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Topic: No new album :-(( Return to archive
05-07-02 03:04 PM
gotdablouse Well Mick ate his words and did it, touring behind a greatest hits with some new songs...What a huge disappointment !

From the PC:

Q - "tell us about the new songs, have they been written, recorded"
R - "new songs haven't been recorded yet...only a minor problem"

Q - "how's the new album coming along ?"
R - "as I said, there will be new songs on the 2CD greatest hits album coming out"

As Keith said, recording the new songs is "only a minor problem"...I mean their recent albums have been judged harshly, but when put next to their greatest hits, they're going to have to outdo themselves to not be panned...

I think a 1CD Best Of and a 1 CD Tattoo You 2 would have been a much better option, oh well...
05-07-02 03:08 PM
twicks I don't understand how a two CD set is supposed to cover 1963 to the present. Hot Rocks is two CDs, and that only covers through 1971! They're going to have to leave out some of the classics if they want to jam 40 years in!
05-07-02 03:21 PM
Vile Dance I wouldn't pay too much attention to that stuff, a 40 year catalogue is impossibe to "cover". In fact Exile On MAin Street, was great because the fluff got thrown out and the basics came back. I'd rather see the Stones do "covers" if they were "inspired". Nothing can be predicted with certainty....these people are risk takers....gotta love em for that.
05-07-02 03:22 PM
Turner And then depression set in.
05-07-02 03:40 PM
gotdablouse Yeah I really Got Da Blues...
It really sounds like no one with brains has given any thought to that 2CD Best Of...Rolled Gold/Hot Rocks was already a pretty patchy affair with such different styles being covered, but now if you put "Tell Me" next to "Out of Control"...that's gonna be weird.
I'm still hoping it might be some kind of best of the outtakes ?
No stadium show for me this time around. Maybe an arena ?...
05-07-02 07:10 PM
gotdablouse Going back to the new tracks, the only thing we can "cling" to at this point, does anyone have anything more specific on the 3/4/5 new tracks ? Some have said 3 new Mick tracks and 1 Keith, the latter being the old B2B outtake "High or Low" (talk about writer's block for our man Keith who's always laughed off that concept).

Since they haven't been properly recorded yet, it's strange they would know which tracks are gonna make it, unless the've come up with 4 bona fide hits/classics this time ! An improvement over B2B's 2 "classics" (OOC and SOM) and a huge improvement over VL/SW/DW - 0+ classics !

After coming across the "no name for the tour yet because no name for the Best Of album" comment, it seems a door is still open to reconsider their appalling current strategey...I'm hoping they'll come to their senses and record 10 brilliant tracks in Paris instead of the 4 they're currently considering and put out a killer Tattoo You 2 CD concurrently with a 1 CD greatest hits CD. Now that would be something !
05-07-02 10:23 PM
CousinCocaine Well, what ever they do ther'll always be complaining.
I would prefer a new album, too but that not coming was clear for some time now. And I really think it's time for a real Stones Big Hits from the beginning. I find it great that we finally get a complete compilation of their work !
I only hope the 4 tracks won't be weak fillers as on Flashpoint. If they write some more nuggets it's fine with me !
05-09-02 02:52 AM
Lacride I think the double CD should be made of new songs (as announced), unreleased (only the best stuff!) and great live tracks.

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