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Topic: Emotional Rescue a good album? Return to archive
05-06-02 08:02 PM
The Eggman Listening to ER and i wonder why a great majority of you, put ER down, why?

It was made in the wake of disco, and judging from most crap out there at the time, punk, disco. The Stones incorporated that into this album , notably ER, She's so Cold, and Respectable, 3 already great songs.

Sorry if it takes away from the Stones usual bluesy, rockish riffs, but during a good portion of the 70's , they didn't seem to invest alot of time into that.

So i beg of you, If you were to insult one album, plz not make it be ER, make it like...Dirty Work, or Steel Wheels (tell me a memberable song off that album, ......... give up? me too!)

So if you ever feel like getting your groove on, or like dancing, try spinning Emotinal Rescue,It gets me in the mood.

This is the Eggman bidding you all a great Stonesy year and tour, seeing you all in Winnipeg (Hopefully if they come)
05-06-02 09:06 PM
Stones Emotional Rescue is ok. They were trying to stay current with the music that was popular at the time. I remember when it came out and people were kind of dissapointed that it didn't really rock. The worst Stones album I think is Black and Blue. Hand of Fate is the best track, but most of the rest of it is almost unlistenable ( Hey Negrita is awful ).
05-06-02 09:17 PM
Dave Hi, I'm new here...just thought I'd say that Respectable is actually on Some Girls, and that Black and Blue is incredibly underrated in my opinion! Hey Negrita is one of my favourites!

Sorry to rain on anybody's parade.
05-06-02 10:10 PM
The Eggman Sorry about that Respectable is on Some GIrls (which is a ok album , my standards)

Hey Negrita, a werid assemble of raw guitar talents, i look up to that, thus liking it
05-07-02 12:13 AM
the lepper Hey Negrita is a GREAT song!!!! I wish Mick's voice had the rasp of Black and Blue all the time- he musta been sick or something...Black and Blue minus "Fool To Cry" is a great record IMO. All over the place stylistically. The thing that turns me off sbout ER is the title cut....It's just a contrived sounding piece of crap. There are some good moments on that album (Down In The Hole, Where The Boys Go0 but overall it's not one of my favorites.
05-07-02 01:20 AM
TT ER could have been much better if you compare the released tracks to the outtakes: Think Iīm Going Mad (longer version), gangsterīs Moll, Letīs Go Steady, Lonely at the top etc. I would replace Indian Girl and Down in the hole.
05-07-02 09:18 AM
corgi37 ER is pretty much a lame album i reckon. Particularly sandwiched between Some Girls and Tattoo You. The reasons why i have never liked are: The production is flat and uninspiring. Keith sings a ballad, an a very average one at that. This is where is all started wrongly for Keith's stones vocals. I hope on any new cd, he actually gets a uptempo number. Christ, B2B & Voodoo lounge needed a song like little t&a or wicked as it seems. NO MORE BALLADS, Keith. The songs on ER are tepid. Dance is crap. Summer Romance & Where the boys go are 3rd rate Chuck Berry. Send it to me is woeful. Indian Girl has the right sentiment, but a track like Undercover said similar important things, but with a catchy riff/beat. The title track is their worst choice of single just about ever. Matched only by Anybody seen my baby (Might as well get juiced should of been 1st single off B2B). She's so cold is great until the solo, then just dies off. ANd, does that song have the most pathetic solo (ie time filler) on any of their songs!! Down in the hole is a welcome return to their bluesy roots. To me, this album needed/needs toughening up. A more aggressive mix, challenging tunes, and dare i say it, jaggers singing is pretty lame too. Still, beats just about any other album released that year. My vote for worst album ever by a major act goes to LEd Zepp's "In through the outdoor" (released in 79). Hot dog indeed! 2nd worst is the Who's Face Dances (81 wasnt it?).
05-07-02 11:35 AM
stonedinaustralia in a word,no...

i agree with corgi37... the productoin is totally uninspiring... i so much looked forward to its release (hoping for some girls part two) and was hugely disappointed ....

many of the songs, especially compared to some that they could have used e.g. gangsters moll (as has been mentioned) leave efforts like indian girl for dead... still not all the songs were "bad" songs per se, again it was the production that let them down... for me those songs would be down in the hole , where the boys all go and all about you...

for what its worth i'm in the pro Black & Blue brigade... i think its excellent ... the ironic thing is that production wise it is almost the antithesis of Exile... no muddy mix dripping basement sweat but a tight,cool and distinct mix. Yet it still packed a punch, perhaps, because, like exile, the central sounds of the whole thing are charlie's snare and bass drum

in conclusion ER (IMHO)is right up there with satanic majesties when it comes to the greatest stones duds... there's just very little passion in the whole thing
05-07-02 02:14 PM
Vile Dance The song itself, Emotional Rescue, was a song in my opinion that only Mick Jagger could pull off.'s funny...alot of "subtext"...hilarious on it's level...just enough to make the album "count" Bill Wyman's bass in the song makes it happen....even humor in the bass line...!!!!

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