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Topic: Orpheum Tickets Return to archive
05-08-02 06:49 PM
GuitarShredder41 I will do anything for any seat in the Orpheum Theatre?!? ANYONE. I am desprate.

please help

05-09-02 11:27 AM
Meetch Me, too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
05-09-02 12:26 PM
winter That makes three of us (within reason)
05-09-02 01:23 PM
luxury1 no, four. But I only need one ticket--anyone??
05-09-02 01:43 PM
winter any bostonians in the bunch?
05-09-02 02:53 PM
kc152 I know there is someone selling a pair on ebay. Is anyone interested in bidding & going in half with me. I might take that route for Roseland as well.
05-09-02 03:12 PM
reid the ebay page says that they are general admission seats. That isn't true, is it?
05-09-02 03:30 PM
winter one of the pre-announcement news articles, mentioned that the author believed that all theater/club shows would be GA.

The Orpheum is usually assigned seats. Maybe he was right.

To me GA is good (especially if you have a seat, ie, a designated spot to call your own, once you get in) - hardcore fans could get up close by getting there early with the people that are going just to be there stuck in the back.
05-09-02 05:45 PM
speter555 hey winter you looking for a Bostonian with Orpheum tix?
hang in there 'cause we're gonna score by the end of the weekend.
05-09-02 06:00 PM
winter amen brother, I sure hope so. Also looking for some stones fans to party with at the shows?

Has anyone ever tried hanging at the four seasons bar when the stones are in town, I heard last tour, keith are ronnie were there pretty frequently. This tour, it might just be keith.

Will security let non-guests in?

05-09-02 06:35 PM
speter555 My son and I met them at 2 a.m. at the front door of the four seasons.they just got in from Carolina that Sat. night
i got some great pix of Keith,Charlie and Ronnie.The limo driver told us he was picking Mick up the following dayat 4:oo on the tarmac at Logan.The rest came on a bus about ten mins. later.We met and talked with Lisa, Darryl and Bobby keys.Keys spent about ten mins. shooting the shit with us.I plan on getting a room there to sort of guarantee
meeting them.
05-09-02 06:52 PM
speter555 After the Tues. show The Mick was in the Bristol lounge where he met two girls he invited from the show.It's my
understanding that guests of the hotel were allowed in the lounge.He was surruonded by bodyguards so I don't know if you could have approached him for an autograph.
05-09-02 07:22 PM
winter Excellent. Last tour before the second show I was walking down Newbury street by Davio's and I see a big black stretch limo. This woman approaching the car yells "oh my god,what are you doing here." I thought for a second, that it could be, but then said, na, it couldn't be. It was about 4:30-5:00 the night of the show, and I couldn't see in the limo as I was on the far side walk away from the door that was open. Besides, the woman walking down the street seemed to know the person inside. So I walked away figuring it had to be someone else (maybe, someone in town going the show that night, stopping on Newbury for dinner). Sure enough, the next morning in the paper (I believe the Globe), there is a picture of Mick getting out of a black stretch limo for dinner a Davio's before the show.

Next time, I'll take a closer look. It would be nice just to have the opportunity to say, hey thanks for the music.

05-09-02 08:08 PM
speter555 The limo driver had told us that once he had him in the limo he was taking him to a restaurant but he didn't know which one otherwise I would have finally met my idol.
05-09-02 10:45 PM
StonesJuno Seattle, Voodoo (or Bridges? dang, don't recall)

...I'm running through the rain around the Four Season hotel. Side door flings open, and I dart quickly past between the open door of a limo and side door to the hotel, head ducked down, intent not to get too wet. Oblivious to the fact that I coulda just jumped in the limo! I nearly collide with four gents, who let me pass before them. I stop turn around, and watch the Stones climb in the limo, and get a quick smile and nod to me from Mick! heehee! Well, what the hell did I do? Turned around and ran in the front door to get out of the rain, of course! hahahaha

I've run into them a few times since, but that was my first encounter after my first Stones tour ever, so it's special. I've been backstage a few times during B2B and No Security (incl. Mick's Private release party in LA), but I usually just enjoy the view and memories. I'm to shy to do much else! Go figure, I'm not that shy around my friends!

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