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Topic: Transcript of Press Conference Return to archive
05-08-02 02:46 PM
FotiniD I've tried doing a transcript of this... Forgive any major / minor mistakes Thanks to gotdablues for uploading a sound file of the conference!


… mentioned the exciting, and here’s the most exciting part of the day. Please welcome the Rolling Stones!

MICK: Good morning.

KEITH: Hello there.

MICK: Thank you very much, nice of you to come. We had a very interesting first time experience on the airship, I think Keith said… What did you say Keith about Charlie’s… It was a one-time experience for Charlie I think! We’re gonna do a stadium show, we’re gonna do an arena show, we’re gonna do a theater or club show and in New York we’re gonna do all three, so that’s gonna be great fun for us. It’s also a bit of a challenge to do these three kinds of shows and to jump from one to the other, you kind of get used to playing a big place and then to go… But anyway, I think it’s going to be fun, I think it’s going to be a challenge.

KEITH: Name the word, fun

MICK: Fun and challenging.

KEITH: Fun, fun, fun!

MICK: And we just last night finished the negotiations of all the different parties to put out a Best Of Rolling Stones CD, which is two CDs going from 1963 to the present day, and there’ll be all the sort of the hits and all the well known songs and there’ll also be some new songs on that. So that will be coming out in the early fall. And do you want to say anything Keith, about the… We’re gonna answer questions now?

KEITH: I don’t have any answers!

MICK: I forgot to mention another thing, we will have a lot of opening acts, we’re just booking a lot of opening acts and other acts with us. I think so far we got Sheryl Crow, we got No Doubt, we got Johnny Lang…

KEITH: Buddy Guy.

MICK: Buddy Guy… Right. All that. But lots and lots of other, we’re just in the middle of trying to book. Red shirt, guy in the back there…

QUESTION: Just wondering what sort of plans you have to do material from the past, if you’re gonna do anything special from the past you haven’t done before in stadium or other concert.

KEITH: Well, you know… The setlist is still a bit down the road… It just depends on if we’re gonna remember them or…

RONNIE: Thanks for the touring book.

KEITH: We’re open to suggestions on that one…

MICK: I think we’d do… Yeah, we always like to do songs that we... Obviously we do a lot of songs that we do know, but it’s nice to find ones that we’ve never done before, so we’re always looking for those.

KEITH: Doing your thing, you remember that?

MICK: Doing your thing, I do actually, I’m not gonna sing it now though. Gentleman in the blue t-shirt there?

QUESTION: We’re all wondering if the club shows, theater shows will be a lot different than the stadium shows, different setlists, maybe some obscure songs for die-hard fans?

MICK: I think that would be why we would do it. Yeah, we would try and do a different setlist for each event.

KEITH: It’s one of the reasons why we’re doing that. First obviously it’s always fun to play clubs and not to play the same size all the time, but it gives you a chance to do other stuff that necessarily don’t work in a stadium, you know, garage shit…

MICK: Gentleman in the blue shirt there.

QUESTION: I mean you guys are obviously professionals at the whole touring game, how do you expect to atop yourselves, have you given thought as to what the staging is and how everything is going to…

KEITH: We have no intention of topping ourselves.

MICK: Dealt with that one. This lady here in the black t-shirt or dress, I can’t really see…


MICK: Yeah ok

QUESTION: …Toronto Sun. I’m just wondering if you guys are coming to our city to rehearse and when that might be, for how long and…

MICK: Are we allowed to reveal that? I think we are actually coming to Toronto, it’s tradition, to rehearse cause it’s such a great place and everyone treats us really well. Especially those newspapers which say “phone up if you see Mick or Keith on the street and tell us where…” I love that, you know. Chased around… We love those kind of tabloids… This gentleman with the beard and the hat.

QUESTION: You mentioned new songs on the Best Of, the Greatest Hits album. Have those been recorded, have they been written? What stage are those new songs in?

MICK: They haven’t been recorded yet… We’re just about to, that’s our next big job and we’re gonna go in the studio and do the new tunes.

KEITH: That’s a minor problem!

MICK: Guy at the back with the beard, with his hand out there, I see you.


MICK: I get Ronnie to answer …

RONNIE: The Chinese!

MICK: Yeah Ronnie, answer…

RONNIE: It’s four hundred thousand million in the world today, you better get to like them, that’s what I say…

MICK: This lady down the front, this lady here…

QUESTION: I’m ??? from Love You Live (?). I’m wondering what’s going on with the new album. Tell us about your new tunes you got planned.

MICK: Well, as I said before we got these tunes planned, we’re gonna put new tunes on this Greatest Hits double CD package, you know, we’re gonna put some on there so we have new material as well as old. This gentleman with the blue t-shirt.

QUESTION: Hi, Vini Marino, ABC News. Mick, two weeks ago Paul McCartney in his press conference at MSG said that the Stones will be charging more for tickets than McCartney will, and McCartney said “does Mick need the money?”. Any comment on that?

RONNIE: Does he? There’s more of us!

MICK: Lady down the isle there with the red jacket. Go ahead, mister in the ??? shirt…

QUESTION: Sam (?) from MJI Broadcasting. Past tours you’ve had the album, you toured and supported it, you just said that you didn’t finalize a Greatest Hits record until last night, so if you talk about… obviously the “talk” lays a bit off place, what was the motivation to go out this year?


MICK: Well, yeah you know. Either we’d stay home and become pillars of the community or we’d go out and tour. We couldn’t really find communities that still needed pillars.

QUESTION: Hey Mick, back in 1972, which was a couple of years after I was born, back here, hello…

MICK: I have to have eye contact… I see you… Yes. You’ve given away your age.

QUESTION: A couple of years after I was born, you had said if you played Satisfaction when you were 40 you would commit suicide. How old are you going to be and when are you gonna get sick of this?

MICK: I didn’t say it really… Who knows if we’re gonna do Satisfaction on this tour? Sorry about that.

QUESTION: Hey guys, I know I can speak to everybody on the house. The best thing about this day is to have Ronnie on stage. Enough said. Are you excited about doing theaters?

MICK: What?

QUESTION: Are you excited about doing theaters?

KEITH: Yeah.

MICK: Yes, we’re very excited about doing theaters, we are…

QUESTION: And clubs.

KEITH: To mix it up, it’s the thing, you know…

MICK: Ok, we’re gonna do two more questions, ok?

QUESTION: Mr. Jagger can I ask you a question over here? Every time you announce a new tour, it’s one spectacular stunt after the next. Why do you continue to announce them in New York City? Why do you always pick New York City as the place to make a slash?

MICK: Isn’t it the media capital of America?

KEITH: The world!

QUESTION: And I got one more question, one more question Mr. Jagger.

MICK: Yeah?

QUESTION: You guys, part of the reason you’re going out on tour is the celebration of 40 years together. What’s been the best and the worst part of being a band all these years?

MICK: What a big question! I’m leaving out…

KEITH: … you know in another year…

MICK: Thank you very much. Ok, one more question and we’re gonna go.

QUESTION: Who’s pointed to you after a drunken merriment night to get up in this crazy blimp?

KEITH: I don’t know!

MICK: It’s a crazy decision. Actually we are really enjoying going… Thank you very, very much. We appreciate you…
05-08-02 03:42 PM
Riffhard Yeah that pretty much sums it up.Except my question was deleated from this transcript b/c the mike girl never handed me one!

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