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Topic: The Greatest Hits + New Songs is a very good idea (+ info Return to archive
05-08-02 03:56 PM
Soldati For me is the best idea for a Great Hit. If the Stones released another complete new album, will sold good the first week but the others weeks will pass the same which with "Bridges..."

A insider of Virgin Told me:
"Mick watched the compilations and the hit chart of: '1' (# 1), 'Wingspac' (# 2) and 'Echoes' (# 2). The three compilations went multi-platinum in few weeks. Mick want to do a Stones compilation"

The last really compilation of the Stones was "Made In The Shade". "Rewind" not was publicited. "Jump Back" was released in 1993 but only in Europe (in the 2002 the album sold near of 80.000 copies in the UK, a good sign).

The Rolling Stones not got a really good compilation, except "Hot Rocks" but only cover 1964-71.

A new 2cd compilation with 5 NEW SONGS (the insider told me) is a very good idea and sure will put at the Stones at the Top of the Charts again (the band not got a # 1 since 1994 in the UK and since 1981 in USA!!!)

The insider also told me what the album will be released in the second week of September (probably the 9 in Europe and the 10 in USA). The first single will be released in August (two weeks before of the album).

Is the best for the Stones 40th Anniversary

What Is Your Opinion?

[ Additionally in Argentina yesterday the television didn't show anything, but today the repercussion was amazing: it is a debate public in all the television channels and radios for what they said about Argentina and Ronnie sarcasm 'Benefit Concert' (the Ronnie words fell very bad). The 5 channels of air passed parts of the conference, CNN in Spanish put it as main news and many others cable channels also lifted the news. I am very impressed and happy for the repercussion but sad because they don't go here ]
05-08-02 04:04 PM
sandrew While I'm not thrilled with the idea of another compilation, I'm glad there's finally going to be a definitive collection overseen by the artists themselves.

It's crazy when you think about the fact that the Stones have not had any control over The London Years, Hot Rocks, Made in the Shade, etc. - all subpar collections, as far as I'm concerned. Not that the songs weren't great; but there was no "value-added" stuff in them: no liner notes, lame packaging.

If there's three or four solid new tunes, I'll be pleased.
05-08-02 04:36 PM
Mr T I think its a great idea for 2 reasons:

#1 - New Stones stuff (obviously)

and #2 - their 60's catalog is in such desparate need of remastering. Sure I already HAVE Gimme Shelter & Honky Tonk Women - but if I got them in 2002 sound quality, it would totally be worth it. The next step would jeust be to have all their albums remastered, so lets hope that happens soon
05-08-02 04:44 PM
gypsy I'm in agreement with Mr. T! I pity the, seriously, I agree. And, I'm tired of everyone complaining...
05-08-02 04:59 PM
stones09 If the Stones put out a completely new album it would go exactly like No Security - all the fans would buy it and no one else.

By putting out a definitive 2 CD collection that is remastered with great liner notes and 4 or 5 new songs that Keith has admitted have to measure up (!), the buying public will definitely be interested. I can see a worldwide top 5 CD that will stoke the PR fires, fill the stadiums, and create a year-long buzz for the 40th tour that will be in our memories forever. That's why I'm buying Gold Circle seats because infortunately, this will be it!
05-08-02 05:07 PM
gotdablouse Where did you hear that Keith said that the new songs had to "measure up" ? He said yesterday that it was "only a minor problem" that the new songs hadn't been recorded yet.

It's sad that Jagger is still trying to get a #1 chart placement after failing miserably with GITD last year which was another attempt at getting a #1. Pride I guess.
All that can be said is that it's probably a good COMMERCIAL idea...on paper at least.

PS - Made in the Shade was released in 75 by Rolling Stones Records so one would think that they had pretty god control over it as they did over Time Waits For No One in 1977 and Sucking in the Seventies in 1980 (81 ?).
05-08-02 05:15 PM
KeepRigid I think it's great, as it began with 3...then 5 new songs. At this rate of increase, we'll get one cd of hits and one of new stuff!

But really, the best thing about this compilation is that the Stones are actively involved. 'Best ofs' primarily suck when they're done as contractual releases or by a label just trying to cash in. Maybe they can do for their Best Ofs what they did for their live albums with Stripped.

PS. No US #1 since 81? Wasn't Steel Wheels a #1 album in the US? (I know VL and B2B debuted at #2 and #3 on the US charts, respectively, but I thought SW came out at #1?)
05-08-02 05:26 PM
sandrew Yes, Made in the Shade and Sucking were released on RS Records, but you get my point: no definitive collection, after 40 years...
05-08-02 05:50 PM
AlexanderHic Maybe they'll get a #1, catching the eye from casual fans. Good or bad? It'll be up to some truly interested listeners to give a chance to complete records and not to a simple selection; otherwise, I believe compilations and box-sets are, if not too expensive already, cash-ins and nothing else with nothing else but a bunch of cute photographies and tons of nostalgia.

As for the unreleased songs, I'll be happy to give them a try through MP3 files. I'm a fan but I don't need repeated tracks in my collection, even if they come up with a whole new "Start me up". I'd pretty much rather pay to get one of the original records that I've missed- such as "Between the bottoms", and even the despised "Love you live".

I'm dissatisfied by their laziness and by Wood's alleged comments regarding the economy in Argentina. Not by el seņor himself, though, I'm glad he seemed fine during the press conference but, if true, maybe the things he said will put down even more argentineans who can't already afford an imported CD.
05-08-02 06:53 PM
gypsy KeepRigid, I am smitten with you, your knowledge, and your perfect grammar. *giggles like a schoolgirl*
05-08-02 08:59 PM
KeepRigid Now who's patronizing?
05-08-02 09:36 PM
People, this will be the FIRST complete Stones compilation!
So for a band with their status and history I think this is much needed and finally high time!!

