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Topic: KEITH say "We're taking suggestions" Well here is a Few Return to archive
05-07-02 07:31 PM
Scottfree A] Make a new album
B] Play several obscure songs (Time Waits)
C] Drop the backup BS, just Bobby, a touch of back round singers, and very little Chuck, only when necessary
D] Play the guitars damnit and turn them up

Sorry to rehash several posts, but the boys have to know!!!!
05-07-02 07:46 PM
gotdablouse I second all of these, especially #1 !
If you really can't come up with 10 new songs, then just dust up 6 old ones (Gangster's Moll, Strictly Memphis, Fiji Jim, etc...) and drop in the 4 new ones.

As for Chuck and the backup singers, an option would be to keep them for the stadium shows and drop them for the Arena shows or at least the theaters shows
05-07-02 08:07 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Indeed, I do second all of these, especially a new album. Please, guys, we already own all your stuff. At least do a "Sucking In the 70s" type thing where you put out a few of the less known ones or unreleased outtakes ("Child Of The Moon" (just an awesome song that somehow got lost in the shuffle with "Jumpin' Jack Flash" and "Beggar's"), "If I Was A Dancer" (just 'cuz I've never heard it and it's been haunting me, no matter how bad "Emotional Rescue" was), "Cocksucker Blues" (for the humor value)).

Balancing the big numbers and smaller stuff is tough, especially for a band whose prime vocal days are behind them. I'd be all for dropping the chorus altogether, it makes the songs that don't need it sound like "The Long And Winding Road", and just about everything they do doesn't really need it except "Gimme Shelter". Keep your bass on with you the whole time, and maybe bring out one saxophone and one keyboard when you need them. Keep it simple. Get better sound outta your guitars! I hated the way Ronnie's electric sounded on "Stripped". Let him bring out his slide more often! Do obscure numbers! Like "Soul Survivor"!

Rant over... gasp... gasp...
05-07-02 08:24 PM
John Wood I find it really strange they are not putting out an album
of new songs. No new material since 97. I also hope they keep
both Keith and Ronnie's guitars loud (mistakes and all),
with a dirtier tone. I think Ronnie still has it all they
have to do is let him play.
Let the Stones Roll!
05-07-02 09:30 PM
Stones Supposedly they have 4 new tracks. Some of the songs available as bootlegs are - it seems to me - releasable in their current state - Honest Man, Got it Made, Lonely at the Top and the tracks on Stripped Companion to name a few. Add to that some B-Sides not available on CD ( legally ) such as Think I'm Going Mad, Through The Lonely Nights and you have more than enough for a Tattoo You style NEW release. It would take very little time to put it all together. Good idea ?
05-07-02 11:53 PM
KeepRigid Well, they easily could cull together additional tunes from the Memory Hotel project...but, I guess the contracts are already signed for the retrospective...

Everyone was definitely very interested in new stuff during the Q+A, so hopefully, they'll get the hint and surprise us all.

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