that I dont have the money....

Anyone going to the shows in chicago, lets talk and hang out before hand...looking for more stones fans to party with.
05-09-02 05:04 PM
TT Sorry, folks, but that is all arrogant capitalist talk. Enjoy the show. Maybe you meet one or two FANS inside.
05-09-02 05:55 PM
swapwoodfortaylor Well I'll be waiting a long time to buy a ticket in 2002 for what I paid for my first stones concert. Face value 7/6 which is 0.375 which is $0.54 I might swap the ticket stub though!!!
05-09-02 08:36 PM
Are you pulling that big ole black limosine into the Giants Stadium parking lot by any chance??
05-09-02 10:06 PM
rpeter I'm not complaining about the ticket prices. I think that the prices
are fair for a group with the talent and reputation of the Stones. what my
complaint was about was the extra fees that were being added to the ticket prices.
At the time I also beleive it was some kind of error on the Stones site. The extra
fees were to be $370 which seems to be corrected now at 3.70
05-09-02 10:42 PM
JaggaRichards Maxy,

I agree with you 1000%.
We're Stones Fans.
We don't have to expain nuthin'.
05-10-02 12:01 AM
Bluzian Hey y'all..

Personally, I think that this latest fiasco with buying
tickets through private agencies and fan clubs is watershed
for concert goers, (and a bad thing too).

Maybe I've seen them way too many times to be troubled and
bothered by such burdens and inconvenience? Perhaps ten
years ago, (when I was at my stones appreciation climax) I
would've been more inclined to have taken the different
routes (needed) to get good tickets? But after seeing them
in the many various shapes, sizes and configurations, I am
almost repelled by this recent SamGoody scandal. I thought
ticket bastard (charges) were exhorbitant, but SamBaddy is the ultimate evil

How did Mick hook up with this company? Is it a conglomerate
of one of his little businesses? I wouldn't be surprised if
Mick and Keith held all the shares to SamGoody Co. woudl you?

Lastly, I think the Stones should be touring FOR FREE!!!!
I would think after all the money taht I personally have
spent on their concerts (we're talking well over 5 digits
here people), that I feel I've purchased one of Mick's
luxurious houses in all my endorsements over the years.

Can a committed long-term fan not have to be obligated to
go through all these pre-sale channels? What ever happened
to First Day sales and luck of the draw? Personally, I have
a life, and it's no longer controlled by Rolling Stones Inc.
So I feel it's pathetic to have to cater to THEM, when in
fact, they should be catering to "US", their employers!!!

Any rebuttals?

05-10-02 03:21 AM
Martha My hats off to being brave enough to say this Ian!

So Right fuckin' on brothers and sisters!

It would be a lot better if they had just waited to go on sale at TBastards and leave the extra costs and scammers outta the mix. I think we all feel that way even though we can't do anything about it. Some of you have prepared for this financially, ..that is your good fortune but not everyone who loves the band had that option.

Besides it isn't right.

Oh well...
to those of you who are going no matter wha, have a blast.

I gotta come back home and have a home to sleep in so it's the regular tix price or nothing for me. Ban the scam I gotta scram.

It will be what it will be.

scam goody the ultimate evil doer...i like that one.
05-10-02 10:58 AM
Riffhard I'm with you Maxy,
We all knew this was coming,and had plenty of time to set aside the funds or to at least brace ourselves for the reality of the prices.Personally,I don't think most of the prices are out of line on todays market.Not only that,but really,is there any other band that you would be willing spend big bucks on?I got tix to see The Who w/ Robert Plant.Those tix cost me $104.00 each.I figured,there is no way that these two will ever hook up again.So why not?
I mean think about it.The Stones are hitting the road for what maybe The Last Time,with the possible exception of a few one off shows every now and again,so I say up the cash now b/c there ain't many more chances.
I'll never pay $100.00 or more to see anyone else,but The Stones,well that is quite a bit different.We're talking about one of the very few legendary bands still in the game.Not to mention The Stones have played the game better than anyone!
So as Andrew Loog Oldham said all those years ago-"See that blind man.Knock 'em in the head and steal his bread!" None of us will be spending the big bucks again.So quit your bitchin' and open your wallet!
Riffhard Van Cortlandt Blimp-5
05-10-02 01:59 PM
Joey "I got tix to see The Who w/ Robert Plant.Those tix cost me $104.00 each.I figured,there is no way that these two will ever hook up again.So why not? "

Riffy , don't be surprised if that WHO show comes pretty close to topping the Stones ......the WHO are really clicking on all cylinders with Zak Starkey behind the Kit .