If there are some good new songs on it it's even better!

Remember they toured until 99, there have been soloalbums and they are just not 20 any more. You can't really expect new stuff at this late time of their career every 1-2 years!
I'm happy they still give us some new meat now and then.
05-08-02 10:16 PM
Soldati KeepRigid wrote:
[ PS. No US #1 since 81? Wasn't Steel Wheels a #1 album in the US? (I know VL and B2B debuted at #2 and #3 on the US charts, respectively, but I thought SW came out at #1?) ]

Steel Wheels got the #3 in USA in his second week on chart (#2 in UK)
The Stones not got any #1 album in the USA in 21 years!!!
05-08-02 10:21 PM
Soldati We need a definitive collection, look the two last compilations in the States: "Rewind" (US #86) and "Singles Collection" (#91), nobody know about this compilations.
The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and many others edited compilations worldwide known.
Hot Rocks is the most famous of the Stones (more than 6 millions sell in the States) but was edited in January 1972, 30 years old!!!!

We need a definitive compilation. We got 5 new songs!!!. We cannot complain in my opinion
05-08-02 10:38 PM
gypsy Can I change my name to MrsRigid?
05-09-02 02:11 AM
marcus aurelianus As far as I am concerned , I am very satisfied with a double C.D Best Of ( 1963 /2002)
And they said they'll add 5 new songs which will be recorded in Paris . I think it is not the quantity that matters BUT the QUALITY .
05-09-02 08:15 AM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy "The quality, not the quantity"... amen. If they give us 4-5 new songs that are anything near their stuff in the 70s, I'll be capering around with glee for years to come.

If it's one thing McCartney & The Beatles proved, it's that everyone *except* the fans really love compilations. I thought "Wingspan" missed all the really important songs (and putting "Maybe I'm Amazed", the only song he's got on the 500 Best of All Time, in the "History" disc? Whatever, Paul...)

Anyway, the Stones. Right. Stones. (I'm still not over the McCartney concert, arm & a leg it cost me and worth every penny)

If it's a double CD, and a 'true' double CD (160 minutes and not Hot Rocks CDs of 45 mins ea.), I'll be satisfied, y'know, just hit shuffle on the CD player and sit back.

I think it's a lose-lose situation, though. The fans will complain that their personal favorites aren't gonna be on there (Forget "Rocks Off", "Can't You Hear Me Knocking", "Moonlight Mile", "Let It Bleed", "The Spider And The Fly", "Child Of The Moon", "Sweet Virginia", I could go on and on), while the non-fans will kinda give funny looks at what little's on there from the 80s and 90s and go "huh?"

The new songs just might make it worth my time, though. But do the Stones have any idea how many devoted fans they have that'll just get the new tracks offa LimeWire or whatever, dig out their old CDs, and make their own mixes? Unless they go back and do some remastering on the old ABKCO records (not bloody likely... We're so sorry Uncle Allen...), we're not gonna have any real reason other than loyalty to buy this thing.

I'll buy two copies.
[Edited by TheSavageYoungXyzzy]
05-09-02 06:11 PM
Gazza >Remember they toured until 99, there have been soloalbums and they are just not 20 any more. You can't really expect new stuff at this late time of their career every 1-2 years!

Actually its five years since their last release of "fresh" material - I certainly dont expect one every 1-2 years (even though Woody DID say at the start of the BTB tour they were intending to work more often and put an album out every 18 months or so..hmm)

Five years is far too long - and by the time this tour's over in a year's time,even if they cut a new album it'll probably be at least 2004 before they even START work on it,let alone release it. You're then looking at a span of at least EIGHT years between studio albums and four or five new songs in that time is not a good return for a band anxious not to be seen as a "nostalgia act".

Also,youre only part right about them releasing solo albums since 1999. Keith hasnt released ANYTHING in that time and hasnt really done any recording work apart from a couple of guest session appearances. I dont begrudge a definitive greatest hits albums but the band have known for about two years that theyd be touring again - in the one year time span of a world tour surely it wouldnt have been too much to expect a hits album AND an album of new songs a few months apart within that 12 month period. If they can string four or five songs together in Paris next month, surely if theyd done a bit more preparation they could have filled it out to an albums worth and released it halfway through the tour when the sales for the greatest hits album have started to dip.

They were meant to tour last year,then it was hoped theyd do some recording earlier this year in time for a just strikes me from the press conference and recent events they werent interested in doing so. It was great to see them at the press conference and its an exciting time for us all once again,but news-wise it was a bit of a damp squib and a bit half-arsed. They dont even know whats gonna be on the hits album. Not sure how many new songs. The new songs havent been recorded yet. No name for the album. No name for the tour.

Tour wise the plans sound very exciting (even though the ticket prices and the way the distribution and alocation has been organised has already proved to be the usual fiasco we've come to expect)I just think its a bit of an unconvincly half arsed strategy when it comes to releasing a new "product".
05-09-02 08:01 PM
Joey Amen ............Well said my Brother !

It was absolutely fantastic to see all of them up on stage together once again . Yes , even Ronnie !!!! Ronnie looked keyed up at the press conference -- like he had something to prove , perhaps to the world that he can't wait to go out on tour and show everybody that he can still cut it .

Then again , the " Over / Under " on Steel Driving Hammer is only 4 1/2 this evening so what the Hell do I know ?

Clubby Joey

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