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Topic: Last shows of the North American tour confirmed! Return to archive
05-09-02 09:54 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl ...and everybody is invited!

For the first time in 5 years, the greatest rock and roll band in the world... ladies and gentlemen…

Mexico City
February 6 Estadio Azteca
February 7 Estadio Azteca

Could be more but two already booked and confirmed!!!

The last show in México City was on February 9, 1998, so it will make almost exactly five fucking years.

Why Mexico City?

1) You will be in another country, it always makes you feel different, higher, cool, on vacation, and at least in a different atmosphere, and I'm not talking about smog .

2) The Stones and any group, use to feel and play different playing in front of a different culture. Example the show by Page-Plant in 1995 was the best of the tour according to many fans worldwide.

3) Mexico is considered by the Stones a great place to play, and since there won’t be shows in Argentina these shows will be surely the wildest. The ones with the most enthusiastic fans.

4) According to Ed Beaver, the guy who gave us more reviews at IORR than anybody else during the 1997-1999 tours; Mexico City is the hottest place to see the Stones, read it in his own words:

“First I would like to say: Mexico City, I love you!. I've seen the Rolling Stones in 16 countries across the world over the years, but the Mexican fans is by far the most kind and polite friends to share a concert with. While it's great fun to get really sweaty and worn out at Wembley, all the kindness of people next to you makes it so much easier to really enjoy the show“.

Ed Beaver 1998

Check the whole review at this location:, I also remember Bjørnulf Vik telling me about how great those shows were. I know, I have posted this before LOL.

5) Mexico City has been, by far, the longest stop in all tours; in 1995, they arrived on January 7th and left the country on January 23rd. Between those dates they made extensive rehearsals, shooted the “I Go Wild” video and relaxed at some of the nicest places. Check Nico Zentgraf’s website to read more ( ). Since the US tour ends on February 1 in Denver and the next date is February 18, there’s a big chance to have another long stop here.

6) Check this great quote by Keith Richards from the great site by Ian McPherson:

”The last couple of years I've spent a lot of time in Mexico, and believe me there's more guitar players down there per square inch than there is even in Rock and Roll Land. (laughs) I mean, EVERYBODY plays bloody guitar and they're all damn good at it.

Keith Richards, 1986

7) Next shows are in Australia and then far east, then Europe, the next shows in the USA will probably be until September 2003so it will be a good shot for your stones’ cold turkey if you live in the USA and a great warm up if you live in Europe!

8) Good places can be bought at face value just being on time the very first day.

9) There’s a Voodoo Chile in Wonderland down there!
05-09-02 09:58 PM

¡¡ Mi casa es sú casa cabrones !!
05-09-02 10:00 PM
SatisfactionUK Is it a hassle getting across the border?
05-09-02 10:03 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Only your passport and Mexican visa.

Spanish fans don't need the visa only the passport.
05-10-02 12:10 AM
Jerry smoke accessable down there? Pills are legal?
05-10-02 11:00 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl smoke? pills? what's that? we don't know anything about it.
05-10-02 12:26 PM
Lazy Bones You're a hoot, Gerardo! A great party host you'll be. Btw, is there a Canadian tongue where you found that sucker? I've been searching for one to use as my avatar! Gimme a ring if you know - pls & thks!
05-10-02 02:25 PM
Vile Dance Yeah, Can't you smoke tobacco in Mexico? Up here where I'm at in Maine YOU can't smoke ANYTHING inside.

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