Clubby Bear

05-10-02 02:09 PM
Vile Dance "If you want to dance,,
You've got to ____ the Fiddler"
What's that word?????????

05-10-02 02:12 PM
Joey " Choke " ?????????????

05-10-02 02:30 PM
Maxlugar "Riffy , don't be surprised if that WHO show comes pretty close to topping the
Stones ......the WHO are really clicking on all cylinders with Zak Starkey behind
the Kit . "

If The Who ever dream they are on the same level as the Stones, they better wake up apologizing.

I love it when The Who go out on tour and weep to their stupid fans "Oh, this will be our last tour..sniff, everyone must come out and see us"

Then people like Joey go out and spend their hard-earned severance packages to get their last glimpse of The Who live. The last time they will ever be on stage in front of their adoring fans! Oh dear God I wish it weren't true but they said it! They told us it will never happen again so I better get out there and catch this last opportunity!!!!

Then they come and go with all the thanks and praises of their adoring fans.

HA ha!!!

Three to five years later they do it all again!

Ha ha ha!! Waaaaaa ha ha ha!!! Ha ha...cough..cough..weeez... Haaaaa ha ha ha!!!!

Oh mercy!

All for a band that hasn't even attempted to put together anything new for 20 years for their fans.

Max Kudlow
05-10-02 02:37 PM
Vile Dance Live with Keith Moon the Who can top the The Stones are "greater" because of the songs themselves, which will live much longer...not because of "liveness".
05-10-02 02:42 PM
Joey "All for a band that hasn't even attempted to put together anything new for 20 years for their fans. "

Wrong again my Oyster bay living , subterranean bar inhabiting , ignoring the Blue , Red and Grey - ing , Train riding , living hours from working , not owning the " WHO live at the Royal Albert Hall 2000 DVD or VHS " then I would think differently - ing , getting up in the morning Waaaaaaaaay to early - ing , missing David Letterman every night - ing , going to 8th street for lunch-ing pal .

The Who have scheduled studio time this October so that all of them will go back into the studio to record a complete record of new tunes . Steely Dan is also in the studio as I compose this masterpiece .

I wonder , and I really mean this , will Maxy stop by his local record store that sells Music videos and will he pick up the WHO Royale Albert Hall Tape ????? For if he should view it this morning , he would call his Broker Saturday morning and scarf up a couple of MSG tickets for one of the FOUR , count them , FOUR MSG WHO performances this summer .

This is what weighs so heavily on my Stressed to the 15K merger cutting soul

" HP MY Arse till it bleeds Ronnie "

Club Joey


05-10-02 02:58 PM
Maxlugar "Wrong again my...."

Wrong AGAIN?!



When have I EVER been wrong?

I have been providing quality, 100% truthful posts for over 5 years!

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get back into my motorized Lotus Chair and go get myself another beer.


Maxy Van Cortlandt, BLIMP 5, C9! (Maxy)

PS, my Life Sized Billy Preston Action Figure now has a bottle opener betwixt it's sphincter. Yeah!

05-11-02 09:00 AM
Scot Rocks "Out of my Brain on the Train!!!!!!!!!!!!"

the Who are only 2nd to the Stones and that isn't a bad second!!!!!!!!
05-11-02 02:40 PM
gypsy "Live with Keith Moon the Who can top the Stones"

*blank stare*
05-11-02 04:41 PM
Joey Gypsy..................

I would like to caress your kneecaps and nibble your elbows all at the same time

Yours ,

Clubby Bear Joey

The Joey , C9

" He only sees the Stones at Clubs "

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