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Topic: What a day! I asked the first question!!!! Return to archive
05-07-02 06:17 PM
Riffhard Well,well,well,,what a great day in my Stonsian life!I just returned from the PC.I noticed on an earlier post that Gazza mention the first question asked was about MT and Bill joining for a few shows.That was indeed the first question,and I asked it!!I knew my LOUD AND PROUD shirt idea would work!Jagger looked right at me when he started the Q&A.I hope it wasn't too forward of me but I said "Hey guys Steve Hook with Rat Radio and on-line sites Rocks Off and Gasx3!"
They kind of dodged the question,but it was very clear that all the contacts had been made.Mick then went down a list of some of the opening acts.
Ofcourse at this point I was pumped to get the first question,but then my jaw hit the floor when I sit down and the guy sitting right next to introduces himself like this,"Great question.Did you say your name was Steve?" "yeah" I said,"Well I'm Albert Maysles.Did you ever see Gimme Shelter?"
Well ya could of knocked me down with a feather!He gave me his card with his phone # and told me to call him.He said he'd hook me up with the never released "director's cut" version!I think he was being so nice b/c he heard me telling my producer that I was pumped about being there and that I had watched "Gimme Shelter" last night.
Anyway,I'm wiped out.Lots of driving.I did see the good Cardinal X and FPM.We had a few laughs over some frothy pints of Guinness.It was great meeting you two!!!
PS-Thanks for the prayers Joey!They worked!
05-07-02 06:49 PM
gypsy Wow! Congrats, Riffhard! Thanks for sharing your story!
05-07-02 07:03 PM
Maxlugar Awesome question.

FPM and Ximy pointed you out to me when you were going to mens room. Maybe next time we'll have time to hoist a few.

05-07-02 08:27 PM
Scot Rocks Well done Riffhard tried to listen for it on Q104.3 feed but couldn't hear it - maybe my hearing, well I was listening to Dirty Work recently LOL only kidding - however well done anyway hopefully they will join up for some dates. Phew what a day AND I WAS NOT EVEN THERE AND I'M TIRED FOR SOME REASON...



05-07-02 08:37 PM

Hey, sorry i missed you all, Rifferboy~!!!!!

I'm soooooooooooooo glad you got to ask the first question!!! {and hey, did you see gthe crazy mad chick hanging off the fence to the left of the tent???LOL yes, that mad waving bird was gthe ~Q.

what a great day {giggleChuckle&snick}

05-07-02 09:01 PM
MRD8 I have the satellite feed of the press conference and unfortunately the microphone wasn't working when Riffhard asked his was THE question a lot of people on the boards wanted answered too! They didn't answer it really, did they? Just sort of sloughed it off...
05-07-02 09:32 PM
StonesJuno Great question RiffHard....great story! The questions I heard on the download feed that I got, were not very intriguing. I'm glad you got a good one in.

Be sure to tell us what we are missing on the Director's cut of Gimme Shelter, will you
05-08-02 06:18 AM
stonedinaustralia congratulations riff!!

i am happy for you and trying real hard not feel envious...

albert maysles to boot... too freakin' much

like it was said above, let us know about the director's cut...
05-08-02 06:34 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Hey Riffhard very kind and very cool from you to say "Hey guys Steve Hook with Rat Radio and on-line sites Rocks Off and Gasx3!"

We really appreciate the mention to the board, and along with the great question it honors the place

Pretty cool!
05-08-02 01:42 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Lemme tell ya something...Just like everyone lese I've met personally from cyberland...Steve is the bomb. We met up quite by accident. FPM & I had just finished up a coffe over at Burger King, and were walking back over to the park. When we got to the park entrance, the WRAT Radio van pulls up. I said to the Monkey, "Hey, doesn't Riffhard work for that station?" FPM says, "Yeah, I think that was the station that he posted...." So I walked over to the van and say, "Hey anyone in this van go by Riffhard on the Stones boards?" Steve got a huge smile on his face and he says "Yeah, man, that would be me!" So I introduced myself, and FPM...Steve & his PD parked the van, we met up again about 15 minutes later...and the rest is history. We found a nice little irish bar that overlooked the blimp...and drank some pints. I loaded the juke up on Sticky Fingers, and was very pleased when the music just BLASTED out. It was LOUD.

Riffer was nice enough to get me a press kit. I thank him here publicly for that...he didn't have to...he wanted to..THAT is why he's "salt of the earth" people. He's a great guy, and I look forward to hitting the road with him..Maxy, this guy HAS to have a seat in the limo.

What a great day...I saw Maxy, I met Riffhard..and Glencar! He goes by Blue at that other place. I didn't get much of a chance to hang with him, but he seemed like an A+ cat too. I saw the blimp. I got a press kit. I got out of the Bronx alive. It was an awesome day in the Stones life...

The Rolling Stones..a way of life.

Everyone...clear the end of Sept. Come to NYC with us, and see the Stones.

05-08-02 02:00 PM
Riffhard Hey Cardinal Ximinez it was really a treat hanging with you and FPM!What a time indeed.I'm glad to see you guys made it back to PA safely.Thanks much for the kind words!Looking forward to a perfect Stones tri-fecta in NYC.Giants Stadium-I'm there!,MSG-I'm there!,Roseland F'ing,tiny,little,itty,bitty,intimate,sweaty,smoke filled,stale beer smelling Ballroom-I'm there!!
Cannot wait!
05-08-02 05:48 PM
Gazza I laughed out loud watching the press conference here in the UK when I just made out someone asking the first question and mentioning the internet and rumours about Mick taylor and Bill Wyman

little did I know it was one of our regulars

thanks a million for mentioning our site at the press conference,Steve!
05-08-02 06:01 PM
Gazza Christ..I just turned the sound way up on the videotape and yeahhhhhhhh......we got a mention!!

Such an honour!
05-08-02 07:40 PM
Riffhard Wow Gazza,I'm glad you could hear that!I only wish that the chick with the mike had been ready.She was scrambling to get it to me,but was just too far away.I was more than happy to give Rocks Off and Gasx3 mentions,as these are my favorite internet hangouts.
Is there anyway I could get a copy of that video Gazza?I would love to check it out myself!
05-08-02 08:36 PM
Joey 'I did see the good Cardinal X and FPM.We had a few laughs over some frothy pints of Guinness.It was great meeting you two!!!
PS-Thanks for the prayers Joey!They worked!'

No problem my Brother............Thanks for asking THE question . It sounds like Ronnie really squirmed for awhile .

I am serious .....I pray every day for Mick Taylor's return to the Rolling Stones . Your selection by Jagger(Right off the top ) is a very very good omen for all Stonesia .

Now about that Aragon ................

" Squirm Me Ronnie "

Club " Clubby Bear " Joey

05-08-02 09:07 PM
rpeter Hey FQ Steve, I read your posted yesterday and thought no way.
the next Rat function your at I'll have to buy ya a pint
05-08-02 09:07 PM
Jaxx excellent story! G R E A T question, sans and answer, but great Q anyway. can't thank you enough for ~the mention~. does this mean that our 15 minutes of fame are over already????

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