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Good Times Magazine Nr. 2 April/Mai/Juni 2002
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Topic: Favourite parts of conference? Return to archive
05-07-02 02:28 PM
StoneWay What was everyones fave bits from the just finished conf?

Personally I liked the answer to the question about McCartney's quote regarding ticket prices. 'Theres more of us'.
05-07-02 02:29 PM
SatisfactionUK Well thats nice but none of us got to see a fucking minute of the press conference!!!
05-07-02 02:30 PM
StonesJuno Yeah nothing here in California. My thoughts, next Press Conference: Stones in a car chase with the police, then they would have had live coverage here! hahahaha
05-07-02 02:32 PM
KeepRigid Um, about a rough transcript?

For starters, what was Macca's quote regarding tix prices?
05-07-02 02:35 PM
StoneWay Macca was pressed on his ticket prices recently and said the Stones will be charging more. A reporter put that to our guys and the reply was 'well there's more of us'. It got a good laugh.

Still, i'd rather the answer have been that the prices are lot less!
05-07-02 02:36 PM
FotiniD LOL Stonesjuno, that's one great idea
05-07-02 02:39 PM
KeepRigid Thanks, Stone.
05-07-02 02:59 PM
StoneWay No problem. Now, as 99% of the world didn't see it - what have they got to do to get on TV? I mean, if a big yellow blimp flying over NY doesn't make it live on most channels then nothing will.

If only Robert Blake was in the Stones...
05-07-02 03:18 PM
Turner If they crashed it would be all over tv.
05-07-02 03:29 PM
StoneWay You're right. I got it figured now -

The Stones doing a tour is good news, so of course it wouldn't make most news channels!

Oh well, thank everything that they didn't crash.
05-07-02 03:32 PM
Miss U. Yeah, where the hell is the coverage???!!!

Has it occurred to anyone how apropos it is to have a Stones blimp after 9-11? Kinda like trying to rub out the bad memory with a good UFO. Plus....Brian's father was an aeronautical engineer.

I want to see a photo of it up in the sky! Anyone have a photo of this?
05-07-02 03:35 PM
gotdablouse I heard it on Q104.3 and this thing was a non-event and didn't deserve any airplay.
Thy ignored most of the questions and had nothing of interest to say.
Ron kept uttering "FUN, FUN, FUN" when asked why they were touring...make that "CASH, CASH, CASH", Ronnie.

This tour is off to a bad start, no new album, pointless press conference, no coverage for the may well be the "one fight too many" tour.
05-07-02 03:36 PM
StoneWay There's a shot of it in the air at this thread -
05-07-02 03:38 PM
Miss U. Thx!!
05-07-02 05:35 PM
Maxlugar Well it might have gotten more press if it actully HAD flown over NYC.

Instead it took off from Van Cortlandt park, flew around for a while and landed again.

Not what I thought was going to happen.

It was a little bit of a bummer seeing it there on the ground already when I walked up. I thought it would come down out of the skies from unknown parts.

It was a cool to see it though.
05-08-02 05:38 AM
stonedinaustralia thanx for the insight max... it must have been a bit disappointing

in hindsight it's easy to say that i think we were all getting a little carried away with the thing but it was fun while it lasted... hey?

as you say, at least you got to see it in the air & as the band says... you can't always get etc. etc. (which, incidentally, was the predominant feeling i was left with after seeing them in '95!!)

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